Christmas Top Smartphone Selection 2021

Christmas is around the corner and almost year end for 2021. Thus, I am certain there are users that want to know which smartphone is the best to look out for themselves currently.

I will personally share my views which are the best top ten smartphones to look out for during this Christmas season or the year end of 2021. So if you are curious which ten smartphones I will be selecting, please continue reading. I might just catch your eye with a specific smartphone you want.

Just remember, before selecting a smartphone, to have your smartphone preferences or requirements identified to avoid any disappointing selections. If you need any assistance in this category, please visit one of my posts regarding the steps to find the right smartphone for yourself.

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Samsung A52S 5G

The Samsung A52S 5G is the latest smartphone in the Samsung A series 2021. It is also the best out of the entire group.

The reasons why it is the best are because of the following factors:

  • Way better chipset is installed on the Samsung A52S 5G compare to the others in the series. Giving gamers also a great experience with this chipset.
  • Better 5G network capabilities as compare to its predecessor, Samsung A52 5G.

Plus it is not too expensive for users to purchase it outright or pay it off monthly with a service provider. If you want to know more about the Samsung A52S 5G, please visit the following post.


Huawei Nova 8i

Now of course, Huawei will be on the top ten list and Huawei Nova 8i is one of them. Firstly, its design is magnificent as it gives the user the previous Huawei Mate design experience at a low price point.

But not only the design and price point make this smartphone stand out, it also has a super charge function which allow the smartphone to charge its battery to full power in a low amount of time. The Huawei Nova 8i will only take 38 minutes to completely recharge its battery with power by using the 66w charger that is included inside its packaging.

Of course, there are other awesome features and you can read more about them at this post.


Huawei Nova 8

Another awesome Huawei brand smartphone made to the list and is called the Huawei Nova 8. Now with the Huawei Nova 8 you experience also a beautiful elegant design and new one if I may add for a Huawei.

The design of the Huawei Nova 8 is a new smartphone design which Huawei is mainly focusing on for all their coming new smartphones, especially the Huawei P50 series which is not available for all countries yet.

The other great feature you will experience with the Huawei Nova 8, is its selfie or front camera. It is known for taking great selfie photos and videos. Will definitely attract TikTok users and any other social platforms.

Sadly, its battery capacity is quite low and will cause the user to recharge it with power more frequently than other smartphones. Thus, it is the one downside for the Huawei Nova 8.

If you want to know more about the Huawei Nova 8 and on which system platform they work on, please visit the following post.


iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max

I was definitely not going to exclude Apple iPhones from this list and what perfect timing with the new iPhone 13 series. To be more specific, the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max.

Firstly, both the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max has the exact same features and design, just one is bigger than the other one. Similar to the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

There are two main factors that the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max introduces to us in this new iPhone series and they are:

  • It is available in a new color called Sierra Blue.
  • Better battery life compare to previous iPhone series. It is a factor that many users have requested for the new iPhone series.

Rest of its specs and features are basically the same as its predecessor series, iPhone 12 series. That is why I feel the name should have been iPhone 12s rather than iPhone 13. There isn’t so much change.

You can see the full review of the iPhone 13 series at the following post.


Samsung S21 Ultra

It is no surprise to see the Samsung S21 Ultra appearing on this list. It was reviewed and mentioned in a few posts on this site due to its great camera capabilities.

If you want the best camera smartphone, then the Samsung S21 Ultra is the one for you. Besides that the Samsung S21 Ultra has a lot great features like on board storage space, RAM memory size and battery life.

The only downside for the Samsung S21 Ultra are the following:

  • It is very expensive on contract monthly and cash outright purchase.

If you want to know more about the Samsung S21 Ultra and how it compares to its predecessor, visit the following post.


Oppo A74 5G

Oppo smartphone brand has made to the list as well or to be specific, the Oppo A74 5G has made to the list. It has a beautiful smartphone design with a big display screen.

Besides that, it has a good amount of storage memory on board and RAM memory size as well. The Oppo A74 5G is also a very affordable both in outright cash purchase and monthly contract. If you want a good spec smartphone at a low price, then the Oppo A74 5G might be the smartphone for you.


Xiaomi 11T Pro

Now the Xiaomi smartphone brand also made an appearance to the list. Now the Xiaomi 11T Pro is a new smartphone they released in September and is making a good impression, especially in one category.

The Xiaomi 11T Pro is known very well for its rapid fast charge capabities. It can recharge its battery from 0% to 100% in 17 minutes time! That is really fast and very convenient.

Just remember, it only charges so fast due to the charger the Xiaomi 11T Pro comes with is a 120w power charger. Thus, if you are looking for a smartphone that recharges its battery to full power capacity in a very short amount of time, then the Xiaomi 11T Pro is the smartphone for you.

Besides the battery quick recharge speed, the Xiaomi 11T Pro has great camera specs as well. If you want to know more about the other specs of the Xiaomi 11T Pro, please visit the following post.


Samsung Z Flip 3

How could I left out a foldable smartphone or must I say flipable smartphone? I didn’t. The Samsung Z Flip 3 is one of the latest flip design smartphones available from Samsung.

It is especially known for its flip design to make it easier for users to store their smartphone in small spaces. Plus it is not even bulky either.

Now, unlike its predecessor, the Samsung Z Flip that only had a small front screen, it has a bigger screen now which gives users better accessibility to the Samsung Z Flip 3.

Rest of its specs is good, however, does not compare or beat the Samsung S21 series. The Samsung Z Flip 3’s only attracting point is its design and nothing else. If you want to know more of the Samsung Z Flip 3, please visit the following post.


Samsung Z Fold 3

Since we has the Samsung Z Flip 3 on the list, the Samsung Z Fold 3 will obviously join to the list. It is a beautiful smartphone that changes easily from a thin smartphone to a small beautiful tablet size smartphone.

Giving many users the ability to do their tasks on a nice big screen and have no bulky smartphone when they need to close it up. Besides its folding capabilities, it also has an elegant design that definitely attracts some users to purchase it.

The one downside for the Samsung Z Fold 3 is the price point it goes for a monthly contract and outright cash purchase. It is very expensive and not many users will be willing to pay for such high prices. Just remember this smartphone design is unique and is basically almost two smartphones attached to each other.

If you want to know more about the Samsung Z Fold 3, please visit the following post.


Vivo V21 5G

Vivo also made to the list and took the final spot with the Vivo V21 5G. The Vivo V21 5G stands out mostly for its smartphone design.

Due it is so slim and fits so easily in the users pockets or bags. Plus it is not easy to spot the smartphone due it is so thin for such big display screen. It usually attracts a lot of females for its design and being that is so light to carry as well.

Another feature that makes the Vivo V21 5G stand out, is its excellent front camera specs. This smartphone takes the crown for taking the best selfie photos and videos for the year 2021. Thus, selfie lovers must definitely consider the Vivo V21 5G.

If you want to know more of the Vivo V21 5G, please visit the following post.



These are the top ten smartphones to look out for during the closure of the year 2021. All of them are good smartphones for different reasons. But remember there are downsides for each smartphone as well.

However, end of the day, it all depends on your smartphone preferences as it will guide you to the right smartphone for you. If you want tips to find the right smartphone for yourself, please visit the following post to get some guidance to ensure you make the right smartphone selection.

I hope you enjoyed my top ten picks. If you have any questions, please provide them in the comment section below and I respond accordingly. Stay safe and enjoy the last few months for year 2021!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Top Smartphone Selection 2021”

  1. What is better A52S 5G or Moto Edge 20?I had very nice Moto experience and very bad Samsung Experience… However, this model seems nice. Camera and selfie camera quality is important for me as far as BT sound quality. 

    Because my boyfriend is planing to buy me a new Samsung A52S 5G for the coming xmas but I need an insight of the phone.

    • Hi Emmanuel

      The Moto Edge 20 is 0,2 inches bigger than the Samsung A52S 5G. Besides that the rear camera of the Moto Edge 20 is far greater than the Samsung A52S 5G. Almost double more megapixels as what the Samsung A52S 5G has. Even though the Samsung A52S 5G has four rear camera lenses and the Moto Edge 20 only have three.

      Rest the specs are almost identical. The Samsung A52S 5G wins with longer battery life compare to the Moto Edge 20. If you have any other questions, please let me know. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  2. I’ve never been one for phones throughout my life but these days I tend to pick Huawei, Their ease of use is good for me as I’m not very technically minded.. I’m sure the other phones in your list have all their own different features that are great. Always found android to be less expensive than some other phones. I like the way you get your phones to spin so you get front and back showings. Very visually informative as well as the content. Which phone would you choose out of your list out of curiosity?? Anyway keep up the good work! 👍

    • Hi Ben

      Glad you enjoyed the turning images. It is something new I want incorporate more into this site going forward to help users make the right smartphone selection for themselves.

      For me personally, I want the new smartphone design trend smartphone called the Samsung Z Fold 3. With it, I can do all my tasks on a nice big screen and can close up easily without any problems. Plus is not bulky at all. Thank you for your comment and compliments.

  3. Thank you for comparing the top ten picks by you. Wonder why you left out One Plus phones in the comparison list!!

    I would like the try the Samsung Z flip 3 or the Samsung Z Fold 3 fold, merely because it is a new feature, though it may not have any other additional advantage compared to the other eight. And out of the two Samsung Z  phones, I will prefer the Z fold 3, because of the larger display. Thank you Burnheart, I think, I will take a decision soon!!


    • Hi Ernest

      Reason why the One Plus smartphones are left out of my list as they are not known in my country at all. Might be known more out of other countries, but not all countries around the world. Thus, they have been left out and smartphones that are known worldwide have been selected.

      I see we have similar preferences. I also find the Samsung Z Fold 3 very tempting to get due to it fold ability and other capabilities. When you get the Samsung Z Fold 3, please share your experience of the Samsung Z Fold 3 to us.

  4. I’ll have on my mind all this useful tips, next time I buy  a smartphone. There are already  a few  favourites  and now I have found two more to add to my list. It is great to know how long does it take to charge battery and of course information about camera are always more than welcome.  Various other performances for all smartphone models are also listed . That’s why I like this review.

    • Hi Ivana

      Glad you enjoyed the review. Can I ask which two smartphones caught your interest? It is important to know all the specs of all smartphones to avoid any disappointing selections. Thank you for taking the time to comment.


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