Honor 60 Series – Beauty, let go

Honor is launching a new smartphone series during this December 2021 in China which is called, the Honor 60 series. The Honor 50 series was a good start for Honor smartphone brand to be on its own away from Huawei.

However, will this new Honor 60 series also be so successful? And will the Honor 60 series be a smartphone series to look out for?

These two questions will be answered by investigating the following questions as well:


How does the design of the Honor 60 series smartphones look like?


Which smartphone series is better than the other one, Honor 50 series or Honor 60 series?


What will the retail price be for the Honor 60 series?


So let’s get started and find out if the Honor 60 series is a series to consider looking at. Let’s go!



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Design of the Honor 60 Series

The Honor 60 series consist out of two smartphones which are the following:

  • Honor 60
  • Honor 60 Pro


A) Honor 60:


As can be seen in the illustration above, the Honor 60 looks very familiar with the Honor 50 smartphone design. The only difference it has, is its rear camera area. Both the Honor 60 and the Honor 60 Pro’s rear camera layout is exactly the same.

As you can see in the rear camera illustration above, there is only three rear camera lenses. The Honor 50 series had four rear camera lenses plus three of the four rear camera lenses were in one layout circle. In this case for the Honor 60 series, their rear camera lenses are separate. Hopefully the megapixels are better compare to the Honor 50 series.

The Honor 60 will be available in four different colors and they are the following:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink


B) Honor 60 Pro:


The Honor 60 Pro exactly looks the same as the Honor 60, just bigger in inches and better specifications, especially in the camera specs category. The Honor 60 Pro colors are basically the same as the Honor 60s colors which is surprising.

The Honor 60 Pro will also be available in four different colors which are the following:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink


Both smartphones make use of a type – C plug in which enables these smartphones to rapid fast charge. It is basically the norm for android smartphones to stick with type – C plug in to ensure rapid fast charge for everyone. Until a faster charging method is developed.

Sadly, the Honor 60 series does not have a microSD card slot to expand its on board storage memory which will upset some users that love this method for their smartphones. I still see these users being very upset when they come to a retail store and the desired smartphone does not have this option. Maybe smartphone brand companies must re look into that.

If you love to use wired headphones or jack cable to physically connect your smartphone to another device, then sadly the Honor 60 series is not for you. The Honor 60 series will not have a jack plug in area. If you want it to connect to another device, it must be done wirelessly.


Honor 50 VS Honor 60


The main differences between the Honor 50 and Honor 60 are the following:

  • Size – The Honor 60 is 0,10 inches bigger than the Honor 50. Not much of a difference.
  • Weight – The Honor 50 is 4g lighter to carry and use compare to the Honor 60.
  • Rear Camera – The Honor 60 only has three rear camera lenses and short one depth camera lens. Meaning the Honor 50 will take better photos compare to the Honor 60.
  • RAM – The Honor 50 has three RAM memory sizes to choose from while the Honor 60 only has two RAM memory sizes to choose from. Not big of a problem as the third RAM memory size option for Honor 50 has a low processing speed.
  • Battery Capacity – The Honor 60s battery has 500mAh more battery power storing capacity as compare to the Honor 50. Meaning it will last longer before having the need to recharge it with power. However, the speed of charging seems to be slower for the Honor 60 compare to the Honor 50 which is quite upsetting since they both make use of a 66w charger.

Overall: Not such a big difference in terms of specifications between the Honor 50 and Honor 60. Yes, the rear camera layout is different and the Honor 60 does not have a depth rear lens. However, it can still take good photos and videos. The charging speed of the Honor 60, I feel could have improved and instead decreased compare to the charging speed of the Honor 50. But overall, both are good smartphones to look at and it all depends on your smartphone preferences which one you will prefer more.


Honor 50 Pro VS Honor 60 Pro


The main differences between the Honor 50 Pro and Honor 60 Pro are the following:

  • Size – The Honor 60 Pro is 0,06 inches bigger than the Honor 50 Pro which is hardly a difference.
  • Weight – The Honor 50 Pro weighs 5g less than the Honor 60 pro which is also hardly a difference.
  • Front Camera – The layout of the front cameras for both smartphones are completely different. The Honor 50 Pro’s front camera is on the side and consist out of two camera lenses. Whereas the Honor 60 Pro’s front camera is in the middle and only has one camera lens. The Honor 60 Pro’s front camera has the best megapixels quality.
  • Rear Camera – Exactly the same as the previous review between Honor 50 and Honor 60. However, the Honor 60 Pro has far more superior megapixel quality as compare to the Honor 50 Pro. If you love to take photos and videos, then the Honor 60 Pro is the smartphone for you.
  • Battery Capacity – The Honor 60 Pro’s battery has 800mAh more battery power capacity compare to the Honor 50 Pro’s battery. But just like in the comparison between the Honor 50 and Honor 60, the Honor 50 Pro’s battery charges way faster compare to the Honor 60 Pro’s battery which is still a big upset.

Overall: The Honor 60 Pro has the best overall camera specifications. If you are looking for the best camera smartphone, then the Honor 60 Pro is definitely the smartphone to look at. It is just upsetting that the Honor 60 Pro does not recharge its battery with power as fast as its predecessor, the Honor 50 Pro. It does question why the speed decreased to the smartphone brand. But overall, the Honor 60 Pro is a smartphone to consider.


Retail prices for the Honor 60 Series

The following retail prices are just assumptions how much the Honor 60 series smartphones will cost. So please, keep that in mind.

As you can tell, this Honor 60 series is not that expensive for premium smartphone series. They are going at mid range smartphone prices which many users can afford.



The Honor 60 series does look impressive in terms of camera quality. However, the rear camera layout does look a bit weird to me. But, it is just my opinion. Some users might like it that way.

I am just surprised that both smartphones of the Honor 60 series have the exact same smartphone colors. Usually the Pro smartphone of series has different colors compare to its normal version. Glad to see the camera specifications are far different at least.

I am concerned about the slower fast charge capabilities. Is it made slower for the Honor 60 series to ensure the batteries last a bit longer? Cause it was something I did question in the past if the fast rapid charging may cause damage to the smartphone battery faster. If so, then it was a wise decision.

Even though the Honor 60 series is classified as a premium smartphone for the Honor smartphone brand, it is really affordable for many users. Thus, cannot see why someone would struggle to get one of these smartphones in the Honor 60 series. Only thing that can delay users to get this smartphone series, is that it is only available in China at the moment.

My honest opinion, I hope this smartphone series will enter in the smartphone market worldwide quickly due to its great camera specifications. Thus, I would definitely recommend users looking for a good camera smartphone next year, they must look at the Honor 60 series. You will not be disappointed.


What are your thoughts about the Honor 60 series?


Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Hope you enjoyed the review.

If you understand chinese, you can watch Honor 60 series launch here below:

4 thoughts on “Honor 60 Series – Beauty, let go”

  1. Hey there, I really loved your review on the honor 60 series, it was really nice, I must say, the honor is a very sleek phone indeed. I personally love the pro version, it is really a nice phone. Your review was really nice and also spot on as well,  I had to share ot with my sibling who is a huge fan of honor and mobile phones generally

    • Hi Collins

      Thank you for the compliments! We try our best to help everyone in our smartphone reviews and make it very understandable as well.

      Honor 60 series does look impressive and you cannot go wrong with the Honor 60 Pro especially with its camera capabilities.

      I appreciate sharing this review to your sibling. We like the spread the word where possible. So thank you very much! If you have any questions about the Honor 60 series, please do not hesitate to ask.

  2. Thanks for the review on the Huawei 60 in comparison with the Honor 50.  The phone definitely looks sleek, with some great color options. 

     I am looking to purchase a new phone and camera and video are very important to me, as I create YouTube videos and social media posts using my phone. The camera on all the models looks great, but the Honor 60 Pro may be the best option for me.   

    Also, I remember there being some issue with Huawei in the US.  Are these phone compatible with US networks or cell phone carriers?  It may have been a manufacturing issue, but I can not recall. 

    For more than a hundred dollars in price difference, I do not see enough upgrades to make the upgrade to the Honor 60 worth it, especially if you have the Honor 50 and it is still in good condition. 

    I am especially surprised the chipset is identical.  I though that companies usually waited to release new smartphone versions until there was a new chipset on the market.  I could be wrong on this information though.

    It is handy to have all the information provided in this article compared side by side so thanks for doing this. 

    • Hi Ashley

      It is a pleasure to provide you this review.

      The Honor 60 Pro would be the best based on your smartphone requirements. With Honor 60 Pro’s excellent camera capabilities, you cannot go wrong with your videos or photos with this smartphone.

      At the moment Honor 60 series is only available in China. They are trying to see if the series will do good enough to go worldwide. Please note that Huawei and Honor are not together anymore since end 2020. Honor is its own smartphone brand and has the right to make use of GMS and other US services. The U.S did try to ban them during the year 2021, but failed due to lack of evidence. 

      So at the moment you can get the Honor 50 series smartphones until the status of the Honor 60 series changes. 

      I agree that the Honor 60 has not much different specs as compare to the Honor 50. Thus, if you are a Honor 50 user, you can stay with it till a better upgrade occurs like the Honor 60 Pro.

      I also agree with the chipset not changing. That leaves to question the brand itself why it didn’t improve or change the chipset here.

      I appreciate how much you enjoyed our post’s layout. If you have anymore questions about the Honor 60 series or need any assistance regarding smartphones, do not mind to ask.


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