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Today we are sharing exciting news. Nokia is launching a new smartphone and it is one for some customers to consider. It is called the Nokia 5.4 smartphone. It has been released in some countries already in December 2020 and with others just recently released due to the pandemic.

We will share the following regarding the new Nokia smartphone:

  • State the basic features the Nokia 5.4 have.
  • What makes Nokia’s new smartphone feel more special than the other smartphones?
  • Provide reviews from some users that has purchase the Nokia 5.4

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So relax and enjoy the post by starting off with the Nokia new smartphone short trailer:


Basic features the Nokia 5.4 have

When it comes with any new smartphone, the first thing every customer wants to know is, is what basic features does the new smartphone have? Each customer wants certain specific features when it comes to smartphone selection. So Let’s see what Nokia 5.4 has to offer for its customers.



Here is a video how Nokia 5.4 looks like in person:


What makes the Nokia 5.4 smartphone more special than the other smartphones?

One thing that stands out the most for the Nokia 5.4 is the price point it being sold at. The amount of features you receive like the size of the smartphone, the RAM and ROM memory, the camera features and the battery, a person can expect to pay a very high price for such a smartphone in which is not the case.

You can purchase the Nokia 5.4 smartphone at $249,99. Which is amazing for the amount of features you receive with this smartphone. Especially the size of the smartphone and the quad camera, it makes a done deal for any customer that just wants a new smartphone at a low price point.


Reviews from other customers that has purchased the Nokia 5.4

Now of course, everyone would like to know how is the smartphone from customers that have purchased this smartphone before.

So here are some reviews from customers who purchased this new Nokia smartphone on Amazon:By reading these reviews, there are quite a number of happy customers in terms of the following factors of the new Nokia 5.4:

  • Price point the smartphone is being sold at.
  • The camera quality this smartphone takes is fantastic.
  • Easy to use smartphone.



The Nokia new smartphone, Nokia 5.4 is a smartphone to consider if you cannot afford to purchase an expensive smartphone while also receiving some premium features of which other premium expensive smartphones provide. For example the excellent quad camera and size of the smartphone.

The one thing for me, I will be concerned about is the battery life of this new smartphone. As 4000mah might last two days long if the smartphone is not used constantly. If the Nokia 5.4 is being used constantly for work or even for games the lifetime of the battery may be shorter.

However, again the price point is the major thing for me. I get the Nokia 5.4 at $249.99 with features I can only get from certain premium smartphones. Thus, it is a smartphone to consider for those customers that have budget constraints. If you want to know more of the Nokia 5.4, please go check the review under this link.

I really hope you enjoyed this article and will consider purchasing this new Nokia 5.4 to try it out. If you know someone else who might be interested as well for such smartphone, please reference them to this article.

10 thoughts on “Nokia new smartphone”

  1. I have known Nokia for so long and it had always delivered quality in terms of phones. I have read the reviews from customers who purchase Nokia 5.4 smartphone, they expressed how best it is. It has spacious ROM and RAM, and with the OS being Android 10, I agree much with the best performance they outlined. 

    • Hi Kokontala

      Thank you for your comment!

      Nokia has a good reputation. However, Nokia struggle to change into the rapid change market and that lead to its rankings in the smartphone market to go down. With this new smartphone I believe this could raise their rankings in the smartphone market. 

  2. I have heard that Nokia is bringing out a new smart phone, so this is great to find the information on the Nokia 5.4 here. The customer reviews certainly confirm that it is a good buy and the camera quality is very good. It mentions that the display is 6.39 inches, but how wide is the phone? And do you know how heavy the Nokia 5.4 is? As a woman I have quite small hands and do not like a phone that is too big and heavy.

    • Hi LineCowley

      Thank you for your comment!

      The Nokia 5.4 size dimensions are the following: 161 x 76 x 8.7 mm (6.34 x 2.99 x 0.34 in). It’s weight is 181 g (6.38 oz). If you need more details about the Nokia 5.4 you can gladly go to the following link.

      Hope this will answer your question and maybe consider to purchase one. 🙂

  3. I am in the market for purchasing a new cell phone and have found that choosing the correct one is overwhelming. The price of the Nokia is within my budget. Since we seem to need an updated new smartphone every two years, staying with a priced model will save money over time. I use an iPad to browse and text, so I only need a phone for actual phone calls. The Nokia5.4 is perfect for my needs.

    • Hi Sharon

      Thank you for your comment.

      Glad this article revealed a smartphone that meets your requirements.

  4. Nokia was soo popular when I was growing up and I remember owning a Nokia phone. They went under when Iphone came and when Samsung got popular too.

    So, I haven’t heard from them for a while. Maybe I don’t watch news or read on the internet a lot that’s why I missed it. The new version looks really good.

    Its also very cheap compared to other smartphones, so it’s definitely a winner. My mum was looking for a new phone maybe this one can be it.

    Nokia always provides good and quality phones, hope this one is not an exception. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Hi Fatoumata

      Thank you for your comment.

      Nokia was still in the smartphone market just the smartphones they created was not worth competing against the latest smartphone brands like iPhone and Samsung.

      The new Nokia 5.4 is one to consider one step up of success for Nokia. The price point is what I like the most of this smartphone especially with all the features you get with it. I am certain you will not be disappointed when purchasing the Nokia 5.4.

  5. I can still remember my first Nokia phone! It was small, sleek, and red, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Then Apple introduced the iPhone and physical keyboards have all but disappeared from cell phones and especially smartphones. I like that the Nokia 5.4 is an affordable option from a name-brand company that I’ve trusted for years. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Aly

      Thank you for your comment!

      Nokia was number one once in the smartphone brand, but as you stated that changed overtime when other brands appeared like iPhone and Samsung. This happen due Nokia did not focus on the rapid change of customers demand in smartphones. Thus, it resulted their rankings went down.

      The Nokia 5.4 I believe is one step to the right direction. Let’s see what happens.


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