Overheating Phone

Overheating Phone is something not many customers experience, especially the customers that hardly use their cell phones. However, it does exists and is something many customers do not know how to handle such situation.

Thus, we are going to discuss about this topic today in order to spread some awareness regarding the topic.

Here are the contents we will be discussing about:

  • What is overheating?
  • Does heating affect the performance of a phone?
  • How to stop a phone from overheating?
  • What prevention measures are there to prevent a phone to overheat?


What is overheating?

Overheating means something is getting hotter which it is supposed to causing this something either to shut down to cool off or even comes to the end of its life. Overheating can happen to many things including us humans. When we overheat and our temperature keeps rising, it causes certain amount of damage to certain organs of our bodies which can even cause long impact on our lives or even take our lives away.

It is the same in terms of cell phones. Cell phones also get hotter than it can handle, which causes very bad impact to its components inside the cell phone. It may even cause the cell phone to explode if the heat is too unbearable to cool it down/


Does heating affect the performance of a phone?

The answer is yes, it does affect the performance of a phone and here are the reasons why.

The processors that are part of phones components inside are heat sensitive. These processors usually get hotter depending on the phone’s usage. Meaning the more the phone is being used, the more likely the processes will gain more heat. The greater the heat becomes, the less low speed your phone will be running through applications. Reason why the phone slows down, is because the phone is try to prevent overheating.

If the phone does not succeed to cool down or prevent from overheating, it will show a warning sign on your phone that your phone is close to overheat and you must stop what you are doing on your phone in order for it to cool down. If ignored, then the phone will overheat and make itself unusable for time being.

After that, you must hope your phone is still usable after this as in most cases, something inside has been damaged like example the battery, processor or any other parts inside the phone. I have experienced this before and was not a nice experience as my phone was unusable for 15 minutes.

There has been cases where the customers’ phone will not turn on again or even worst explode which no one wants to experience. If your phone has lasted from an overheating event, please examine it carefully and try to pin point what caused your phone to overheat. Plus also see if your phone is still operating as normal or any changes occurred like the battery gets drained quicker or not lasting as it was before is a good example.

It might be one of the following reasons the phone overheated:

  • Excessive phone usage. (No breaks)
  • Battery of the phone over charged or leaking.
  • Phone left in direct sunlight or heat.


How to stop a phone from overheating?

Either your phone has provided you a notification it is close to overheat or is running slowly and is getting really hot, these are the methods you should do to prevent any further complications with your phone or safe being:

  1. Close unnecessary applications that are open or running in the background.
  2. Turn your phone off completely and wait for 5 minutes or more when your phone feels cooled down for a bit.
  3. Take your phone out of its cover. Some phone’s covers prevent them to cool off quicker, thus take it off to help the cool off process.

Reason why to do these methods, is as soon you close unnecessary running applications on your phone or even turning off your phone, it will result the processors on your phone to cool down resulting your phone to cool off and run back to operational normal speed. Plus lets you avoid overheating your phone.

That is why it is important to note the RAM size memory you have on your phone. The smaller the RAM size capacity is on your phone, the more likely the applications will go slower and the phone will get hotter. The higher the RAM size capacity is on your phone, the more likely it will run more applications at once and experience less heat on your smartphone.

However, no matter which phone you pick, the heat factor is still there and can be caused by other factors which I mentioned above like a battery leak or phone was left in direct heat or sunlight.

If you still experience your phone want to overheat immediately after using the above methods, I would suggest visiting a phone repair facility to view your phone what may be the cause of it.

Please make sure you do not use your phone until visiting a repair facility to avoid extra damage to your phone or even prevent an explosion.

What prevention measures are there to prevent a smartphone to overheat?

There are luckily methods out there to help prevent your phone to overheat, which are the following:

  • Ensure your phone’s display back light is set to automatic and not high. High display back light takes a lot of power, thus result a lot of unnecessary heat. By setting, it automatically, the display back light will show the right amount of back light on the phone depending on where you use it.
  • Do not be on your phone 24/7 all the time. Phones were not mean’t to be used constantly in such long hours. Yes, phones have power capacities to last very long, but does not mean you have to used it so long constantly. Especially for gamers that love to be on their phones for a long time.
  • Never charge your phone overnight. Remember in the past, where a consultant would have advised to charge your old phone 24 hours before using it. That is not the case anymore and actually you are causing damage to your phone by overcharging it. This leads to problems like battery leakage or even battery capacity shrinking. Thus, do not do this.
  • Never leave your phone in direct sunlight or even in a vehicle. It is obvious you will generate extreme heat when you leave your phone in a vehicle or in the sun anywhere. It will cause your phone to overheat or even explode depending on heat pressure. Also, your phone screen might even crack under the pressure, but that does not happen easily.
  • Take your phone out of your pockets from time to time. Your phone generates heat in small concealed spaces, especially in jean pockets. Thus, it is good to let it out to ensure your phone stays cool.

By following these methods, your phone will last longer and will experience less heat problems.


It is best to avoid having an overheated phone. It might cost your the following:

  • Costs to repair your phone.
  • Lose a phone and need to buy a new one.
  • Cost you to go to the hospital due your phone exploded.

Thus, please follow the 5 prevention measures mentioned in this post to avoid any unnecessary heat for your phone. Plus if your phone feels it is going to overheat, please follow the steps mentioned above as well. Might spare your phone from bad damages or need to be replaced or even you from potential harm.

I have experienced my phone overheating once in my life and luckily followed the steps to spare my phone from more damages and my safety. I also analyzed what caused my phone to overheat and my result was due I was using my phone in the car for a teams meeting. I did not pay attention my phone was in direct sunlight and had no windows open to cool down the car. This result my phone to overheat and luckily my phone had no permanent damages after the event.

Thus, it is important to be aware of the implications if your phone starts to build up heat and what results it may cause to you and your phone.

Hope you enjoyed, the article and have answered a few people’s questions to the topic. If you have had a similar experience of your phone overheating, please share in the comments the event and what you did to prevent your phone for gaining more heat. 🙂

If you have any questions regarding the topic or other methods to avoid overheating phones, please also comment below.


4 thoughts on “Overheating Phone”

  1. Great Article and I have learned something today about handphone overheating.  Will definitely follow the prevention measures to prevent a smartphone from overheating.  At least now I will not charge my handphone overnight.

    Also not to use no stop while watching youtube or Netflix on my handphone.  Good Article in teaching people the safety use for our handphone, especially nowaday everyone is using their handphone to the max.


    • Hi Henry 

      Thank you for your comment!

      Glad you have learned something today out of the article. Please share it with others as well. 

      It is important to know such things as phones are being used more and more in a persons lives. Thus, a person must know the do’s and don’ts to ensure you have a phone for a good long life time.

  2. Hi, Burnheart!
    Thanks for your work on a very common and current topic. Actually, I believe that almost everyone has already had an experience with an overheating smartphone and the solution most often is: shutting down the device! According to your article, which I agree with, one should follow the steps you mention and bet on prevention rather than on trying to solve immediate issues.
    Keep posting such good works.
    Take care.

    • Hi Antonio

      Thank you for your comment!

      I appreciate the compliment and will continue with my work to spread awareness anything regarding smartphones.

      I also believe many people has experienced overheating in smartphones before, thus it would be interesting to hear how they reacted to it and how their phones have been ever since. Then for those who have not experience it, I believe it is important for them to be aware of such instances, how to avoid it and how to handle it when overheating occurs.

      I also prefer the prevention first before immediate as immediate might be too late sometimes to save your phone.


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