Foldable or Flip smartphone design, the future for smartphones

Have you heard or experience the new foldable or flip smartphone design certain smartphone companies has released with their smartphones? If not, today we will be going to detail about the new foldable or flip smartphone designs some smartphone companies has released into the smartphone market. We will be discussing the following regarding this topic: … Read more

Overheating Phone

Overheating Phone is something not many customers experience, especially the customers that hardly use their cell phones. However, it does exists and is something many customers do not know how to handle such situation. Thus, we are going to discuss about this topic today in order to spread some awareness regarding the topic. Here are … Read more

What is the best smartphone under $300?

It is a real good question, “What is the best smartphone under $300?” Or for under any currency if I may add. There is so many smartphones to choose from. Plus there is always a new one coming into the smartphone market so quickly. Then the sad part is the price tag of these awesome … Read more

Top 5 smartphones for 2021

It is that time of the year! What is the top 5 smartphones for 2021 so far? That is a good question, but to make it interesting. Let us divide the top 5 smartphones for 2021 into different categories and not just one general category. We will name and discuss the following: Top 5 most … Read more

LG leaving the smartphone industry

As the title states, LG smartphones are leaving out of the smartphone industry. Which is very sad as they were ranked number 7 best smartphone brand worldwide in year 2020. In this article, we will discuss the following: Why are they leaving the smartphone market? What will happen to the customers that are using LG … Read more

Screen Protector Cutting Machine

Tired going into a smartphone company where you select your new smartphone, however they do not have a screen protector for your new smartphone?  Tired being referenced to go to another store to find the right screen protector for your smartphone? Have a old smartphone of which no store has no accessories for it? Look … Read more

Online VERSUS Telephone services – Which ONE is the BEST

Today, we will be discussing about a topic that is way overdue to discuss about. How many of you received a call from a service provider trying to sell a smartphone with a package to you? How many of you received a pop-up ad on your smartphone or computer from a service provider advertising a … Read more

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