Black Friday Smartphone Selection Tips

It is almost Black Friday season time worldwide. Everybody knows what that period means. It means fantastic specials and bargains will be advertised at all retail stores during a specific period. That is why many people look forward to this season period and even save up money for this period.

Black Friday is usually an exciting period, but also a stressful one. Because, many people will go after extreme or good specials and usually stock is limited. So if you do not act quickly, you may lose a good deal.

However, how do you ensure you make the right smartphone selection during the Black Friday season?

This question we will answer now by answering the following questions as well to reveal the answer for main question mentioned:


What is the retailers’ strategy during the Black Friday period?


What must you watch out for during the Black Friday period?


How to prepare yourself for Black Friday smartphone shopping?


Which of the two factors must you focus on more than the other between the price and the quality of a smartphone during the Black Friday period?


So let us get started in order to ensure you are prepared for the Black Friday shopping season and will still be able to select the right smartphone for yourself. We want to make sure you are not disappointed with your choices in this period.

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Retailers strategy for the Black Friday period

All retailers’ love Black Friday period as they know a lot of customers will flock to their stores to obtain great deals from them. That means a lot of money for the retailers’ during this period.

However, in order for retailers’ to attract customers, they must offer great specials that customers usually do not get or see in the market. For example: A Samsung A32 that usually go for R299 per month for 24 months, is either available at a lower price per month or is part of some special bundle deal at a good low price as well.

But of course, the following question comes to mind then:

Which smartphones will get specials during the Black Friday period?

In majority smartphones that will be selected, will be smartphones that the retailer has too much stock of it and needs to clear them urgently before their replacement unit makes its appearance. It is a good strategy and usually works with no problem due to the low price these smartphones will be sold at.

However, overtime Black Friday has become its own known period as many know. This resulted, retailers’ started to offer specials on smartphones that is not over stocked or old. But also made specials to new smartphones.

The catch is if someone was monitoring over the years regarding new smartphone specials, most of these specials are actually normal specials that is planned for the December Christmas period. Thus, you have no need to rush to get these deals.

But, if the deal is too good, you might experience stock is not available in the Christmas time period. Thus, you will lose out of the deal and in December, most stores do not get stock until the new year. Yes, you read right. Reason for that is, because most stores close their warehouses during the festive time period until the new year.


Warning signs during the Black Friday period

In any sales season, you must be careful by knowing the warning signs each season has. And the Black Friday shopping season is no different.

Here are some warning signs to look out for during the Black Friday season:

  • Not all bargains advertised are really bargains. An item that is advertised as a great smartphone deal at on retailer, does not mean it is the best deal out there. There might be another retailer that offers a better deal for the same item. Thus, I highly recommend to shop around to ensure you make the right smartphone deal selection during this period.

  • Not all consultants or sale representatives that approaches you with a deal, sell the item with the best intentions for you. Remember all these consultants or sale representatives are hired by retailers’ with one goal and that is to make sales. Now with certain smartphones, these staff members receive a commission every time they sell a specific smartphone and each smartphone commission amount is different compare to the rest. Thus, some consultants or sale representatives will try to convince you to take a specific smartphone in order to receive that commission. They might not focus on your smartphone requirements at all.

Thus, as you can see, it is important to avoid these warning signs. Only way to avoid these problems, is to be prepared before even entering into any retailer.


Steps to prepare yourself to make the right smartphone selection during the Black Friday period

In order to be prepared to make the right smartphone selection during the Black Friday period, you must know your smartphone preferences or requirements. Best to know your smartphone requirements or preferences before you even view any Black Friday specials and deals. This will help you keep focused on the main goal. And that is to make the right smartphone selection for yourself.

These smartphone requirements or preferences consist out of the following categories that you must focus on:

  • Calculating your smartphone budget on how much you can afford for a smartphone. Plus deciding if you going to pay off a smartphone monthly or pay full price on day one.
  • Determining on which smartphone platforms are you comfortable to work with and which you are not comfortable with. (iOS, GMS or HMS).

By answering these steps, you will be able to limit which smartphones to look at during the Black Friday period. Plus make your smartphone selection with ease.


Price VS Quality

Now of course, the following sub-heading comes to mind during the Black Friday period. Price versus the quality of smartphones, which is one of these factors are better than the other one to look out for.

My answer is an easy one. You must balance both factors in a way that it satisfies your smartphone requirements the best way possible. It is easy to for the cheapest smartphone. However, the cheapest smartphone might not have all the requirements you need in a smartphone and will lead to disappointing result for you.

Same way other way around. When you select the highest quality smartphone that meets more than enough your smartphone requirements. However, you struggle to afford the monthly premiums for the high quality smartphone. Thus, may result you struggle to live financially and may even cause you cannot complete the monthly premiums. Which in result cause you to return the high quality smartphone to the retailer. Thus, you will be stressed out and disappointed.

That is why you need to balance both factors during the Black Friday period in order to satisfy all your smartphone requirements and your selection. The best way to balance these factors is to follow the smartphone requirements and preferences we mentioned earlier in this post.

Plus remember to do research on the smartphones you are looking at to select during the Black Friday period. You can do that by simply reading smartphone reviews online like on our website. And if you want to compare reviews, you can visit other sites like gsmarena to ensure you make the right smartphone selection.

This will help you avoid any wrong smartphone selections and any regrets.



Black Friday period is a hectic season every year, but you can make it less hectic by knowing what your smartphone requirements are and which warning signs to look out for.

If you can do all that, you will be able to make the right smartphone selection during this period and have no disappointments.

Please follow these tips and you will have a good Black Friday shopping experience this year.

If your have any questions or tips to share, please comment in the section below. Happy buying and be safe!

8 thoughts on “Black Friday Smartphone Selection Tips”

  1. Black Friday is indeed a very busy period for shoppers and retailers, but one needs to be aware of what might not be a good deal. Thanks for highlighting the areas that one must watch out for. It is easy to get carried away when it is sale time, and then you regret is afterwards. 

    So one needs to do your homework before Black Friday to select what one needs and wants, rather than just grab something because it is cheap. Price vs quality always needs to be considered, 

    • Hi LineCowley

      Thank you for comment. It is important to be prepared for any season. Especially sale periods. People fell easy for sales and how it is being advertised.

      Thus, before going out for any sale or deal, always be ready for and know what you really need to buy during this time.

  2. Some great tips for buying a smartphone on Black Friday. Sometimes you get so caught up in the moment and you buy bargains frantically, only to realize later that they weren’t actually bargains after all. 

    I like to look online if I need something and if I can I even try to order online if possible. Anything is better than braving the ques on Black Friday only to get to the front and there is nothing left.

    • Hi Michel

      People tend to fall for craze and bargains during these sale periods. Thus, I made this article to remind people to be careful and remember what they really need in terms of smartphones. 

      With technology, it is easy to review any products online and even convenient by ordering online instead going into a store. However, there are some downsides for those transactions. If you curious what I mean, visit the following post.

      Thank you for your comment!

  3. Hi, well written article, you have explained a lot on what are the things one need to consider when choosing a new smartphone. You have given questions that really comes to some one’s mind whenever they need to purchase a new phone. You have answered them in a way that gives some one a clear picture of what to do when they decide to buy a new phone, by giving the link that will direct us to more information.

    You have given tips and warnings about consultants and their intensions, of which most of us always think that, that person has got your interest at heart, not knowing that his main aim is to make a sale and gain a commission. Another thing I liked about this article is that it is mainly based on the topic given at the top, which shows intension to help, and all the details give do just that. It is helping some one, at the same time warning them about the things to consider when buying a new smartphone especially during this period of Black Friday.

    • Hi Phakama

      Thank you for your comment!

      It is the main reason why this website is here for. To assist everyone with their smartphone requirements and ensure they make the right selection or decision with no regrets later.

      I always feel sad when a person selected a wrong smartphone for themselves, because usually those people will be stuck with a smartphone they hate or regret until they can afford one again.

      Thus, I try my best by giving some tips, reviews and guides how to make the right smartphone selection for themselves.

  4. As I know, most of the retailers did have very good sales revenue during the Black Friday period. Sometimes, the sales volume could equivalent to their one full year effort. 

    With most of the countries opening up their borders, many consumers feel that the economies will become better. They are likely to spend more during this happy season. 

    Of course as you mentioned, consumers need to know what they need and the products they wish to buy. Compare few retailers offer and make the most out of the best value they can get. 

    Thank you for your article and remind me to do my best shopping strategy!

    • Hi TYP

      It is a pleasure.

      Always be prepared when going ever you go to the shops or retail stores. To ensure you will always be ready to make the right smartphone selection or even for anything else.


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