Samsung Galaxy A22 series

Samsung is launching the new Samsung Galaxy A22 in certain countries around the world soon this year, 2021. But, the question of course is: Is there any real differences of the Samsung Galaxy A22 series with the previous Samsung Galaxy A21 series? That is what we going to find out right now by discussing the … Read more

Mara Phones – Who are you?

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Foldable or Flip smartphone design, the future for smartphones

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Overheating Phone

Overheating Phone is something not many customers experience, especially the customers that hardly use their cell phones. However, it does exists and is something many customers do not know how to handle such situation. Thus, we are going to discuss about this topic today in order to spread some awareness regarding the topic. Here are … Read more

What is the best smartphone under $300?

It is a real good question, “What is the best smartphone under $300?” Or for under any currency if I may add. There is so many smartphones to choose from. Plus there is always a new one coming into the smartphone market so quickly. Then the sad part is the price tag of these awesome … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S Series 2021 Reviews

In today’s review, we will look at the new Samsung Galaxy S Series. Which is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series. In the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series review present the following: Introduction of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series Compare the previous Samsung Galaxy S20 series with the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Outline the main … Read more

Honor – Who are you?

In this series, we will discuss the following regarding the smartphone brand Honor: Who, Where and When did the Honor brand existed? Name the amount of series smartphones made under the Honor brand. Name the best Honor smartphones available currently. This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made … Read more