Mobicel – Who are you?

In today’s “Who are you?” series we will be discussing about the smartphone brand called Mobicel.

In this article we will be discussing the following:

  • Who is Mobicel?
  • What is Mobicel main goals?
  • List the latest Mobicel smartphone series available to purchase.
  • Other products Mobicel also sell.
  • Overall opinion regarding Mobicel.

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Who is Mobicel?

Mobicel is a smartphone brand that was born in South Africa since the year 2007. Yes, you read correctly. Mobicel is a proud South African company.

The company started from refurbishing used smartphones to being one of the South Africa’s cellular manufacturing brand companies. Over the 11 years in the smartphone market, Mobicel gained 14% market share in the South Africa smartphone market of which is a big achievement. Mobicel smartphones are sold around 5000 stores all over South Africa.


All this success was not possible without their CEO, Ridwhan Khan vision of which he stated:

“A mobile phone isn’t just a device. It is the tool you used to interact with and shape your world. It is an extension of your personality, your voice and your senses. So by putting a mobile phone in your hand, we are empowering you to HAVE, DO and BE MORE.”


It is a very deep statement and absolutely true. These days a smartphone can be used almost for everything and everyone can pick the one that best suits them. That is what every smartphone brand knows and tries to satisfy each person around the world with the smartphone that satisfies their needs.

Mobicel smartphone brand also has a motto which is you deserve more. That is a good motto as we all deserve more in life, but in this case we deserve more in the smartphone we make use of.


With every company no matter what industry they have specific goals they want to achieve. Mobicel main goals are the following:

  • Place more phones into more people’s hands at affordable prices. In South Africa, we have different groups of people. Those that can afford anything and those that cannot. Now Mobicel main goal is to assist those that cannot afford a smartphones at high price and sell them smartphones that are just good enough at low prices people can afford.
  • Make smartphones that looks good and meets all expectations to expect from a new smartphone. Mobicel do not just want to ensure everyone has a phone in their hands, but also a phone that competes or are similar to other smartphone brands. Meaning Mobicel want to sell quality smartphones to its customers.

Both of these goals are very good to have and shows that Mobicel really wants to help South African’s community that struggle to purchase smartphone and also provide the same community good quality smartphones same time that rivals with other smartphone brands. That is deep and very considerate.


Mobicel smartphone currently available

Now the following is the latest Mobicel smartphones currently available to purchase:








Other Mobicel Products

Mobicel do not just make smartphones. They also make the following:

  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Accessories

Here are some tablets currently available to purchase:



Mobicel is a good smartphone brand that anybody can afford. Mobicel smartphones are also very stylish and try to stick with the trend other smartphone brand competitors do.

Mobicel’s features are not bad. However, they do not come close to big smartphone brand competitors’ smartphones like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, etc. The Mobicel Hype X do look promising with its size and of course its price being so affordable.

At the end of today, I believe it is best to pay more for a good smartphone. Plus the expensive Mobicel smartphone ain’t that expensive compare to other competitor smartphones. But, if you cannot afford it, their are cheaper options offered by Mobicel.

Mobicel is a good and affordable smartphone brand. I would recommend it for anyone that cannot afford an expensive smartphone and need one urgently.

Hope next time you need a smartphone quickly to purchase at affordable prices, you will consider a Mobicel smartphone.

4 thoughts on “Mobicel – Who are you?”

  1. Interesting information on other smartphone brands around the world.  I would really be curious to know how their pricing compare against other smartphone brands.  I know here, the Apple iPhone and the Samsung are probably the two most popular smartphone brands.  I personally have an iPhone, and it’s over rated and way over priced.  The cost is more than if I wanted to buy a new laptop, ridiculous!

    • Hi Leahrae

      Thank you for your comment!

      Mobicel smartphones are really low in price. Thus, comparing it against Apple and Samsung they are the cheapest to purchase. However, features of the Mobicel smartphone brand are very much less and lower quality compare to Apple and Samsung smartphone brands.

      Like I mentioned in the article, Mobicel smartphone brand is best for people who do not have much money to spend on a smartphone.

  2. Interesting article, I guess all over the world, and different country their mobile device has different names but does the same service, some may be more advance than others, but as long as you can get in touch with each other wherever station, it is worth to have. 

    Mine is a smartphone with lots of features, but I don’t use most of them. As long as I can reach my loved ones, and other important people, places, and things. I am quite satisfied with a simple smartphone.

    • Hi Affiliate

      You are so right. Around the world there is so many different smartphone brands. Even some smartphone brands other countries have not heard about. But, end of the day the most important thing is does the smartphone you select satsify your requirements. To read more how to find the right smartphone for yourself, please read the following article.

      Thank you for your comment.


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