How to do research to find the right smartphone

To find the right smartphone for yourself, there are certain steps you have to follow. Research is one of the important steps that must be done to ensure you make the right smartphone selection for yourself. If you want to know more of the other steps to find the right smartphone for yourself, go to the following link.

In the step regarding research, we will discuss the following:

  • The methods available to use to do research.
  • What is really important when doing research?
  • What results do you achieve by doing research before making a smartphone selection?


Methods available to use to do research

There are 3 methods available to use to do research with regarding smartphones and they are the following:

  • Internet
  • Flyers, booklets or even newspapers.
  • Visiting a cellular or technology provision retail store.


A) Internet:

Since the internet has been discovered it made it easier for everyone to communicate with each other around the world first. Overtime, internet evolved so much through all the years to the extend it became our basic way of living.

People use the internet these days almost for everything nowadays, namely:

  • Order products or services online.
  • Find something specific.
  • Conduct research on any topic.
  • Get coordinates or location where a specific place is.
  • Socialize online with other people.

Now to do research over the internet you can do so easily by typing any keyword regarding smartphones on your web browser. Depending on the keyword you use, the web browser will show the best websites that can satisfy your search.

Example: I type in the best camera smartphones in 2021. The web browser will pop-up a list of websites that have articles regarding your keyword which is “the best camera smartphones in 2021.”

My best suggestion is to visit different website and not just one to ensure you gather enough information regarding smartphones and compare if the information is true.

Another method to use over the internet, is to watch live or uploaded review videos on the internet. Usually the videos are on the YouTube platform and you will find tons of it. If you have a particular smartphone you want to look at, why not watch a live or uploaded video review of someone who has used the smartphone you want already and has conducted a complete review of it? It might save you from making an mistake.

Another way to research over the internet is to see the social interaction comments under articles and videos. Usually these comments reveal more information about the articles by stating if they are true or are some information in the articles are false. Social platforms are great ways to see people’s interaction with each other as well regarding products.

Great social platforms to visit are the following:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Quora (My best recommendation)

B) Flyers, booklets and newspapers:

This is an old method to do research on any topic, but still effective today. Flyers or advertising booklets are usually the easiest to find as they are usually given away at traffic lights or at retail store entrances.

On these flyers you usually see some specials going on at a store or a launch of a new smartphone. This might even cause you to purchase an item immediately.

Newspapers might have articles regarding smartphone specials as well or even warning signs of certain products. For example Samsung Note 7 was pulled off the market due it was revealed it explodes while traveling on a plane or when the smartphone charges.

The newspaper covered the incident and caused Samsung to retract this specific smartphone model off the market. Thus, it is important to go through newspaper to be informed what is going on. Some newspaper companies are now going online now also by having their own application for your smartphone. Making it even easier to for you to read them if the physical newspaper has run out at the convenience store.


c) Visiting a cellular or technology provision retail store:

This is an obvious method to do research for a smartphone. By visiting a store you can ask all the relevant questions to find the right smartphone for yourself to the consultants.

The consultants are usually trained and have great knowledge regarding the smartphones they sell. The consultants will even find the best package with smartphone of choice and try to close the dead with. Just remember that all sales consultant want to close a deal in the end of the day. Meaning they might not always advise the exact perfect smartphone for you.

Thus, I suggest visiting more than one store to ensure you receive accurate information regarding your smartphone questions. You will be one step closer to make the right smartphone selection for yourself.


What is really important when doing research?

  • Ask all questions that come to your mind. No question is dumb or stupid to ask. By not asking a specific question may result a chance of disappointment for you. Thus, in life do no leave any questions not asked for.
  • Do not take the answer just by one source of just by the first source. The first source might be incorrect and lead big non satisfaction for you due you did no more research with another source. Always check the information you found is also mentioned or proven by another source. This will make your smartphone selection easier and increase your confidence that you found the right smartphone.


What results do you achieve by doing research before making a smartphone selection?

By doing research before making a smartphone selection, you result the following:

  • You make a more informed smartphone selection due you know exactly what to expect to receive from your smartphone selection.
  • Avoid making a disappointing smartphone selection due you know exactly what to expect on each smartphone you researched on.


After reading this article, you will now agree that research is essential to ensure you make the right smartphone selection. Research is an essential step for anything in life.

The internet method I find you can conduct multiple source checks with very quickly to see if the information regarding a smartphone is true. Plus if you still unsure, you can visit a store in person to confirm the information you find online is correct regarding the smartphone and even gain more confidence which smartphone to select for yourself.

Remember when doing research always ask all your questions regarding the smartphones you look at. As no question is stupid to ask. The only stupid thing would be you never asked certain questions and it leads you to select the wrong smartphone for yourself of which you will regret about later.

Hope you will do research first before considering selecting a smartphone for yourself. Never decide on something without having knowledge of it and only way to get knowledge of something is by doing research!

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