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Last time, I posted an article “Find best smartphone for me.” If you haven’t read it yet, please go read it first. As this article will focus on one of the major steps to ensure you find the best smartphone for you. This step is the “Platform” step.

We will be discussing the following regarding the platform step:

  • Why is it important to know the different smartphone platforms available?
  • Explain the different smartphone platforms available.
  • What impact these smartphone platforms have on their users.

After reading this article you will understand a bit more how smartphones differentiate between each other and will help you make the right smartphone selection.

Why must we know the different smartphone platforms?

Reason why it is important to know different smartphone platforms, is that it impacts you in terms of being satisfied with your smartphone selection or not.

Certain smartphone platforms are limited with which applications they can download. For example: I purchased a smartphone to play a specific game. When I search for the game I want to install, it does not appear under the smartphone platform store. Thus, resulting me being unhappy with my smartphone selection and will most likely hate my selection.

Thus, it is critical you know the different smartphone platforms available to ensure you do not fall into a trap of selecting the wrong smartphone.

Different smartphone platforms available worldwide

There are 3 different smartphone platforms currently worldwide. Namely, they are the following:

  • iOS
  • Android (GMS)
  • Android (HMS)

We going to go in detail with each smartphone platform mentioned above.

a) iOS 

The iOS platform is a smartphone platform that is only made available for the Apple smartphone brand. These iOS platform smartphones are highly secured and that do not run on an Android platform.

The iOS platform make use of the following applications:

  • Safari browser
  • iTunes
  • App Store
  • Siri
  • Wallet & Apple Pay
  • Game Center

These are just a few and there are many more. Most of these applications, all smartphones have

something similar, however not the same application and has different icons based on the smartphone platform.

One of the cons the iOS platform has, is that some applications are not available to find on the app store. It is usually caused by the following factors:

  • The region you selected for your iOS account, does not have that specific application available.
  • The specific application has not been made available on the iOS platform yet.
  • There is a ban on the specific application of which the iOS platform does not want to distribute from their platform’s app store.

Now like any other smartphone, there must be an account to link your smartphone data. For the iOS platform you will need a iCloud account. Luckily if you have a gmail account, you may use that account to link with your iOS platform smartphone. However, some applications or features might request you still create a new iCloud account. Thus, resulting you will have two accounts. Hopefully this issue has been resolved.

b) Android (GMS)

GMS is an acronym for Google Mobile Services. The Android (GMS) platform is available for Android smartphones that are approved and certified by Google. Thus, means that the Android smartphone are all pre-installed by GMS applications.

The most popular pre-installed GMS applications are the following:

  • G-mail
  • Chrome
  • Playstore
  • GDrive
  • Google Maps

Just like the iOS platform, GMS smartphones have similiar applications, but different icons.

Now GMS Android smartphones store all their data under their user’s Google accounts. Usually it is the user’s Gmail account. Unlike the other platforms, GMS smartphones have the most popular applications to choose from to download. They also experience region restriction, however they tend to experience this problem less than the iOS platform.

Clients tend to use a GMS android smartphone as it is easier to use & able to find any application that will satisfy their needs.

c) Android (HMS)  

HMS is an acronym for Huawei Mobile Service. This platform is specifically designed for the Huawei brand smartphones. This platform was created due America banned the sell of Huawei smartphones. This ban resulted the Google banned Huawei to use their GMS service on their smartphones.

The previous Huawei smartphones that have the GMS platform before this banned, was allowed to continue the use of GMS applications. Plus Huawei gave these previous Huawei smartphones the ability to have HMS applications also due they want clientele to learn how Huawei smartphone is advancing away from GMS platform.

The HMS platforms like to make use of the following applications:

  • App Gallery
  • Huawei Themes
  • Huawei Back up
  • Music


All applications are similar, however are different from just different icons.

HMS platform has its own account to store your smartphone data on. It does allow you to use your gmail account to link up with it, however it will generate a second account which links with the HMS system.

Now the question everyone asks how does HMS differ with the other platforms. Firstly, HMS does not have any pre-installed Google applications which majority use or want. The google applications are also not available to download under the HMS store which is known, App Gallery.

However, you might find sites or download these google applications through other store applications, namely the following:

Even though you can download google applications through these stores or sites, the applications may not always function properly that they would on a GMS smartphone.

It is important to note that the HMS platform is still in the developing stages and Huawei is trying to improve on these errors. Huawei consider rather to work on the HMS platform than beg Google to change their minds. Plus, Apple has proven that it is possible to move a smartphone to a different platform.


So basically we got a better understanding of the three different smartphone platforms available worldwide which are: iOS, GMS and HMS. All three of these smartphone platforms have similar applications with different icons on them. However, certain applications. Are not available to download through their smartphone platforms due to the following:

  • The region you selected or based in.
  • The applications not available for the specific smartphone platform.
  • Some applications are banned with specific reasons.

Also all smartphones link their user’s data with a platform specific account. Some smartphone platforms do accept other platform accounts as a link, however some functions on the new smartphone platform will not function correctly until a new platform link is created. Thus, it is best to stick with one smartphone platform to ease transition from a old smartphone to a new smartphone.

You probably say now: “So I must say goodbye to all the things stored on my old smartphone?” It is not the case. There are applications available that will help you move all your data or applications from one smartphone to a new different smartphone platform.

Here are a list of these applications that can make this:

  • SHAREit
  • Samsung Smart Switch
  • Xender
  • Send Anywhere
  • Airdroid
  • Huawei Backup
  • Bluetooth File Transfer

So this article, basically showed us how important it is we know all our smartphone platforms and what repercussions it might have by not knowing all your different smartphone platforms.

If you have any questions or comments, please comment below:

12 thoughts on “Smartphone Platforms”

  1. Thank you for this educative post. I have used the Huawei phone for more than 3 years. Although I can see that it is a unique brand on its own but never knew its version of android was different. Your list of applications that can move files is another thing I appreciate. I am familiar with share it and zender, but others are quite new. 

  2. I’ve never heard of Android HMS before. I didn’t know that America banned the sale of Huawei smartphones, so I had to google why! Interesting stuff man. Due to marketing budgets and name recognition, Apple has been my only experience in the smartphone world but reading your post makes me want to consider switching things up a bit. Thanks for this insight!

    • Hi Pitin

      Thank you for your comment! It is really sad America banned the Huawei brand. The main reason was they felt China was spying and gathering data of America through Huawei, thus they banned the brand. Personally, I believe they banned the brand being it was so successful and impacted the sales of Apple and other American smartphone brands. However, they just caused to follow Apple method by having their own system.

      The HMS system is relatively still in the developing stages, so I believe they can still come back to its glory years or even surpass it. They just need to fix the problems they currently experiencing.

  3. Hi and thanks for sharing this very informative article. I have been spoiled for many years in that my employer has provided me with a smartphone and I have had free usage of the data plan, even though I do get into the habit of setting up wifi wherever I am for any length of time. They have also been giving me frequent upgrades and new models. All this means that this is generally a subject that I have not had to bother understanding. All that will change soon as I am going to retire. So it is very important for me to get to grips with this subject. Thanks again for this informative article. Best regards, Andy

    • Hi Andy

      Thank you for your comment! Glad you find this article informative. Hope when you retire you will be remember this article and make a wise selection when purchasing a new smartphone.

  4. I do see that you have made an amazing sight. It looks constant enlightening. Regardless, I would propose adding really more substance and some more pictures to it. Or on the other hand clearly, in all honesty, unmistakably, doubtlessly unflinchingly evidently, enduringly perhaps some associated records would be enchanting to other people. Regardless, wrapping, it looks astounding and standard, Easy to consider and appreciate. You showed up.

    • Hi Herman

      Thank you for your comment and critic feedback!

      I always appreciate someone sharing how they feel post, thus I will look into it and make the necessary changes. Glad you enjoyed the post though. 😀

  5. Interesting to know. I would be honest, I am not aware of the difference of the platforms until I read your post.

    I have been using the Android GMS and is planning to acquire iOS to see the difference for my site advantage. The images are not displayed on my mobile. Do you know why?

    Would you care to write an information about this or do you already have an article to recommend?

    • Hi Rose

      Thank you for your comment! 

      I would suggest contact me through the site email and we will see how we can assist. It might be the smartphone specific or some setting not right. Hope to hear from you soon!

  6. Hi. 

    You are very right. It is very important to know different smartphone platforms. the same thing happened to me. I purchased a new phone and wanted to download a specific game and it was not available on the platform store. I never forget how disappointed I was that day. Ever since then I have been buying android ( GMS) phone and have not given myself a chance to learn about other platforms. Your article has been an eye opener. Thank you so much 

    • Hi Boi

      Thank you for your comment! I am sorry you had to go through the process of selecting a wrong smartphone that does not meet your needs. Hope this article will help in future new smart selections.


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