Hisense H50s 5G – Fast, 5G Fast

Hisense just released the Hisense H50s 5G for the month of November 2021. It is their first 5G network smartphone they are releasing and entering in the smartphone market.

However, is it a smartphone you should consider getting as your new upgrade or cash retail purchase?

We will reveal the answer to you by also answering the following main questions:


How does the design of the Hisense H50s 5G look like?


What are the specifications for the Hisense H50s 5G?

Which special features does the Hisense H50s 5G have?

How does the Hisense H50s 5G compare with the other Hisense H50 series smartphones?



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Design of the Hisense H50s 5G

Hisense H50s 5G has a similar smartphone design as its counterparts, Hisense H50 Lite and Hisense H50. But, the color and texture the Hisense H50s 5G is very similar to the Hisense H50 Zoom. As it does not have a normal black color. It has a beautiful shiny black color that tends to change other dark textures.

Hisense H50s 5G has a similar rear camera layout as its Hisense H50 Lite and Hisense H50 counterparts. By having four rear camera lenses with each its own unique features and specs. No difference in my honest opinion.


Specifications of the Hisense H50s 5G

As you see in the illustration above, it is a basic summary regarding the specifications of the Hisense H50s 5G. Hisense H50s 5G is going to be known as a big size smartphone with the 6,78 inch display screen. Basically the size of an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Hisense H50s 5G will have a 5000mAh battery installed that will last almost for two days long before having the need to recharge. Which is very useful. However, the charging speed for the Hisense H50s 5G is not that fast compare to other new released smartphones from other smartphone brands like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 series.

The on board storage and RAM memory size on the Hisense H50s 5G is quite impressive. You will definitely experience smooth performance between and within applications due to the 8GB RAM memory size on board. Plus with the 128GB on board storage, you will not run out of space anytime soon.

Both the rear camera and the front camera of the Hisense H50s 5G are similar to its counterparts Hisense H50 Lite and Hisense H50. Thus, you will not be disappointed about the camera quality of the photos and videos the Hisense H50s 5G will be taking for you.

Then of course, the main reason this smartphone was created for. Hisense H50s 5G has a 5G network chipset installed to ensure fast connectivity for its users. Just remember to check if your area does have 5G network towers online. Or else it is really pointless to have a 5G network smartphone, but cannot reap the benefits of fast downloads and data processing.


Special features of the Hisense H50s 5G

Hisense H50s 5G has a lot of similar features which the Hisense H50 lite and Hisense H50. Due it takes the same quality of photos and videos. Thus, there is no much difference in the camera category.

Hisense H50s 5G will take beautiful photos and videos no matter if the item or area is far or even close. Plus it can take slow motion, time-lapse or GIF photos and videos. This is a feature many smartphones can do, but they need to install extra applications to apply those methods. Thus, it is unique for the Hisense H50s 5G.

Then of course, the main feature for the Hisense H50s 5G, is the 5G network chipset that is installed into it. It is the first Hisense smartphone that will have 5G network capabilities. Plus everyone knows that 5G networks is far superior compare to 4G and lower networks in terms of speed for upload and downloading data.

Thus, if you want a quick and fast network smartphone, then the Hisense H50s 5G is a smartphone to consider. Just remember, you will not experience the fast 5G network speed if there is not 5G network towers in your area. You need a 5G network tower in your city or country if you want to experience 5G network speeds.

Then the other features, all the smartphones in the Hisense H50 series offer the same features again. Intelligent AI and big battery capacity is installed in the Hisense H50s 5G. Thus, your smartphone will be able to do several tasks for you and will last a long time for you.


Comparison of the entire Hisense H50 Series

The main differences for all the smartphones in the Hisense H50 series are the following:

  • Size – All four smartphones are close to be the same size. However, the biggest smartphone in the group is the Hisense H50. The smallest in the group is Hisense H50 Zoom.
  • Weight – The lightest smartphone to carry and use is the Hisense H50 Zoom. The heaviest smartphone to carry and use is the Hisense H50 Lite.
  • Front Camera – Hisense H50 wins for the best front camera due it has double more megapixels as the other smartphones. However, if you want a pop-up camera, then the Hisense H50 Zoom is the winner.
  • Rear Camera – Hisense H50 takes the victor here to due to it has more megapixels than the other smartphones.
  • RAM – Finally, here is where the Hisense H50s 5G takes the victory due it has the most RAM memory on board. Meaning the Hisense H50s 5G will run through applications much faster and smoother compare to the other three smartphones.
  • Storage – Majority of the smartphones have the same on board storage memory. However, the Hisense H50 Lite has the lowest on board storage memory in the group. Thus, my result users not selecting the Hisense H50 Lite.
  • Battery Capacity – Hisense H50 Lite’s battery has the most battery capacity compare to the rest. Hisense H50 Zoom has the worst battery capacity in group. The charging speed for all four smartphones is the same and does not compete compare to other new smartphones that come with 66w chargers. As the Hisense H50 series comes with 18w chargers.

Overall: Hisense H50s 5G is the best in terms of processing speed due to high RAM memory on board and 5G network chipset. However, if there is no 5G network towers in your area, then you will experience the same network speeds as the other smartphones in Hisense H50 series.



Hisense H50s 5G looks like a repeat of the Hisense H50 Lite and Hisense H50 smartphones. It has similar specs, design and features.

The only thing that makes the Hisense H50s 5G stand out for, is its 5G network capabilities and high RAM memory on board. Making Hisense H50s 5G the fastest smartphone out of the Hisense H50 series.

Rest, everything of the Hisense H50s 5G is exactly the same what the other Hisense H50 series smartphones offer for their users. But if you remember correctly, each Hisense H50 series smartphone comes with a free gift.

Hisense H50 Zoom came with a free 10000mAh power bank. Hisense H50 came with a Bluetooth sound bar, stand and kick out stand. Hisense H50 Lite came with any other random gift a Hisense representative has available.

Hisense H50s 5G will get a free TPU cover, screen replacement for one year and a U1 Smartwatch. Many smartphones do come with a combo to take a smart watch with on a monthly upgrade. But with the Hisense H50s 5G, you get the U1 Smartwatch free of charge when purchasing or taking a monthly upgrade for the Hisense H50s 5G.

Hisense H50s 5G will be available soon at many retail stores like MTN, Vodacom, Takealot, etc.

Thus, keep an eye out for this smartphone if you want a fast network experience and smooth running applications. I also leave the following question for:


Would you consider purchasing the Hisense H50s 5G?


Please let me know of your thoughts and answers regarding the Hisense H50s 5G under in the comment section below.


4 thoughts on “Hisense H50s 5G – Fast, 5G Fast”

  1. This is a well-detailed review of Hisense H50s 5G – Fast, 5G Fast.
    The truth is that being in this part of the world (Africa), it is difficult for one to know of greater products like this except through the internet and even if you try to order online, due to the cost of shipping, it then becomes difficult for Africans if not for the importers that ships them down to us.

    I so love this product because it has no normal black color as other phones, but a beautiful shiny black color.
    Its Front Camera has a double megapixel when compared to other smartphones.

    In Nigeria, the things we look out when buying smartphones are:
    The camera, the battery strength, the ram, the phone’s storage capacity. However, these characteristics make Hisense H50s 5G a great product to sell in Africa and anywhere across the world. Thanks so much my friend for this great and well-detailed review.

    • Hi Nathan

      I know what you mean when it comes to the shipping and import charges. It is a pain. However, it protects your order to arrive at your side safely since it is traveling far.

      The shiny black color of the Hisense H50s 5G is very attractive and will stand out in the crowd. Besides the design, the specs is also impressive.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  2. The Hisense H50 series are looking promising to me as these phones are under the smart price category. The polycarbonate finish looks fine and most of them offer a big screen and honestly, these builds are less fragile than glass cover phones. Although the camera specs are good on paper I have to check those out personally after I made any kind of conclusion on images. Apart from the Hisense H50 lite, all other models have sufficient ram and storage options because these days 4/64 GB is not enough where apps are getting larger. Lastly, each model has big batteries but I want to know about the fast charging speeds. And the bundle offering is great where you get a 10000mAh power bank or Bluetooth soundbar along with the phone.

    • Hi Preetam

      The Hisense H50 series is a good smartphone series. However, there are smartphone brands that are more superior in certain specifications. For example the charging speed of the Hisense H50 series, all of them make use of 18w charger which isn’t that fast. Other brands like Huawei and Samsung make use of 66w or even 120w chargers. Meaning they charge way faster compare to the Hisense brand.

      The gift offerings of the Hisense H50 series is very unique and I believe it helps to seal the sale of the Hisense H50 series. Who would say no to a gift?

      Thank you for taking time to comment!


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