Q2 2021 Top Smartphone Brand Rankings

The smartphone industry keeps changing every year as technology evolves and demand for more features are requested by users more every day. These technologies and demand changes causes the smartphone market to shift from time to time. This results certain smartphone brands to be stay on top in the smartphone brand rankings worldwide or even go down in the smartphone rankings.

In today’s article we going to reveal the current top smartphone brand ranking in Q2 of 2021.


Knowing the current top smartphone brand ranking really important?

It is really important to know which smartphone brand is the best currently worldwide. No matter if you are a user or business owner of a retail store that sell smartphones.

It is important for the user to know as it will help them know which smartphone brands to choose from and which ones to avoid completely. The same for the business owner, but a bit different.

A business owner of a retail store that sell smartphones to customers, must ensure they stock only the best current smartphones available. If the business owner does not know this information, the retail store might stock up the wrong smartphone brands too much and may cause them two things. One stock less or none of the smartphone brands that are currently popular and second will lose out to satisfy customers that want the specific top smartphone brands.

Thus, it is important to know currently which smartphone brands are in top smartphone brand rankings worldwide.

Q1 2021

Q1 2021 had no much change in the top smartphone brand rankings compare to 2020s top smartphone rankings. Majority Samsung, Apple and Huawei stayed on top of smartphone brand rankings due to following reasons:

  • Apple’s new flagship series, iPhone 12 series made their appearance more worldwide in Q1 due to the pandemic causing delays of the launch in certain countries.
  • Huawei launched two of their smartphone series in Q1 which were Huawei P Smart 2021 for the Huawei P smart series and the Huawei Mate 40 series from one of their flagship series, Huawei Mate series.

Thus, is why these three smartphone brands stayed on top of the smartphone brand rankings. However, even though they were on top, does not mean the other smartphone brands did nothing in this time period.



In the Q1 period, Xiaomi slowly got ready to release their new smartphone ranges which we will reveal the result shortly. Oppo and Vivo smartphone brands started to be sell in countries that had no knowledge about them at all. Like in South Africa, when Vivo made an appearance people thought it was a promotion for Volkswagen Polo Vivo car range. Basically both Oppo and Vivo introduced themselves in those countries’ smartphone markets and spread awareness about them.

One more change that happened in Q1 for 2021 was LG’s smartphone brand left the market completely due they could not keep up with the changes and competition in the smartphone industry. If you want to know more about them, read the following article.

Q2 2021

In Q2 there has been quite a shift in the top smartphone brand rankings.

These shift were majority caused due to the following reasons:

  • Xiaomi released a couple of new smartphones in all three of their smartphone series which are Mi series, Poco series and Redmi series. These smartphone releases were so good that they even surpassed Apple ranking in sales and shipments. This was a big achievement and they are strongly focusing on surpassing Samsung’s ranking as well to be the number one best smartphone brand worldwide. It seems possible as they are only 2% short to surpass Samsung’s market share worldwide.
  • Oppo released different new smartphones in the countries they are really popular and will release more to other countries shortly. The delays are mostly caused due to part shortages to make more smartphones for other countries.
  • Vivo has released a new smartphone series which is known as the V21 series. This series has gain a lot of popularity for its ultra thin design to fit in or out of jean pockets easier. Also, is known for its excellent front camera for taking selfies and videos.
  • Samsung remained in its top smartphone rankings due to its new releases in the Samsung A series. This specific series is very popular and well-known to find in every country. However, there have been shipment delays with this specific series due to semiconductor shortages.



Apple and Huawei smartphone brand went down in the rankings due they both have not released a new smartphone series or smartphone in the Q2 period. This gave the other rival smartphone brands the opportunity to overtake their ranking. As you can see Apple is now ranked number 3, while Huawei has totally dropped out of the top 5 smartphone brand ranking worldwide. That is a big shocker as Huawei was very popular at a time (2019). Ever since the U.S. ban was placed on Huawei it caused them to go down hill.

What to expect in Q3 2021?

The following is what to expect in Q3 2021:

  • Huawei just launched their flagship smartphone series, Huawei P50 series. It may shift the top smartphone brand rankings a bit, but not too much due to limited shipments available to all countries. Some countries might only see the Huawei P50 series around October.
  • Samsung are planning to launch a few new smartphones like the Samsung S21 FE, Samsung A52s 5G, Samsung Z Flip 3 and Samsung Z Fold 3. These might help to keep their top smartphone brand ranking, but they will have to find a way to avoid part shortages or else they might lose their top spot in the rankings.
  • iPhone has not released anything new yet for this year and they might give us a glimpse what to expect in their latest smartphones in this time period. The question would be will their latest series launch in Q3 or Q4? We will have to wait and see.
  • Nokia has released new smartphones in their ranges and there is one particular that is standing out of the group and is known for its durability. It might shift the smartphone rankings for its durability. If you want to know more about this smartphone and the other new releases, read the following post.




After reading all of these changes in the smartphone industry, I believe you all will agree that the smartphone market is changing rapidly. If you are a smartphone brand company and you do not keep up with releasing new and improved smartphones to the market, you might lose your position in the rankings quickly.

However, it does not help you release new smartphone series and there aren’t any improvements in the new smartphone series compare to the previous smartphone series. Thus, it is important to balance both. For us users, this information is useful to see which smartphone is best to go for our smartphone preferences. This information might even help your smartphone selection easier.

That is why I recommend that everyone always do research what is happening in the smartphone brand market before making any smartphone selection. If you do not know about a smartphone brand, please do research about them before you select a smartphone under their brand. It may result you regret your decision. That is why this website is here to assist everyone to make the right smartphone selection by providing any information regarding smartphones. Also, spread awareness what is new in the smartphone market.


Did you perhaps heard of a smartphone brand you have no knowledge of?


Please provide your answer in the comments below and I will get back to. Who knows, maybe I will write article about the smartphone brand you mention.

5 thoughts on “Q2 2021 Top Smartphone Brand Rankings”

  1. I think the major reason why Huawei fell so much has mostly to do with the current sanctions on US companies and the ban on Google services on all Huawei devices. I don’t see them gaining any new traction outside of China. Google is too much important to many people nowadays unfortunately.

  2. I find this very interesting. I see that iPhone dropped from the #2 spot to the #3 spot. I think maybe geography has a part to play in it because a great number of people in my area have iPhones. Maybe it is just the industry changing rapidly because our area usually is behind states like California when it comes to change. I feel like some states are actually a few years ahead of us. 

    • Hi Alicia

      These rankings is based worldwide stats. The rankings will be different when you look based on certain geography. Like example in South Africa, Samsung is still number one, Huawei number two, Apple number 3, Oppo number 4 and Hisense number 5. 

      Thus, it will be different if we will have to look at different countries and regions. Each country and region are different and certain smartphone brands aren’t even known in certain countries. Plus like you said most people in your area uses iPhones. While in my area, mostly Samsung or Huawei. There is already the difference. 

      Plus certain smartphone series only launch later in certain countries due to delays caused by the pandemic still today and some countries do not receive certain smartphone series at all. Thus, you will feel certain states are far behind compare to other states or countries.

      Thank you for your comment.

  3. Wow! 

    This was a superbly comprehensive article! The writing and layout were easy to understand and kept me in the loop of each company and how they ranked and why. 

    You did a great job of helping me understand the top smartphones and in an easy to read manner. 

    What would you say is the best way to stay in touch with the trends before they come up in the smartphone market and the best way to take action quick to be a long term player in the smart phone shop market?

    • Hi Savion

      Thank you for the comment and compliments!

      The best to stay in touch with the trends is to listen what the smartphone users desire. In my past I remember when a smartphone comes out, there was always some major change in the new smartphone series. Lately it has become less that smartphone brands release new smartphones that has many new features. It sometimes feels like a copy and paste method is done on their new smartphones and sometimes worst they provide less features.

      Thus, I would say listen to your customers feedback and requests. After gathering that information take your time to make the best next  new smartphone. That is why likes like Apple succeed as they take their time before releasing a new smartphone series and they always do it like once a year. While other smartphone brand companies keep trying to release different new smartphones throughout the year. Yes, it will shift their rankings, but only for a small time period.

      The second part of your question I would say after you taken the account your customers’ requests, now is to monitor when your competitors usually release a new smartphone. Many different smartphone brands like either to launch a new smartphone when their competitor has already released theirs long time ago and have no plans for another new release. This allows a new smartphone brand to take an opportunity to shine into the market. Others like to compete in the same time period as their competitors as they believe they can grab sales which their competitors would have obtained if they were the only smartphone series that is releasing a new smartphone. 

      Hope this answers your questions.


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