Hisense H50 Series – It’s all in the detail

In this post today, we will be discussing about the Hisense H50 series.

In this topic, we will be discussing the following:

  • The evolution of the Hisense H series from old to the newest.
  • Discuss about the specifications of the new Hisense H50 series.
  • The pros and cons of the new Hisense H50 series
  • Overall view of the new Hisense H50 series


The evolution of the Hisense H series:

Hisense only entered in the smartphone in the 2015. Since then a lot of different smartphones were created and sold for different clientele. Hisense first started to target low-budget clientele. Overtime, they target for all clientele needs and want to compete with other smartphone brands. Thus, the Hisense H series smartphones came into the market. Over the years they made a variety of Hisense H series smartphones of which they improved features or changed the layout of the series each year.



Here is a table of different Hisense H series smartphone:

Here also is a video showing how the Hisense Infinity H Smartphone Series Evolved:


Specifications of the new Hisense H50 series smartphone

So there is two smartphone versions of the Hisense H50 series. They are namely the Hisense H50 Zoom and Hisense H50.

The major differences between the two smartphones are the following:

  • The rear camera layout.
  • Size of the smartphones.
  • Battery capacity
  • Front camera
  • Extras given when purchasing one of the two smartphones.


Here is a table that completely layouts the major specifications for both Hisense H50 series smartphones:


Here are videos of the Hisense H50 Zoom and Hisense H50 which shows some of its features in detail:



Pros and Cons

Here is a summary of the pros and cons of the Hisense H50 series:


After looking at this table, you can clearly see there are more pros than cons. Meaning anyone of these smartphones are a great investment if you are looking for a new smartphone.



The Hisense H50 smartphone series has fantastic features. It clearly shows that Hisense paid clear attention to detail with their competitors as they tried to match them in every way possible or even surpass them. With the camera specs alone, the Hisense H50 smartphone series is a must have. But what about the other features?

The size of the Hisense H50 itself is quite impressive as there are clienteles that want a big size smartphone due they like to work on a big touch screen. I am one of those clienteles that love a big size smartphone. Then the battery life of both Hisense H50 series smartphones are excellent for clienteles that need a smartphone for longer usages. Especially the Hisense H50 smartphone that has 5000mah battery life.

I have one concern for both smartphones of the Hisense H50 series. It is the camera. For the Hisense H50 Zoom, the main concern is the pop-up camera. Yes, it is a great feature and all, but what happens if the camera does not want to pop-up anymore or gets stuck while trying to pop-up? Also, what would the cost be to fix the pop up camera? I am certain it will not be cheap. Also, the parts to fix the pop-up camera might take a while to obtain in order to fix it.

With the Hisense H50, it is the rear camera itself. Yes, it is a bit more protective. However, it stands out in the back, thus it is at risk it might break if the smartphone falls the wrong way. Thus, resulting the expensive camera lens or lenses to break. This will cost greatly to fix it, especially it just cracks. Luckily for both smartphones, you receive a free cover with it. The question though, is the cover strong enough to protect the smartphone. I would suggest requesting a protection sheet to be cut for the camera lenses of the Hisense H50 to ensure it does not break easily and is protected.

The other plus point, you receive gifts with each Hisense H50 series smartphone. The Hisense H50 Zoom receives a free 10000mah power bank which can help when power is not available and your smartphone needs to charge. The Hisense H50 receives the best gift in my opinion. You receive a free Bluetooth soundbar and smartphone stand. A Bluetooth soundbar is usually expensive and in this case, it is free when you purchase the new Hisense H50.

Overall, give Hisense H50 series a try. My honest opinion is the Hisense H50 itself is the better smartphone between the two. However, the Hisense H50 zoom has also its perks and might meet someone else smartphone needs. Thus, go and purchase your Hisense H50 series smartphone that best meets your needs. You will not be disappointed to purchase any one of the two. Like the Hisense H50 series slogan says: “It’s all in the detail.” In this case, this smartphone series is all in its detail.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

10 thoughts on “Hisense H50 Series – It’s all in the detail”

  1. Thanks for this. I never knew Hisense made a phone. However I guess it was inevitable since they are an electronics company after all. 

    You highlight the camera issue with them and you do make a valid point. Cameras are probably used more on phones these days than talking. So indeed what happens if it does break? we all know warranties on these things tend to expire fairly quickly.

    Interesting review. It is worth thinking about Hisense over the usual Samsung et el. 

    • Hi Michael

      Thank you for your comment! 

      The Hisense smartphone has been available since 2015, however is not available for all countries yet. Mostly in South Africa, China and few more.

      Thus, if you want to purchase the Hisense H50 series. Please look online directly with Hisense. Here is the link: 


  2. Thanks for the Hisense H50 Series review. I haven’t had a smartphone of this brand yet, so it was very interesting to read this presentation with the latest information. Interesting is the table where the progress and development in each subsequent series are nicely seen, and the achievements of the Hisense H50 are fantastic. Very competitive and comparable to other providers in the market.
    Next time I buy a smartphone, Hisense will definitely be on my shortlist.
    I wish you all the best

    • Hi Nina

      Thank you for comment!

      Hisense smartphones have been available for awhile, but not for all countries. However, the Hisense smartphones are available online to order. Here is the best link to place an order: https://hisense.co.za/products… . Glad you like the evolution table of the Hisense H series. Will continue using this method in other reviews as well.

  3. Wow these Hisense H50 series are awesome! Thanks for a thorough review, you answered my questions. Finally someone 🙂 I am just checking now how I can get them shipped to Serbia. Are there any links you can share? Please can you share what extras are given when purchasing one of these two smartphones? Are those gifts you mentioned: 10000mah power bank and free Bluetooth soundbar and smartphone stand?  That’s an incredible offer!!! 

    • Hi Sunny

      Thank you very much for your comment!

      The Hisense smartphones are only available in the South Africa and China areas so far. But you are welcome by trying to order online through the following link: https://hisense.co.za/products

      The Hisense H50 zoom gets the free 10000mah powerbank and the Hisense H50 gets the sound bar and smartphone stand. Hopefully in the future the Hisense smartphone will be available in more countries physically. I believe with this series, it is time they expand to other countries.

  4. I will maybe check into the price for these phones. I never spend more than $300 on a phone, because I find the less expensive phones are great, and do everything I would ever need. Also I have to make sure these are available in Canada. I have never even heard of the Hisense brand, so I hope I can find them…

    • Hi Stragglewise

      Thank you for your comment!

      Sadly, the Hisense smartphones are only available in certain countries like South Africa and China. They do want to expand to the other countries. If you want to try to purchase them online, please visit the following link: https://hisense.co.za/products….

      I believe the price of the Hisense new H50 series will fit your price requirements.

  5. I have been looking around for a new smartphone and I have not heard of the Hisense phone before. Looking thoroughly at your review I can see that they have lots of great features. Long battery life is a must. 6 GB is a ton of storage for our never-ending photos and videos. I also like the camera functions available with these phones. I’m so happy to have found your review and I will look into this phone further.

    • Hi Lisa

      Thank you for the comment!

      Glad I could expose you to the Hisense H50 series. They not available in all countries, but can be used in the countries that do not sell them physically. Here is a link you can try to purchase online: https://hisense.co.za/products….


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