CAT smartphones – Made Mighty

Are you looking for a strong durable smartphone? Are you working in work conditions that may break regular smartphones and need something stronger?

Then you are looking at the right smartphone review today. There is a smartphone brand called CAT. They are a smartphone company that specifically look at making smartphones that are durable in harsh working conditions and will not break so easily.

We will look at the CAT smartphone brands latest CAT series smartphones and see if they are really something to look at and consider getting. We will do that by answering the following questions:


How does the design of the CAT smartphones look like?


Are there any special features these CAT smartphones provide that other smartphones don’t?


What are the specifications for the CAT smartphones?

How much would the retail price be for the CAT smartphones?

So let us begin and find out if the CAT smartphone brand, is a brand that you may want to consider getting.



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Design of the CAT smartphones

The latest CAT smartphones consist out of three different smartphones which are the following:

  • CAT S42 H+
  • CAT S52
  • CAT S62 Pro







As you can see in the illustrations above, all three of these CAT smartphones are very robust. These smartphones itself is made out of very strong carbon fiber that can withstand any drop or fall.

All three of these CAT smartphones make use of a type C plug in. Thus, these smartphones can be charged at fast speeds. All three CAT smartphones also has a jack plug in which will satisfy some users that want to make use of wired headphones to connect with their new CAT smartphone. All these plug ins are covered by some robust cover latch to ensure they are protected which other smartphone brands do not provide at all.

The CAT S52 and the CAT S62 Pro make use of fingerprint sensor on the back of them. The nice part of their fingerprint sensors, is that they are waterproof and can read its user’s fingerprints even if they are wet. Very interesting and useful.



Special features of the CAT smartphones

Now this section, I would say is the one main area to look at for the CAT smartphones. Reason why, is because these are the main features that make the CAT smartphones stand out more and above many other smartphone brands.

As I already mentioned, the CAT smartphones are known to be drop proof. So your new CAT smartphone will not break very easily when it falls. I would say its design helps drop proof feature.

Not only is the CAT smartphones drop proof, but they are also waterproof. As I mentioned in the design section, the plug ins and inserts are all covered by a carbon robust cover latch to ensure no water or liquid enters inside the CAT smartphone. That means you can even wash your CAT smartphone under a tap which is not possible with other smartphone brands. Just remember that those carbon robust latches are closed before cleaning your smartphone under the tap. Without it, the water will enter the smartphone and destroy it.

The CAT smartphones are also bleached and chemical resistant which is very good during pandemic times. You can even sanitize your CAT smartphone with ease. Thus, this smartphone will definitely attract users that work in harsh environments or like to do things that go extreme like mountain climbing, ab sailing and other extreme activities.



CAT smartphones specifications

The main differences between the CAT S42 H+, CAT S52 and the CAT S62 Pro are the following:

  • Weight – The CAT S52 is the lightest smartphone to carry and use while the CAT S62 Pro is the heaviest smartphone.
  • Front Camera – The CAT S52 and CAT S62 Pro has the same front camera specs and are the best out of the group.
  • Rear Camera – All CAT smartphones have similar rear camera specs. However, the CAT S62 Pro’s rear camera has an extra feature which the other two CAT smartphones do not have. This feature is the thermal camera function. Quite nice for users that like to use this function at their works.
  • RAM – The CAT S62 Pro of course has the best RAM memory size and quick processing speed. The CAT S42 H+ has the slowest processing speed and lowest RAM memory size option.
  • Storage – The CAT S62 Pro takes the victor here again by having the biggest on board memory. The nice thing about all these CAT smartphones, is that they have the option to expand its on board memory with external micro memory cards which some users still like to use.
  • Battery Capacity – Quite shocking, but the CAT S42 H+ has the best battery out of the three. A person would think the premium CAT S62 Pro would have that honor. But the CAT S42H+ takes the honor.

Overall:The CAT S62 Pro is the best out of the group, especially with its thermal camera capabilities. Rest the specifications ain’t that bad. However, if you compare the CAT smartphones against other smartphone brands, you will see the other smartphone brands specifications are far superior compare to these CAT smartphones. Just remember, the CAT smartphones are made for durability and other special features which I mentioned earlier.


Retail prices for the CAT smartphones in different currencies

The following retail prices are just assumptions and may change:

As you can see, these CAT smartphones aren’t that expensive. The higher the price, the better features you receive of course.



The CAT smartphones are definitely the best robust smartphones I have ever seen. Yes, Nokia is also known to be very robust.

However, CAT smartphones take robust and durability to the next level by ensuring your smartphone will not break easily when it drops. Plus it is waterproof and washable under a tap.

How many of you will take your smartphone you currently have and wash it under a tap? I bet none of you will do that and the reason being that they aren’t made that way. CAT smartphones can do that and yes the Nokia XR20 to. But, the CAT smartphones are also bleached and chemical resistant which the Nokia XR20 is not.

I would not recommend the CAT smartphone to someone who is not mainly looking at durability. The specifications of the CAT smartphones ain’t bad. However, does not compete to the top smartphone brands in terms of specifications. Only good for durability and harsh tasks.


What are your thoughts about the CAT smartphones and which one stand out the most for you?


Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “CAT smartphones – Made Mighty”

  1. wow, a smartphone that is drop proof and waterproof is certainly two awesome features in a smartphone. I have not heard about the CAT smartphone, so have they been on the market for a long time? Is the CAT smartphone being produced by Caterpillar, also known as CAT, that make heavy machinery and earth moving equipment? 

    Looking at the prices, they do seem to be very affordable for the range of features. And perfect for anybody that needs a robust smartphone that can withstand being knocked around. 

    • Hi LineCowley

      The CAT smartphone brand started since 2012. Quite a long time ago. You are correct, they are made by Caterpillar. Now wonder these smartphones are so durable.

      Thus, if you need a durable smartphone, then a CAT smartphone will help you.


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