Oppo A16s – Designed for Life

Today, we are going to review the Oppo A16s that is being released in certain countries currently.

The main questions that come into your mind when it comes to Oppo A16s are the following:


How much does the Oppo A15 compare to the Oppo A16s?


Is OPPO A16 and the OPPO A16s any way different among each other?


Is the Oppo A16s a smartphone to consider buying?


Well all these questions will be answered right now. So stay tuned.

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OPPO A16s specs

The main features that stand out for the OPPO A16s are the following:

  • Design – The Oppo A16s has a sleek and thin smartphone design that makes it easier to take out of your pockets or bags.
  • Weight – The Oppo A16s is light smartphone to carry and use. Will be a smartphone users would like to have that prefer smartphone that are light to carry and to hold in their hands.
  • Camera Design – The camera design of the OPPO A16s has an elegant look to it which is similar to other premium smartphones.
  • Size – The Oppo A16s is big smartphone in size. Basically the size of an iPhone 12 Pro Max. If you like to have a small smartphone, then sadly the Oppo A16s will not be your preference.



Oppo A15 VS Oppo A16s

The main differences between the Oppo A15 and the Oppo A16s are the following:

  • Weight – The Oppo A16s is 15g heavier compare to the Oppo A15.
  • Front Camera – The Oppo A16s front camera lens has 3 more megapixels compared to the Oppo A15’s front camera lens. Meaning the Oppo A16s take better selfie photos and videos as compared to Oppo A15.
  • Rear Camera Layout – The rear camera layout for both smartphones are totally different. When placing these two smartphones together, you all will agree that the Oppo A16’s rear camera layout looks more elegant and attractive as compared to the Oppo A15’s rear camera layout.
  • RAM – Both the smartphones have two RAM memory options. However, the OPPO A16’s offers a faster RAM memory option as compared to the Oppo A15’s RAM options.
  • Storage – The Oppo A16s offers three on board storage memory options while the Oppo A15 only offers one on board storage memory option. Oppo A16s is a no brainer to go for if you are a user that needs a lot of on board storage on their smartphone.
  • Battery Capacity – The Oppo A16s battery has 770mAh more power capacity as compared to the Oppo A15’s battery. This means the OPPO A16s battery will not need to recharge quickly as compared to the Oppa A15’s battery.

Overall: The Oppo A16s is definitely the winner out of this comparison. Definitely an upgrade from the Oppo A15.

What is the main differences between the OPPO A16 and the OPPO A16s?

In a previous Oppo review, we mentioned about the Oppo A16. But was is the major differences between the Oppo A16 and Oppo A16? Is there any differences at all?

The answer is no, there is hardly any differences. The only difference between the two is the chipset they both use. The performance of both chipsets is exactly the same and the only reason they differ is due the first chipset that is being manufactured has run out. Thus, Oppo was forced to find a different chipset to continue the A16 range.


Cash + Contract Price Expectations & Color options available

In South Africa, you can expect to pay R3999 for one Oppo A16s cash. Not a bad price for good quality smartphone. In contract price, the Oppo A16s price is not advertised yet by smartphone providers. But, will be similar to the Oppo A15’s contract pricing.

Thus, the Oppo A16s will fall in the low cost smartphone category. Definitely a smartphone to look at if you have a low smartphone budget.

The Oppo A16s will come in two colors and they are the following:

  • Pearl Blue
  • Crystal Black



The Oppo A16s is a good smartphone option to look out for. Especially if you work with a low smartphone budget. Besides in budget terms, the Oppo A16s is a light smartphone to carry and use in your hands. Plus the Oppo A16s has a big screen display which some users love this.

The Oppo A16s has an elegant look to it which gives the Oppo A16s a premium smartphone feeling. Definitely an upgrade to the previous Oppo A15 in terms of specs. Thus, if you are due for an upgrade or in need to buy a new smartphone cash, consider the OPPO A16s as an option.

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  1. Thank you for this review of the Oppo A16s.  I am looking for a new phone at an affordable price. I really like the design and lightness of this phone with a preference for the pearl blue one. Love the big screen too! I am definitely considering getting it and this article helped me see the difference between the Oppo A15. Need an upgrade for sure!

    • Hi fityourselfbarre

      Hope the Oppo A16s meets your smartphone preferences end of the day. If you do obtain the Oppo A16s, please let us know your experience with the Oppo A16s. We love to hear feedback from users.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.


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