Nokia G50 – Love it

Nokia just revealed last week one of their latest smartphones in the G series. It is called the Nokia G50. It is already available in China and will soon be available in other countries.

But of course, before we get excited, we must ask ourselves the following main questions:


How does the design of the Nokia G50 look like?


What main features stand out for the Nokia G50?


What are differences between the Nokia G20 and Nokia G50?


How much will the Nokia G50 retail for in cash price?


Is the Nokia G50 a smartphone to consider for your next purchase?


All these questions will be answered right now!



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The design of the Nokia G50


The Nokia G50 has a similar Nokia design as its counterparts like the Nokia G10 and Nokia G20, but with a bigger display screen size of them both. The Nokia G50 is a huge smartphone with a massive display screen. It also has a quad camera layout like all the other new Nokia smartphones that came out this year. Basically similar look, however just bigger and hopefully better as well.

The Nokia G50 does not have a finger sensor in the back like the Nokia 5.4. The finger sensor is on the side which can be seen in the picture above, making it easier to unlock the smartphone. Rest is exactly the same and no difference.

The Nokia G50 will be available in two colors and they are the following:

  • Midnight Sun
  • Ocean Blue


The main features of the Nokia G50

The Nokia G50 provides very similar features like its previous counterparts for example:

  • Great basic camera specs
  • Durability
  • Fast processing speed
  • Long battery life

But there is one main feature the Nokia G50 provides which the previous counterparts do not, that is the Nokia G50 size itself. The Nokia G50 is 0,30 inches bigger than the previous counterparts. Meaning it provides a bigger display experience which some users love to have plus it is bigger than the iPhone Pro Max series ranges with a few inches, making it one of the biggest smartphones ever to have.

However, like I said before, only some users love these big smartphone display screens, not everyone. Thus, small display screen lovers will definitely avoid the Nokia G50. The other main feature the Nokia G50 also offers, is 5G network capability. The previous G series Nokia’s did not offer a smartphone with 5G network capability until now. Thus, if you look for a Nokia smartphone with 5G network capability, then the Nokia G50 is the smartphone for you.

Rest, there is no other features that really stand out for the Nokia G50. But let me show you if there are any differences hidden or not by comparing the Nokia G20 against the Nokia G50 next.


Nokia G20 VS Nokia G50

The main difference between the Nokia G20 and the Nokia G50 are the following:

  • Size – Like I mentioned previously, the Nokia G50 is 0,30 inches bigger compare to the Nokia G20. Definitely the bigger smartphone.
  • Weight – The Nokia G20 is 23g lighter compare to the Nokia G50. Meaning the Nokia G50 is a very heavy smartphone to carry and use compare to the Nokia G20.
  • Chipset – The Nokia G50 makes use one of Snapdragon’s latest chipset which is way better compare to the Nokia G20’s chipset, MediaTek. Plus the Snapdragon chipset gives the Nokia G50 5G network capabilities, whereas the Nokia G20 does not have the 5G network capabilities.
  • Rear Camera – Even though all the rear camera’s of the Nokia G series smartphones look similar in layout. If you look carefully, you will see the Nokia G50 only has three rear camera lenses, whereas the Nokia G20 has four rear camera lenses. This means the Nokia G50’s rear camera specs are less impressive compare to the Nokia G20’s rear camera specs and is a big upset for camera lovers.
  • RAM – The Nokia G50 offers two RAM memory size options, whereas the Nokia G20 only offers one RAM size option. Plus the Nokia G50 offers one RAM memory size option that is bigger and greater than the Nokia G20’s RAM size option. This means the Nokia G50 can run faster through applications and large amounts of data as compare to the Nokia G20.
  • Battery Capacity – Now with such a bigger display screen smartphone like the Nokia G50, I would think it will definitely have a better battery capacity as its predecessor, but it does not and actually decreased by 50mAh battery capacity size. It is not much of a difference, but a decrease nonetheless.

Overall: The Nokia G50 is a beautiful big display smartphone that has 5G network capabilities with enough RAM memory to give any user a smooth and fast smartphone experience. Plus the Nokia G50 has a good battery capacity size that will make the Nokia G50 last almost for two days. However, with the big display screen size it is also a disadvantage as the Nokia G50 is very bulky and a heavy smartphone to carry or use. Besides that, the Nokia G50 does not have better camera specs compare to the Nokia G20, it actually decreased in rear camera specs. Thus, if you like to take the best quality photos or videos, then sadly the Nokia G50 will disappoint you.


Retail Price for the Nokia G50

The Nokia G50’s retail price will approximately go around for $299 for the 4GB RAM option and a bit higher for the 6GM RAM option. In South Africa, The Nokia G50 will go for between R4500 and R5000 cash which makes the Nokia G50 fall in the mid range price category for smartphones. Not a bad price for a big display screen smartphone with 5G network capabilities.



The Nokia G50 is a good big display screen smartphone that has 5G network capabilities and is sold at a very low price. Definitely a smartphone to consider for users that love big display screen smartphones and want the best fast network capabilities at a low price.

However, the Nokia G50 is very heavy smartphone to carry and use. Plus it is known to be very bulky as well. Thus, will lose users interest that prefer a big display screen smartphone with a slim design. Same with users that prefer small smartphone display screens.

I know Nokia advertises the Nokia G50’s camera capability as really good. However, it specs is exactly the same as the Nokia G20’s camera specs and also with one rear camera lens less which makes no sense to advertisements going around. This means the Nokia G20 takes way better photos and videos as compare to the Nokia G50. Thus, photo and video taking lovers beware.

Now does the Nokia G50 have a good chance in the mid range smartphone market? Answer is sadly yes and no as there are many other good mid range smartphones coming into the market now and some offer features that are better than the Nokia G50 and some do not.

But majority are better in slim design, fast rapid charging capabilities and of course taking way better photos or videos. However, the Nokia G50 offers a big smartphone display screen size with 5G network capabilities at a very low price. Thus, the Nokia G50 can gain a good attraction in those three categories.

But now the main question that is left I leave for you to answer:


Is the Nokia G50 a smartphone you would consider buying?


Let me know of your answer in the comment section below. If you have any questions regarding the Nokia G50, you are also welcome to ask in the comment section below. Hope you enjoyed the review!

4 thoughts on “Nokia G50 – Love it”

  1. I just found your website as I am looking at upgrading my smartphone. The price of this Nokia is great but the megapixels of the camera is a bit disappointing. I currently have a Samsung with a 20 megapixel camera and would not want to go below that. What camera would you recommend ? I would be happy to spend up to $800. Waiting for your reply.



    • Hi Stephen

      I assume you want to stick with the Samsung brand itself? If so, I would recommend to look at the following two smartphones and they are the Samsung S21 and the Samsung A52s 5G. They both have excellent camera specs and have 44 megapixels more than your current smartphone that has 20 megapixels. The Samsung A52s 5G would go between $500 and $600. While the Samsung S21 will close go for $800. 

      If you need to know more about these smartphones, look at the following posts:

      – Samsung A52s 5G – Awesome

      – Samsung Galaxy S Series 2021 Reviews

  2. Hey, Burnheart,

    I’m looking for a smartphone for my mother, and this one looks like it could do the trick. Most importantly, it falls within the price range I’m looking for. The only thing I’m not too sure about is the screen size, but that’s the least of my worries.

    Do you know when it will be released in the U.S.? I usually shop on Amazon, so it’d be good to know.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Enrique

      The Nokia G50 is already available to purchase through Amazon, especially on the U.S side. You can see the link in the post above. 

      The Nokia G50 is quite bulky. If it is too big for your mom, please have a look at the Nokia G20. Thank you for taking the time to comment.


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