Nokia Q1 & Q2 releases for 2021

Nokia has released a few new smartphones for the year 2021 so far. Some of these new smartphones look exciting and interesting to consider owning.

Thus, in today’s post we will discuss regarding each new Nokia smartphone specs, what stands out about them and provide an overall opinion about the Nokia smartphone. Let’s get started!



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Nokia C30

Features that stand out the most for the Nokia C30 are the following:

  • Display Size – The Nokia C30 has a huge screen size display. This will satisfy customers that love to have big screens or big smartphones.
  • Battery Capacity – It has the largest battery power capacity compare to any other smartphone currently worldwide. Meaning you will most likely charge your smartphone less compare to other smartphones. Nokia states the Nokia C30’s battery can last up to three days long.

The problems you may experience with Nokia C30 are the following:

  • Weight – The Nokia C30 is quite heavy compare to other smartphones.
  • Camera quality – The camera quality of the Nokia C30 is not the best photos you can take compare to other smartphones or smartphone brands. Is more of an average quality pictures and videos the Nokia C30 will be able to take.
  • Storage – The memory storage on the Nokia C30 is quite low and not advisable for anyone that loves to store a lot of data on their smartphones. Even though you can expand the memory storage with a memory card, there are users that want big memory storage already on board the smartphone instead of buying more memory else where.
  • Micro charging plugin slot – The Nokia C30 still uses the old slow method to charge its battery. Meaning even though it takes long to get flat, it takes awhile to fully charge your smartphone compare to other smartphones.



Overall: The Nokia C30 will satisfy mostly for customers that want a big smartphone with battery that will last long before the need to charge. Rest of its features are really basic and struggle to compete with other smartphones.


Nokia G10

Features that stand out for the Nokia G10 are the following:

  • Display Size – The Nokia G10 is quite average size smartphone. Not to big or to small.
  • Front Camera – The front camera megapixels aren’t that bad for the Nokia G10. Better than other mid range smartphone brands.
  • Battery Capacity – The battery capacity of the Nokia G10 is greater compare to other smartphones. Meaning will last longer before the need to charge.
  • Design – The Nokia G10 has a robust feeling and have beautiful colors to choose from.

Problems you may experience with the Nokia G10 are the following:

  • Chipset – The MediaTek chipsets are known to cause now and then your smartphone to crash for certain applications out of the blue. Thus, it might be a nuisance for some users if they make use of the Nokia G10.
  • Rear camera – The rear camera of the Nokia G10 does not compete well against other mid range smartphone brands, this may result customers who want an excellent camera smartphone at a low price to look else where.



Overall: Nokia G10 is a great average size, stylish and rugged smartphone to have. The Nokia G10 also has a great battery life and will take a while before the need to charge it. The only concern for the Nokia G10 is the chipset it uses and the quality of pictures it takes with the rear camera.


Nokia G20

Features that stand out for the Nokia G20 are the following:

  • Display Size – The Nokia G20 is similar to its Nokia G10 partner, not to big or to small smartphone. Just the basic average size smartphone to expect these days.
  • Rear Camera – The Nokia G20’s rear camera is fantastic! It rivals a lot against other mid range smartphone brands smartphones in megapixels. Especially the Samsung current A series.
  • Battery Capacity – Exactly the same as Nokia G10, the Nokia G20 also offers the same great long battery life capacity. Meaning you will reduce the need to charge your smartphone.
  • Storage – The Nokia G20 has a two on board memory storage options and one of the option is the biggest Nokia has to offer currently. This will help reduce the need to buy an external memory card to expand your storage memory on your smartphone.

Problems you may experience with the Nokia G20 are the following:

  • Chipset – The same as its Nokia G10 counterpart, you may experience overtime your applications crash or close out of the blue.



Overall: The Nokia G20 is a smartphone that has a fighting change against other mid range smartphones from other smartphone brands. The main features that gives the Nokia G20 a fighting chance is its rear camera specs, storage and battery capacity.


Nokia X20

Features that stand out for the Nokia X20 are the following:

  • Display Size – The Nokia X20 have a big screen size display. May lose customers that prefer smaller smartphones. However, will gain customers that love to work with big screen smartphones.
  • Chipset – Snapdragon is known to be one of the best chipsets available for any smartphone, as they tend to experience less now applications that close out of the blue.
  • Front Camera – The best front camera megapixels I ever seen for smartphone. This will satisfy all selfie camera lovers.
  • Rear Camera – The rear camera of the Nokia X20 is the king out of all the Nokia smartphones. Takes the best photos and videos out of all the Nokia smartphones currently available.
  • RAM memory – The best and fastest RAM memory options out of all the Nokia smartphones currently. Meaning the Nokia X20 can process data and applications faster compare to other Nokia smartphones.
  • Storage – The Nokia X20 has big on internal storage memory on board. No complaints for customers that love to store a lot of data on their smartphone.

Problems you may experience with the Nokia X20 are the following:

  • Weight – The Nokia X20 is quite heavy compare to other smartphones. It may cause customers that prefer lite smartphones not to go for the Nokia X20.



Overall: Nokia X20 looks like Nokia’s premium smartphone with so many good specs standing out for it. If Nokia keeps this up, we can expect them to make a come back in the top smartphone brand rankings.


Nokia XR20

Features that stand out for the Nokia XR20 are the following:

  • Durability – The Nokia XR20 is known for its durability now matter what happens to the smartphone, it will survive.
  • Display Size – The Nokia XR20 is a little bigger than the average smartphone size. This will result some customers will not want this smartphone and vice versa.
  • Chipset – Also makes use of Snapdragon which will cause fewer applications to close out of the blue.
  • Rear Camera – The Nokia XR20 has great megapixels for its camera lenses. It can compete with other mid range smartphones from other smartphone brands.
  • RAM memory – The RAM memory of the Nokia XR20 stands out with the Nokia X20. Would almost say it is Nokia X20’s queen.
  • Storage – The Nokia XR20 has way than enough internal storage memory on board which will reduce the need to purchase an external storage memory for it.

Problems you may experience with the Nokia XR20 are the following:

  • Weight – It is the heaviest Nokia smartphone Nokia has created currently. I believe this is caused due to its durability.



Overall: The Nokia XR20 stands out the most for its durability. It can withstand a lot of damage and still work as normal. Besides this main feature, it has many other great specs like its camera, RAM and storage memory on board. It may not be a smartphone for a customer that prefer lighter to carry. However, they may be persuaded to take this smartphone for its durability.



Nokia has made great new smartphones for this year so far. You can see they are working hard to regain a spot in the top smartphone brand worldwide rankings.

The Nokia smartphones that really stand out the most for me are the following:

  • Nokia X20
  • Nokia XR20

Nokia X20 stand out mainly for its camera specs. It is the best Nokia has accomplished so far and to add with the great camera specs it has great RAM and storage memory on board as well. The Nokia XR20 has some similarities, but its durability is more fascinating. If I have to try any other smartphone the stuff the Nokia XR20 went through in a video, that smartphone would already be broken or even unusable.

All in all Nokia is showing they are listening to their customers and are trying their best to stay in the market. I hope personally they keep it up with the good work. If you want to read more about Nokia’s new smartphones, click here.

Has any of the new Nokia smartphones captured your attention?

Please provide your answer with a reason in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Nokia Q1 & Q2 releases for 2021”

  1. Thanks for sharing this article. I’m actually quite glad that I stumbled upon it as I’m currently looking for a new phone. It’s been a few years since i had a nokia right enough, as i have been used to using the Sony Xperia for the past few years. But i have to say Nokia phones have come a long way.

    • Hi Kwidzin

      It is a pleasure and thank you for your comment! 

      Nokia is really trying their best to compete with the other rival smartphone brands and you can see they are listening to their customers’ requests to improve their smartphone ranges.

  2. Hi Burnheart,

    I truly enjoyed the information that you presented about the latest Nokia Smartphone releases. This article was very informative. I like how you added videos to make it more of an interactive experience and much more engaging.

    I have owned Nokia phones way back when they were still chunky and semi-waterproof (you could put it in a sink of water and would still work.) The older phones back in the day were awesome! They were relatively low-tech and weren’t smartphones. They were however very durable.

    Nokia seems to be continuing their legacy of durability with their newest lineup of phones. The durability of a smartphone is very important because at one point or another, we have all accidentally dropped our smartphones and the last thing that anyone wants is a crack smartphone.

    The displays on these new Nokia phones are definitely eye catching and appealing! They would be awesome for watching movies or taking pictures. 

    The battery life of up to 3 days is astonishingly great! However here are my concerns.

    I don’t like the fact that a 2021 year model (The Nokia C30 in particular) smartphone still doesn’t have lightning fast charging. What good is a smartphone if I have to wait hours for it to charge and can’t really use it in the meantime without interrupting the battery charge? This is basically a base model, so I guess the old adage that “you get what you pay for” applies here. 

    I like how you listed each phone and explained the good, bad and ugly of each Nokia model. 

    This is a well written article that helps consumers to make informed decisions about buying a Nokia Smartphone and which is the best. 

    • Hi Will

      Thank you for the compliments and the comment!

      Nokia has always been known for its durability and is something they are trying to bring back as focus point in their phones , but in smartphones now. This will definitely attract some customers to come back for the Nokia brand.

      The battery life is fantastic and even better compare to other top brand smartphones. The display and design of the new Nokia smartphones are also eye catching.

      I also have a problem with the Nokia C30’s power plug in charger. Why is it still based on old technology? If it was just using a type-C adapter, I believe the Nokia C30 will be a good seller. Luckily, Nokia had made very good improvements when it comes to the Nokia X20 and Nokia XR20.

      Glad you liked the layout of the post. The main objective for each product review is to inform the user what is the good and the bad of each smartphone to ensure each user selects the right smartphone for themselves.

  3. Hello Burnheart,

    Well, I have long known Nokia to provide the best quality phones from way back, and seeing them continuing and upgrading is the best thing ever. From the features you stipulated, these seem to be the best quality phones. I haven’t come across most as yet. I like the big screen phones, the Nokia X20 would be one of my preferences. 

    This is awesome, thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Kokontala

      Thank you for your comment!

      I must agree with you, it is great to see Nokia making a comeback. Most of these smartphones aren’t available in certain countries, but will be soon. The Nokia X20 is a great selection!

  4. I have not owned a Nokia phone in 15 years. The “brick” as me and my friends called it because you couldn’t break it, haha.

    Even before reading your conclusion, I had my eyes on the Nokia XR20 (maybe its because it reminds me of my iPhone XR).

    With 128gb capacity in storage, most people would not need an external memory card, but will it take a memory card if one wants more space?

    Great informative article.

    • Hi Caleb

      I know the feeling as I am also one of those users that hasn’t owned a Nokia phone since the brick era. Nokia was known for being unbreakable and you could do almost anything to it and the phone will still survive.

      That is why I love the whole concept of the Nokia XR20 as it feels Nokia went back to their roots for being known for their durability, but just in a modern day smartphone.

      The Nokia XR20 will have an area where you can place an external memory card into it. So for memory card lovers, do not stress that option is available in the Nokia XR20.

      Thank you for your comment!

  5. Thanks for sharing information about Nokia’s recent phone releases. I find it quite strange that they are still releasing smartphones with weaker capabilities, but the Nokia X20 and Nokia XR20 specs were quite impressive. I’m hoping as the demand for smartphones with greater internal hardware goes up, we’ll start seeing more phones like the X20 and XR20 become more of the norm and more affordable. 

    • Hi Rachel

      Thank you for your comment!

      I believe Nokia is trying to cater for all customers. Those who cannot afford an expensive smartphone and those who can afford a high quality smartphone. But, I believe the specs they have placed in the Nokia X20 and the Nokka XR20 will be norm for smartphones in the near future. As many smartphones are following this norm already this year and many customers use this as a benchmark if the smartphone is a good smartphone for them or not.

  6. Nokia was considered one of the top brands back then. I  see now it’s back with some wonderful features. I wouldn’t mind buying myself a Nokia C30 for when i am traveling, because i won’t need to worry about running out of battery.

    I also love a phone with a big screen, since I use my phone for work sometimes.

    • Hi Mimie

      It is great to see Nokia making a comeback with wonderful new and old features. The Nokia C30 is best for long lasting battery life and would be perfect for work purposes.

      Thank you for your comment!


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