Honor 50 Lite

Honor smartphone brand will soon be available in South Africa and they are planning to release the Honor 50 Lite as one of their first releases. Of course, the Honor 50 will also be released with the Honor 50 lite.

The main question is though:


Will the Honor 50 Lite be a smartphone to consider buying?


We will answer this main question by answering the following questions:


How does the design of the Honor 50 Lite look like?


Which smartphone is similar to the Honor 50 lite?


How does the Honor 50 lite compare to the Honor 50?


What will the retail price be for the Honor 50 lite?


All these questions will be answered now. So if you want to know the answers, then stick around and continue reading.



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Design of the Honor 50 Lite

The Honor 50 Lite is a beautiful big size smartphone. It makes use of a quad rear camera layout that consist out of four camera lenses. It will definitely take perfect photos and videos.

Its front camera lens is on the left side of the smartphone. Looks similar to some Huawei’s front camera layout. Particularly, the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro.

The Honor 50 Lite will make use of a type-C charging plug-in to ensure fast super charging for the smartphone. It also has a jack plug in section for users that love to plug in their wired headphones into their smartphone. Sadly, Honor 50 Lite does not have a section where you can place a micro memory card inside it, which is quite upsetting for some users.

The Honor 50 Lite power on button is also a fingerprint sensor which is very handy to help unlock your smartphone quicker. Plus it gives extra security for your smartphone.

The Honor 50 Lite is available in three different colors and they are the following:

  • Midnight Black
  • Space Silver
  • Deep Sea Blue


Which smartphone is similar to the Honor 50 Lite?

The Honor 50 Lite looks really similar to a smartphone we have reviewed before. Do you know which one?

Yes, the Honor 50 lite looks exactly like the Huawei Nova 8i! That is very shocking. Of course, different smartphone brand, colors are a bit different and the rear camera layout is a bit different between the two.

Yes, the Honor smartphone brand was originally owned by Huawei first. But, the Honor brand was sold to a new owner. Ever since the new owner of the Honor smartphone brand has made it a mission to defeat Huawei. And by look at this comparison, you can clearly see Honor knew what Huawei was planning for their future smartphone designs. Thus, they decide to compete against Huawei with a similar smartphone design.

Is it a good strategy? My opinion, it is yes, because Honor has one thing which Huawei may not have. And that is the permission to have Google mobile services already preinstalled on their smartphones. Huawei is still banned by America to be sold in America and make use of America company services like Google.

Yes, there are ways still to use Google on Huawei smartphones. However, you will experience some applications not functioning properly or not working at all. Thus, Honor has a big advantage and can capitalize the opportunity.

However, like I said, it is also bad for Honor. Because, the smartphone design is to similar or exact duplicate like Huawei smartphones. Honor may experience in countries where the Huawei smartphone brand is still popular, the users stay with the Huawei brand due it is more known there and Honor is new to them. Thus, the sales expectations in new countries for Honor, may take a while to increase.

Even the specs of the Honor 50 Lite and Huawei Nova 8i are identical. There is small difference, but very small and has no big impact. The only main difference is that Honor 50 Lite is on the GMS platform, while the Huawei Nova 8i is on the HMS platform.


Honor 50 Lite VS Honor 50

The main differences between the Honor 50 Lite and the Honor 50 are the following:

  • Size – The Honor 50 is 0,10 inches smaller than the Honor 50 Lite.
  • Weight – The Honor 50 is 13g lighter to carry and use compare to the Honor 50 Lite.
  • Front Camera – The front camera layout of the Honor 50 is completely different compare to the Honor 50 Lite. Plus it has way more megapixels compare to the Honor 50 Lite’s front camera.
  • Rear Camera – Exactly the same as the front camera category. The Honor 50’s rear camera wins this category hands down.
  • RAM – Honor 50 has three RAM memory size options to choose from, whereas the Honor 50 Lite only has two options. Plus the Honor 50 has the biggest RAM memory size option to choose from.
  • Storage – The Honor 50 Lite only has one on board storage memory to choose from, whereas the Honor 50 has two on board storage memory options to choose from. Plus the Honor 50 can store way more applications and data as compare to the Honor 50 Lite.
  • Battery Capacity – Both smartphones have the same battery power capacity size. However, the Honor 50’s battery charges way faster compare to the Honor 50 Lite’s battery.

Overall: Honor 50 beats Honor 50 Lite completely. However, the Honor 50 Lite is more affordable compare to the Honor 50. Then of course, the Honor 50 Pro will beat both of these smartphones we just compared against each other. If you want to see the full specs review of the Honor 50 series, please click on the following link.


Retail price assumption for the Honor 50 Lite

Here are the retail price assumptions for the Honor 50 Lite in different currencies:

Please remember that these retail prices are just assumptions and may be different in many retail stores.



The Honor 50 Lite does look impressive and if affordable for many users to obtain it. However, it is almost an exact copy of the Huawei Nova 8i.

Yes, there are small differences in design and in the specs. But, the Honor 50 Lite may make use of GMS platform, whereas Huawei may not due they still banned by the USA. If I was an owner of a Huawei Nova 8i and saw the Honor 50 now, I will be so upset. Because, a GMS platform smartphone is much easier to use compare to HMS platform smartphones. If you want to know more about these platform differences, please click on the following link.

The other Honor 50 series smartphones are far superior compare to the Honor 50 Lite. But, the Honor 50 Lite is more affordable compare to the other two smartphones in the Honor 50 series. Plus the Honor 50 Lite does look like a beautiful big size smartphone with good specs.

I personally love the deep sea blue color of the Honor 50 Lite. Always like such blue color smartphone. So my overall opinion is the following. The Honor 50 Lite is definitely a smartphone to consider to buy.


What are your thoughts about the Honor 50 Lite?


Please share your thoughts and questions about the Honor 50 Lite in the comment section below.

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