Nokia T20 – Keep It

Nokia just gave a glimpse of their first tablet they want to bring into the tablet market. Yes, it is not a smartphone, but tablets have similar functions as smartphones. Plus it is a popular smartphone brand company. Thus, we going to review the tablet to see if the Nokia T20 is something to consider for.

But of course, like with every review, the following main questions come into mind:


How does the design of the Nokia T20 look like?


Which features make the Nokia T20 stand out above the rest?


Any concerns with the Nokia T20?


What will the retail price be for the Nokia T20?


Would you consider purchasing the Nokia T20?


All these questions will be answered right now.



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The design of the Nokia T20


As can be seen in the illustration above, the Nokia T20 looks like an ordinary tablet. However, it has the strength and endurance that many Nokia smartphones have that make them very difficult to break or crack. Nokia is known to be indestructible. Thus, it will attract mainly users that tend to break their devices and smartphones as they need a durable device.

The Nokia T20 has 10.4 inch screen display making it fun for users that prefer to work on a big screen tablet. The Nokia T20 will sadly only be available in the color deep blue which is shown in the illustration above.

Besides its looks, the Nokia T20 will also have a dedicated micro memory card slot for those users that to expand their tablets memory with a physical external memory. Yes, there are still users that prefer to use physical external memory cards as compare to store things in the cloud. Of course, the Nokia T20 can store also things virtually just to ensure all memory storage areas are covered for all users.

The Nokia T20 will make use of a type C port plug in to ensure fast charging for its battery. Many smartphone brands are moving to the type c port route as no user likes to wait for smartphone to take long to charge which sometimes feel forever for some users.

Yes, the Nokia T20 will have a jack plug in area for users that prefer to connect their sound with a physical cable. But, you can experience the Bluetooth connectivity option. Thus, Nokia made sure they satisfy all the users in this regard.



Which features stand out for the Nokia T20?

The main features that stand out for the Nokia T20 tablet are the following:

  • Durability – As I mentioned before, the Nokia smartphone brand is known for its durability when it falls or something happens to it. Now that durability materials are placed in the Nokia T20 as well. Not many tablets have this great strong durability. Thus, the Nokia T20 stand out mostly for this.


  • Battery Capacity – The Nokia T20 has a big amount of battery capacity that will ensure the tablet will last for a very long time before having the need to recharge. This is a feature many users tend to look at when selecting a tablet or smartphone as they do not want to recharge it with power all the time.


  • Security – The Nokia T20 comes with good security updates to ensure your tablet is always protected and prevent hackers attempt to cause big damage to your tablet.



Any Concerns with the Nokia T20?

Sadly, there are concerns regarding the Nokia T20 and they are the following:

  • Weight – The Nokia T20 is very heavy to carry and use. I assume this is because of the materials to make the tablet indestructible. There are users that do not like to carry or make use of heavy devices. Thus, the Nokia T20 might experience this problem.
  • Camera Specs – Okay I know there isn’t great camera specs for many tablets, but it is an important factor. The Nokia T20 only has the basic camera specs. Thus, it will take good pictures and videos, but not the best like many smartphones can do. Some tablets like the Samsung S6 Lite, S7 and S7 FE will definitely win in this category. Thus, if you after a good camera spec tablet, then the Nokia T20 is not the tablet for you.
  • RAM – The RAM memory size is quite low. Not the best, but not the fastest. There are users that prefer tablets that can process different applications and data the same time and quickly.
  • Storage – The storage memory is not bad, but users can experience they run out of storage space quickly. Especially with the 32GB storage memory on board. The norm of the amount of storage memory on a device is changing every year and increases due to many applications and other data users want on their device on the go. The current storage memory size many users want on a device, is 128GB. Sadly, the Nokia T20 is not offering 128GB on board storage memory.


The retail price for the Nokia T20

The Nokia T20 will go for the following retail price:

  • 200 EUR
  • $ 232
  • R 3999

Just remember these prices might change and this is just a forecasting retail price the shops will ask for the Nokia T20. As you can tell the Nokia T20 is quite affordable which is another plus point for the tablet.



Nokia T20 is good strong tablet to have. It has a beautiful big screen display with beautiful design as well. Even though it is only available in one color, the deep blue color is quite attractive to some users eye.

Besides the design of the Nokia T20, it has a great battery capacity which will make the tablet to last awhile before having the need to recharge it with power. Great for users that need their tablet to last with power for long periods.

Sadly, the Nokia T20 does not compete well with other known tablets. Especially in terms of performance speed to do many tasks same time or to store lots of data and applications on the tablet.

Yes, the Nokia T20 does have the option to expand its external storage memory. However, you can tell you going need an external memory card urgently due to the low on board storage memory it has. Not good at all.

However, the Nokia T20 is very affordable compare to other tablets and is more durable than the others. Thus, in my book, I am considering to get the Nokia T20 for myself based on these two main factors.

But the real question is:


Would you consider purchasing the Nokia T20?


Please let me know of your thoughts of the Nokia T20 or answer the question in the comment section below. If you have any other questions regarding the Nokia T20, please do the same below.

If you want to know more about the Nokia T20, please visit Nokia’s site by clicking the following link. I hope you enjoyed the review!

2 thoughts on “Nokia T20 – Keep It”

  1. I didn’t even know that they still made Nokia’s. I remember when I was still young, I absolutely loved Nokia’s but then it became outdated. It’s good to see that they are bringing out new models to compete with the big brands. I wouldn’t go buy one yet because there’s still a lot of work to do but they are moving in the right direction. 

    • Hi Daniel

      Yes, Nokia still in for business. However, they still struggle to compete against the current top smartphone brands. One thing that Nokia will always be known for is its durability which beats the other brands. However, in terms of specs. They do struggle quite a bit.

      Nokia T20 is quite impressive, but I understand why you won’t buy one yet. I believe they can approve their ranges a bit more even though Nokia is on the right track. Thank you for taking the time to comment.


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