Find best smartphone for me

As the title states, we are going to look at how to find the best smartphone for me. Not really, we are going to look at how to find the best smartphone for everyone.

All of us are different of which we differ in desires and needs we want to accomplish on our smartphones. For example:

  • Some want to have a smartphone that can take high quality videos or photos.
  • Some want to conduct business meetings on their phone by showcasing a presentation or just be part of an important business meeting without any problems.
  • Others want to be able to socialize through different text applications or even just basic email.
  • Others want to make basic phone calls and nothing else.


All of these features are important to help determine which smartphone is best suited for you. Thus, in this article we are going to try guide you how to make the right smartphone selection and ensure you not regret your decision later.

In order to do this, we going to list steps of which you must follow in order to ensure you are satisfied with your smartphone selection. So please follow them accurately or you will be disappointed.


Step 1 – Core features

Basically in this step we going to determine which core features you must have on your smartphone.

Here is a list of a few features you need to ask yourself if you want them on your smartphone or not:

  • Must the smartphone be able take excellent photos or videos or just basic photos or videos?
  • Must the smartphone have large or small storage on board?
  • Must the smartphone be able to expand its storage memory physically or remotely?
  • Must the smartphone be able to last more than a day or more before the need of charge?
  • Must the smartphone processing speed be very fast or just enough to satisfy your demand?
  • Must the smartphone size be big or small?



There are many more questions you can ask for yourself, however the most critical questions would be the ones above. After answering all these questions you will be ready to move to the next step.


Step 2 – Budget

Technology comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. Plus of course all types of technology come in different prices. I always say, the more features you want on your smartphone or any other device, the more you should be willing to pay.

Thus, the next step you must determine how much you are willing or able to spend for your desired smartphone. With step one already completed, you will now be able to pinpoint the price bracket of smartphones you will be able to purchase.

For example, I want a high quality camera smartphone that takes excellent photos, however I can only afford R5000 smartphone device. This will result I cannot look at certain premium devices that are R16000 or more cash. I will have to look at smartphones that is in the R5000 price range.

This will help eliminate some smartphones you either cannot afford or smartphones that have features you do not want to pay for.


Step 3 – Brand

This step is always important as some clients are brand specific and some are not.

Those that are brand specific does make life easier to find the best suited smartphone for them. Reason being they eliminate all other smartphone brands besides one or even two, thus limiting smartphones to choose from those specific brands.

For example, a client that only prefer Samsung smartphones. This will result they will only search a Samsung smartphone and not another brand like Apple as they are brand committed or just satisfied by only using the smartphone brand Samsung. Thus, the client will only look at the Samsung brand smartphones to make their final selection.

However, those that are not brand specific will result no brand eliminations. But will result a possible growth for a new smartphone brand.

Usually the sales representatives will promote all the available smartphones to you and may ask a new brand representative to showcase their new smartphone brand.

However, that will only happen if the following steps were met:

  • Sales representative determined your features and budget meets with the new smartphone brand criteria.
  • Sales representative determined you have no specific budget and are open for anything new in the smartphone market.


Step 4 – Platform

This step is a new one, but a critical one. All smartphones download applications and software through different platforms. Here are just a few examples:

  • Android that is certified by Google. (Google playstore)
  • Apple that is using an IOS platform. (App store)
  • Android that is using an HMS platform. (App Gallery)

Each platform has similar applications available to download, however some platforms experience some problems to full utilize certain applications or do not work at all.

The problems are usually the following:

  • Some application not available to download at all. This results you cannot use the application you desire for on your smartphone selected or you will have to find another way to obtain this application on your smartphone selected which provides unnecessary hassle.
  • Applications not working as it should on the specific platform your selected smartphone is on. Resulting you very unhappy with your smartphone selected and wish you could change your selection immediately.


Most of the time you will have to stick with your disappointed smartphone selected for a while till you can afford to purchase a different smartphone.

Thus, it is important you do thoroughly research between these platforms of different smartphones. By doing so you will easily come to the best suited smartphone for you.


Step 5 – Research

Now the final step is to do basic research. You can do this online or read out of a newspaper about smartphones. When you get to this step, you should have clearly completed the other steps and just check what is available currently versus new smartphone devices coming into the market.

My recommendation would be to do device comparisons on the internet. As the internet is usually updated frequently with new smartphones appearing into the market. There are many sites that can do the device comparisons for you. My recommendation is gsmarena as it is provides clear detail of all the smartphone devices that are new or already in the market. Even the very old ones.

You can make use of their services on this website also by clicking on the device comparison tab. It will directly open gsm arena smartphone device comparison page. Making life easier for you to perform smartphone device comparisons.

After doing this final step, I promise you will find the best suited smartphone for you.



In this article, we determined there are 5 steps that must be conducted by you in order to determine the best suited smartphone for you.

They are the following:

  1. Core Features – Which features must be on your smartphone?
  2. Budget – What are your budget limitations to purchase the smartphone you want?
  3. Brand – Are you brand specific in terms of smartphones? Huawei/Samsung/Apple/etc.
  4. Platform – Will your desired applications be available or work correctly on your smartphone selected?
  5. Research – Conduct online research by comparing new and current smartphone devices among each other in order to make the final smart selection.


If you follow all these steps, you will find the best suited smartphone for you and will not be disappointed. I guarantee you will be very grateful and happy by following these steps.

My other recommendation would be is to do these steps before shopping at a store or online. This will speed up the smartphone selection process.

I hope you find this article useful and find the best suited smartphone for you!

Any question or comments, please comment below.

21 thoughts on “Find best smartphone for me”

  1. With so many new electronic devices being launched on a regular basis, it is hard to keep up with the choices that are available. So this is a very helpful post to find the best smartphone. Personally I like sticking to a brand that I used previously, as the transition to the a new smartphone somehow seems easier because it is familiar. But it is always important to do the relevant research.

    • Thank you for your comment! Smartphones do evolve rapidly and there is constant new brands entering the market. Thus, it became very important to do research before just taking any smartphone randomly.

  2. This is a very useful article! You have highlighted important questions that need to be asked before we buy a smartphone today. The offer on the market is extensive, and it is important to know what you want and need from your phone.
    All 5 steps are really important – from core features to budget, the brand you trust, the platforms on which you are active. That is why it is important to research the offer. Thanks for the good starting points before buying a smartphone.
    Friendly greeting,

    • It is a pleasure Nina! Just want to assist all smartphone users to ensure they do not make the wrong selection. It is always sad to see clients select the wrong smartphone and have to struggle till they can afford a different smartphone.

  3. Thanks for a great article. It was a very interesting read. With new mobile phones being released all the time, if your looking for a phone, theres so many to choose from. This is a great guide to help anyone decide which mobile phone is the best mobile phone for them and their particul needs

  4. Hi there, All core features are important to decide which smartphone is best for you but I think the best core feature is phone’s expandable storage memory.

    Brand is important as well because a brand creates a wall of trust in the buyer’s minds. Most people sees a brand as a trusted company. If they have good reviews online, people want to buy that brand.

    We know that popular brands are trusted worldwide because they have made their brand trustable in a long period of time.

    I think we should research before buying any phone and as you mentioned in your article we should do device comparisons online before buying any device.

    Thanks for sharing very informative and useful article with us. Much appreciated.

  5. Very good and informative article. Its very helpful for anyone who is in the market for a new phone and gives them a good idea of the different factors to consider in the buying process. I personally really like iPhones and models with large screens. Which phones are your favorite?

    • Hi Matt! Personally I like a large screen phone, with a great battery life, fast processing speed, the ability to have large memory on board and can add extra memory physically. Plus I like a smartphone that can modify its applications. Thus, I will most likely choose a android device that has a google play platform.

  6. I agree, the best smartphone for everyone can be subjective. It is just up to your usage and then you make the decision from that to make the right purchase. Thanks for all the tips you suggested. For me they all come down to the platform and the budget for me. Thanks to technology I do not have to pay that much anymore for a practical phone. 

  7. I need a new smartphone a little confused about all the available choices. Taking photos, videos and doing Facebook lives is important features to me. Since I have an iPad, I think that I made need to stick with an IOS device to be compatible. Do you know if an Android phone works with an iPad? Since most of my photos and data are in the cloud, I think I can go with a smaller memory. Do you know how many years the average iPhone lasts?

    • Hi Sharon!

      There is android smart phones that will work well with the iPad. However, you might experience some technical errors between application since the two devices are running two separate platforms. Thus, my suggestion would be to stick with the IOS platform to ensure you can access all features without any errors between the two devices. 

      iPhones life time depends on how the user handles the smart phone. But, majority iphones last for a long time like more than 5 years if treated right. However, technology evolves rapidly and can cause previous iPhones cannot run specific applications due to its age and Apple not providing any software updates anymore. For example: iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and 5s do not receive anymore software updates and certain applications not functioning on them anymore. Thus, it is best to purchase a iPhone that is not to old and still available with system updates.

      I hope you find these answers solve your question. If any more, please do ask and I assist when I can. 🙂

  8. I absolutely agree with everything on this post.  From the core features, budget, brand, platform, and the research is all things that people look for when trying to buy a new phone.  I have to admit that I am one of those people that look at all aspects of a new phone when I’m looking to buy one.  I kinda go backwards though. I always start with the platform, then the features.  It has to hold more memory than the last one, and be bigger than the last one.  Also it always has to be android because to me Iphone’s are horrible for me to operate.  I guess that everyone has the same questions no matter how it comes about huh?!  Awesome post, very relevant to everyone.

    • Hi Niesha

      Glad you agree with everything. Many people tend to miss one of the steps or even more. Resulting them making a wrong selection. Glad you also follow these steps. It does not matter in which order though, so long all have been met then you are guaranteed to find the best suited smartphone for you.

      Like the comment you made you are horrible to operate on a iPhone. Thus, you will avoid that brand with a passion, resulting you will only look at android smartphones. Thank you for the comment!

  9. Reading through this article right now, has just removed a heavy burden off me, because my husband need a new smart phone now since his iPhone got stole and now he want another brand no longer apple. it has been had for me to chose from too many brands in the market but your informative packed article on smartphone has given me tips on how to make a choice for him.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Christina

      I am glad the article could help you. Just follow the steps and I am sure you will find the best situated smart phone for him. Thank you for the comment!

  10. Thanks for this food for thought in relation to choosing a smartphone.

    I am terrible when it comes to phones, as I want everything, but I don’t want to pay for it.  

    I am on my phone constantly, but it is mostly on the internet.  I use it constantly for my part time job as it is quicker and handier than my tablet even.

    The camera is also important for me, as I love taking photographs when I am out and about.

    Thankfully I am not sucked in by makes.  I just care that it does the job I need to do.

    • Hi Geoff

      Thank you for your comment!

      I can tell you know exactly what you want in your smartphone. It is great you are not brand specific, because that opens up the chance to select a new smartphone brand. Depending if it has the features you want at the right price point.

  11. Thank you for this informative article! There are so many options out there now for smartphones. Of course it’s easy to find lists of them with the features and prices for each specific one, but I never know HOW to choose. The next time I go looking, I’ll keep this in mind (features, budget, brand, platform, research).

    • Hi Lindsey

      Thank you for your comment!

      I know right! There is so many smartphones out there and is becoming more difficult to pick which one to go for. I hope these steps help you make the right smartphone selection for yourself. 

  12. I like to keep a smartphone investment for as long as possible, so when I am finally ready to purchase one, I want to make sure that it is built to last. I definitely have some core features that I look for when I shop. I tend to take a lot of photos, so I both want something with a high-quality camera and enough storage space to allow for all the digital files. Thanks for the guide to help me narrow down my choices and find the right smartphone!

    • Hi Aly

      Thank you for your comment!

      Glad the guide could help you narrow down your choice to find the right smartphone for yourself. It is very important to know what are your needs in a smartphone and especially the other factors that may influence your selection like a specific feature which only certain smartphones have.  


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