Black Friday Smartphone Selection Tips

It is almost Black Friday season time worldwide. Everybody knows what that period means. It means fantastic specials and bargains will be advertised at all retail stores during a specific period. That is why many people look forward to this season period and even save up money for this period. Black Friday is usually an … Read more

Christmas Top Smartphone Selection 2021

Christmas is around the corner and almost year end for 2021. Thus, I am certain there are users that want to know which smartphone is the best to look out for themselves currently. I will personally share my views which are the best top ten smartphones to look out for during this Christmas season or … Read more

Best Low Cost Smartphones in South Africa

Today’s article is for South African users that do not have much to spend on a smartphone. There are many kinds to choose from and the best of all, they all are below R2000 cash. No contracts at all. Yes, specs wise may be lower compared to other popular smartphones. However, the specs are enough … Read more

What is the best internet connection ?

Life today constantly changes with technology, but one thing that everyone make use of, is the internet. Internet can be accessed on so many multiple devices and requires certain components in order to function completely. But nobody likes slow internet connections. Thus, it is important to understand how each internet connection method works and how … Read more

Foldable or Flip smartphone design, the future for smartphones

Have you heard or experience the new foldable or flip smartphone design certain smartphone companies has released with their smartphones? If not, today we will be going to detail about the new foldable or flip smartphone designs some smartphone companies has released into the smartphone market. We will be discussing the following regarding this topic: … Read more

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