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Everybody knows the smartphone brand, Apple. If you do not, then you must have been away from the world of technology for a while. Apple has released a lot of smartphones over the years and I have received a similar question keep repeating itself from different users.

The question is:


Which iPhone series is the best out of all the iPhones manufactured?


If you are one of those users, then you are in luck as we going to view and discuss each iPhone series starting from the iPhone 7 series. The iPhone series before that were good series as well. However, anything from the iPhone 6 series and below, do not receive any system updates anymore. Thus, those iPhones cannot install certain applications anymore due they cannot be updated to system update.

To answer the question, we going to discuss the following contents:

  • Name and mention the specifications of different iPhone series from the 7 series till the year 2021.
  • Mention how the iPhone series evolved over the years.
  • Overall and opinion which iPhone series is the best.


Different iPhone series available to choose from

Over the years, iPhone has made a great success in the smartphone market. They are currently ranked 2nd best smartphone worldwide. In these years, they have changed their iPhones quite a bit, but which series is the best.

Of course most people would say the latest iPhone series is the best, but is it?

The iPhone series we going to look at are the following:

  • iPhone 7 Series
  • iPhone 8 Series
  • iPhone X Series
  • iPhone SE Series
  • iPhone XS and XR Series
  • iPhone 11 Series
  • iPhone 12 Series (Current latest series)


A) iPhone 7 Series:

The main features that stand out of the iPhone 7 Series was:

  • Last time the minimum storage memory of an iPhone was at 32GB. Later on the year iPhone series minimum storage became 64GB.
  • First dual camera lens iPhone in the iPhone Plus version.
  • The color Jet Black and Red has been introduced in the iPhone series.


B) iPhone 8 Series:

The main features that stand out of the iPhone 8 Series was:

  • Last time the premium iPhones still had a physical home button. The other series besides the iPhone SE series has no physical home button anymore.
  • The second iPhone series that used two camera lenses to take photos or videos with. (Only iPhone 8 Plus and not normal iPhone 8).

Note: The iPhone 7 series battery storage capacity was greater than the iPhone 8 Series. Meaning the battery quality has decreased quite a bit.


C) iPhone SE Series:

The main differences between the two iPhone SE series are the following:

  • Size – The new iPhone SE series model is 0,7 inches bigger than the previous model.
  • Weight – The latest iPhone SE series is 35g heavier than the previous model.
  • Chipset – The chipset of the latest iPhone SE series is way more advanced than the previous model, making it possible for better system updates.
  • Front camera – The front camera of the 2020 iPhone SE model is 5,8 mp more than the previous iPhone SE model. Making it possible to take better selfie pictures.
  • RAM – 1GB more RAM than the previous iPhone SE model. Making it run faster than the previous model.
  • Storage – The iPhone SE 2020 model can store more data on it compare the previous model.
  • Battery capacity – Almost 200mah more battery capacity than the previous model.

Overall: The iPhone SE series has approved a bit, but not that much. The battery capacity is very low. The only thing that has approved greatly is chipset install into it. If you want a physical home button iPhone that is nice and small, the iPhone SE will do.


D) iPhone X Series:

The main features that stand out of the iPhone X series are the following:

  • The first iPhone series that does not use a physical button to unlock the smartphone or to redirect to the home screen.
  • The iPhone X introduced the first smartphone that uses facial recognition software to unlock the smartphone, which was a real big thing at the time.
  • The first iPhone series that did not have 128GB storage memory capacity option to choose from.


E) iPhone XS and XR Series:

The main features that stand out of the iPhone XR and XS series are the following:

  • Still no use of a physical button to unlock the smartphone and rely more on facial recognition software to unlock the smartphone.
  • The introduction to the first 512GB storage capacity iPhone.
  • Improvements in RAM memory and battery capacity. Meaning the iPhone XR and XS series perform faster plus lasts longer than the previous iPhone series.
  • The iPhone XS and XS Max versions had no 128GB storage capacity compare to its other iPhone Series.
  • The first iPhone Series that entered in the 6 inches screen size.

Note: The iPhone X compare to the iPhone XR and XS series are very similar to the front layout. The difference the series has is that the iPhone XR has one big camera lens, whereas the iPhone X and XS series has the same dual camera lens. The one major difference the iPhone X series have with the iPhone XS series, is that the iPhone XS series has a Max version as well, while the iPhone X only has one model and no Max or Plus model smartphone.



F) iPhone 11 Series:

The main features that stand out of iPhone 11 series are the following:

  • The first iPhone series that make use of more than two camera lenses, but three lenses. As well the first iPhone series where each camera lens stand on its own. No quad camera lens.
  • The first iPhone series where all series have battery capacities that are above 3000mAh capacity.
  • The first introduction of the iPhone Pro and Pro Max versions.
  • First iPhone series of which the front camera has finally improved. All the other iPhone series before were 7mp or below.


G) iPhone 12 Series:

The main features that stand out of the iPhone 12 series are the following:

  • The first iPhone Mini introduction in the series. Great for customers that do not love big smartphones, but want similar great features of the current iPhone 12.
  • The introduction of 6GB RAM memory on a iPhone series.
  • The first iPhone series that is sold without air pods and a power adapter head. (iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 11 new refurbished units also started with this trend shortly).

Note: The one sad thing to note about the iPhone 12 series, is that its battery storage capacity went lower compare to the previous iPhone 11 series. It is a feature that may persuade customers to rather go for the iPhone 11 series if they are battery storage capacity focused on.


Evolution of the iPhone Series

The iPhone series has evolved a lot over the years and had many major changes namely:

  • Removal of the physical button to unlock the iPhone by replacing it with a bio metric front camera to use your own face to unlock the iPhone.
  • Camera lenses changing from single to dual quad camera lenses till eventually to separate big camera lenses. Some iPhones with one, two or even three camera lenses. Plus each camera lens added over the years, they were 12mp whereas in android the smartphones usually have one camera lens with a big megapixel and very small megapixels on the other camera lenses. The iPhone’s camera lenses are 12 mp each, making it possible to take great clear photos and videos.
  • The size of the iPhone series has grown quite big these days. However, they also made small versions of the great big and latest iPhone series to ensure they satisfy also the customers that love a simple small iPhone. That is also why they made a better iPhone SE series to ensure they do no lose these customers.
  • Then the basic features has also improved greatly of the iPhone series which is expected by every customer over the years. The basic features are storage, chipset, battery capacity, RAM and of course front and back camera.


The iPhones series has evolved quite a bit since it started. One thing the series kept constant was to find ways to improve their product by being more innovative.

Examples of Apple being more innovative are:

  • Removal of the physical home button on the iPhone to unlock the smartphone and then replace it with a bio metric front camera that unlock the smartphone by using your face. Basically they called it Face-ID.
  • Add more camera lenses to the iPhone series to ensure more clear pictures can be taken.

The iPhone series has evolved quite a bit, but they also noticed when they are starting to lose clients. For example relaunching a newer iPhone SE series and introduced to a iPhone Mini to ensure clients that want a small iPhone or smartphone to use are satisfied and not lost to their competitors.

There are two problems I noticed in the iPhone series and they are the following:

  • The front camera megapixels has not changed until the iPhone 11 series was introduced. Meaning from the iPhone 7 series till the iPhone XR & XS series. That is a long gap.
  • The battery storage capacity kept changing from good to bad. Example the iPhone 11 series has far better battery capacity compare to iPhone 12 series.

Thus, with all this information in my honest opinion, it seems the iPhone 11 series seems to be the winner due it can last longer and takes the same great pictures as the iPhone 12 series. Even though it has 2GB RAM less than the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max series, it still functions well.

The other iPhone series are also great smartphones to chose from, but for me the iPhone 11 series stands out more due to specifications I look for when I select for a smartphone matches to it. If you want to know more what I mean by my smartphone selection, read more at my post called find best smartphone for me.


How do you feel regarding my best iPhone series selection?



Do you agree with my best iPhone series selection?


Please comment below with your answers and we can continue with the discussion. Hope you enjoyed the article.


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  1. I’ve not owned an iphone yet as I’ve lived in the android space for a while. That said, I know I’m missing this great phone and resorted earlier this year that I’ll own one before year end.

    So I’ve been doing some research and I found this website. My obvious inclination was going to naturally buy the latest series but in this post you have given me another angle to consider.

    I like the way you have used video and the specification table to make me an informed shopper

    • Hi Sebastian

      Thank you for your comment!

      Glad you like the way I used the specification tables and videos to highlight how different each iPhone series is.

      Hope you find the first iPhone that suits your smartphone requirements.

  2. Hi Burnheart. Thank you for very interesting article. I just wanted to change my iphone and your post will save me lot of time. Its not easy to choose with so many versions, but looking on your review Iphone 11 seems as good option. Its cheaper then newest version and specification is quite similar. Looking forward to test it in practice.

    • Hi Cogito

      Thank you for your comment!

      Glad this article assisted you to make the right iPhone selection for you. Please share your experience after purchasing the iPhone 11 for yourself. 😀

  3. I still remember when former Apple CEO Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007 anounced the first generation of iPhones. We have come a long way since that date. iPhone revolutionized the phone market then. And it continues to revolutionize it today. I wanted to point out that I have had an iPhone 7 series and an 8. And the 7s battery storage capacity was greater than the iPhone 8 Series. That was strange to me.

    • Hi Abel

      I also find it strange that Apple like to make next iPhone series battery capacity either more or less. It is almost like it takes turns. Like this year the new iPhone series will have more battery capacity and next years iPhone series will be less.

      It is really weird and can be seen as you mentioned about the iPhone 7 and 8 series. It also happen with the iPhone 11 series and the iPhone 12 series. I wonder if it is based on the Apple developers focus for the series might be different each year and they miss looked at battery capacity for the latest iPhone 12 series.

      iPhone has revolutionized a lot in the smartphone market and still do. I wonder what the next series has in store for us.

      Thank you for your comment!

  4. It’s interesting how smartphones’ screen size have kept getting bigger. I understand the benefits of a larger screen real estate but at the same time as a man carrying it around in my trouser pocket has become cumbersome! I’ve actually never owned an iPhone but a few workplace diehards have been giving it lots of free referrals – doesn’t freeze, clear pictures etc. 

    My only hurdle has been the price tag, it’s sort of a niche device. But since these friends at work do like it this much I might just consider it once my Android outlives it’s useful life. I’ll go with an earlier version, say iPhone 11, since I know this is discounted as there’s already iPhone 12. 

    Thanks for this informative comparison piece.

    • Hi Steve

      It is a pleasure and I hope you enjoy your iPhone 11 selection.

      Just make sure you select the smartphone that suits your needs and wants. If you need anymore assistance regarding smartphone selection, please view the following post: Find best smartphone for me.

  5. I had a brief venture into the apple iPhone about 10 years ago, but at that time, there were far fewer ways to customize the user experience than android had been offering. I think that the Apple products have caught up with those particular grievances I had, so it’s helpful to see this guide to better understand the Apple iPhone series and make an informed purchase. Very helpful information!

    • Hi Aly

      Thank you for your comment!

      The iPhone Series has evolved quite a bit and during that time they made the necessary changes which you just mentioned. As Apple listen to their customers and try their best to resolve them.

      Glad you find the information helpful. I hope it will help you make the right smartphone selection for yourself.


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