OPPO – Who are you?

We will be going into depth of a new smartphone brand called OPPO.

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Who are you?

Oppo is a China mobile telecommunications company that is based in Dongguan, Guangdong. They have been founded since the year 2004, meaning they have been in the market quite a while.

Now the main question here is, if they have been founded so long time ago, why are we only hearing about them now? The answer to the question is Oppo is not just manufacturing smartphones, but also the following:

  • Audio devices
  • Power banks
  • Blu-ray players
  • Other electronics.


What is their Vision, Mission and Values?

OPPO main vision as stated directly from their website is the following:

“We strive to be a sustainable company that contributes to a better world.”

With such a vision you can hear clearly they are here for the long run in the industry.

OPPO main mission in life as stated directly from their website is the following:

“We exist to elevate life through technological artistry.”

With such a mission, this may change the way people live currently today, as technology changes rapidly.

OPPO also like any company have proper values they believe in and show throughout their company. Here they are:

  1. Benfen. Which means one’s part or duty.
  2. User-led. Means they focus on what the user wants or needs and try to satisfy them.
  3. Aim for perfection. As it states, OPPO focuses to perfect in every item or process they provide or sell.
  4. Goal-oriented. Oppo focus on their goals and make sure they achieve them.


Why are we only hearing about them now?

Oppo company started slowly in the year 2004 and like two of their values they focused in perfecting their products while also ensuring they satisfy their customers’ needs. Through all years they grew successful until the year 2016 they became known as the biggest smartphone manufacturer in China by selling its phones at more than 200 000 retail outlets.

In the year 2019, OPPO was marked as the top smartphone brand in China and ranked no. 5 in the market share worldwide. Thus, we are experiencing to see the brand more worldwide. Either you are in Europe, China or even Africa the brand is known in these areas and they are gaining new customers by the day. America sadly does not market this device yet, but hopefully it will change in the future.

It is quite an achievement to be ranked no. 5 in the smartphone industry, however there are still hard competitors against them especially the following brands:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • Hisense

However, with Oppo being cautious of the decisions they make regarding their smartphones and also listen what their clients want, they might one day surpass these top competitors. So watch the space as Oppo might be the next big thing.


Popular smartphone devices they have currently

Now OPPO has a vast range of smartphones, but we are only going to look at three devices currently of which one has already launched for the year 2021 in some countries while other launching now.

Starting first is the two devices that are currently in the market since the end of 2020. They are the OPPO A15 and OPPO A53.

Please see the table below which provides the key features of each device:

If you want to known more features that both these devices provide, please click on the table and you will be redirected with a complete view what each device provides.

Here is a trailer video of the OPPO A53s:


Majority stores sell these phones with a free bluetooth speaker, which is a great extra to receive with your new phone. Also, you still receive your normal charger, free cover and headphones where some brands stop to provide such items.

Now, lets talk about the new phone launching this month which has been known as their premium device. This premium device is called Oppo Reno 5

Please see the table below which provides the key features of the Oppo Reno 5:

If you want to known more features that the OPPO Reno 5 provides, please click on the table and you will be redirected with a complete view of its features.

Like the previous two devices, this device has a charger, cover and headphones included which some premium devices of other brands do not provide anymore. One key feature the Oppo Reno 5 has, is that it is a 5G device as well. Keep an eye out for this device when it launches in your country.


Oppo is already making waves in smartphone industry as it is already ranked no. 5 worldwide since the year 2019. Plus the company is focused to climb the ranks to become number one in the smartphone industry. But while they are so focused to achieve this goal, they ensure they still follow their core company’s values.

Without that they will not be successful at all and cause them to fail. They also take note what is happening in the market around them as well monitoring their competitors. That is why they are still offering their accessories with their devices where some competitors have started to sell their smartphones with just a charging cable. No charging block, back cover or headphones. That is one of the plus points Oppo will gain more clientele.

Even though Oppo is doing successful, there are other brands emerging this year into the smartphone market namely, Vivo, Honor, Tecno, etc. Thus, Oppo needs to remain focus and not lose sight what is happening around them.

Finally, my last statement is, watch out for the success for OPPO and maybe consider try purchasing one of their devices. I am sure you will not regret purchasing one of these units.

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5 thoughts on “OPPO – Who are you?”

  1. Thanks for introducing me to the Oppo phones.

    I must admit that I have never heard of them before.  From doing a little research I see that they are probably on the same level of the Mi range, which are also an excellent phone.

    They certainly have excellent features and the Reno 5 is quite a powerful machine with its 8/128GB memory.  That’s more powerful than most computers.

    • It is a pleasure Geoff! 

      That is the main goal of this website to create awareness of new smartphones and brands coming into the market. While doing research on Oppo, I was shocked when I heard they are ranked number 5 worldwide, however not everyone knows about them.

      Likely that will change and the new Oppo Reno 5, I find very interesting and may consider purchasing one due to its great speed and memory. Thank you for the comment!

  2. Wow! I must admit I didn’t know much about Oppo the company. I knew they made mobile phones but had no idea they made power banks and Blu-ray players too!

    I first heard of them three or four years ago when looking on Ali Express, and they definitely caught my eye. Although I didn’t buy one of their phones, they did stick in my mind and I always consider them when looking for a new phone.

    It’s nice to hear about their core values, and that they try to stick to them. This is something I think all companies should be doing and maybe Oppo can be a company who can lead the way in this regard.

    They are definitely worth considering when searching for a new phone, from budget to high-end.

    • Thank you for your comment Chris!

      Tell me about it, I was also shocked when I heard they do more than just phones and that they existed quite a while now.

      They really sound like a company that focus on their values while also caring for their staff. If you should consider to purchase one of their smartphones, I will recommend their premium device Oppo Reno 5 being that it has great speed and good amount of memory on board.

  3. Until I read your article, I had never heard of Oppo.  I certainly did not know what products that offer.  It seems, it looking at the information you have provided, that the phones are very competitive with those marketed in the US.  You did not mention price as far as I could tell.  Although I find the IPhone easy to use, I believe it is far to expensive and many of the features are not needed.  I am looking forward to hearing more about Oppo in the future.  Thanks for this introductory article.


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