Samsung A13 5G – Is it worth the wait?

Samsung just released the Samsung A13 5G in the US market this December 2021. The Samsung A13 5G is specifically made for users that cannot afford much to buy a smartphone.

But is the Samsung A13 5G a smartphone to consider on getting for yourself?

That question we will answer in our latest review right now. Like with every review, we like provide the answer by answering other questions regarding the smartphone itself and they are the following:


How does the design of the Samsung A13 5G look like?


What are the main differences between the Samsung A12 and the Samsung A13 5G?


Do we perhaps know how much the Samsung A13 5G will go through per retail price?


When can we expect the Samsung A13 5G make its appearance worldwide?


So let us answer all these questions and reveal to you if the Samsung A13 5G is a smartphone that you should consider on getting. Let’s go!

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Design of the Samsung A13 5G

As illustrated above, the Samsung A13 5G has a different smartphone design than compare to the Samsung A12. Even though both smartphone backside is made out of plastic, the Samsung A12 feels way stronger than compare to the Samsung A13 5G. Plus the Samsung A12 has a carbon fiber feeling around the back whereas the Samsung A13 5G does not. Just a smooth plastic back side the Samsung A13 5G has.

The other major design difference between the Samsung A12 and the Samsung A13 5G is the rear camera layout. The Samsung A12’s rear camera has all its four camera lenses in one black layout whereas the Samsung A13 5’s rear camera lenses are not in black layout. Plus they stand on their own in one straight line. Also, the Samsung A13 5G only has three rear camera lenses.

This makes a person question the rear camera quality of the Samsung A13 5G. We will see shortly how good the rear camera is of the Samsung A13 5G. Rest of the design of the Samsung A13 5G is similar to the Samsung A12 which can be seen in the above illustration.

The Samsung A13 5G has a headphone jack and microSD slot. Also, the Samsung A13 5G make use of a type C charger plug in which means it will have fast charging capabilities.


Samsung A12 VS Samsung A13 5G

The main differences between the Samsung A12 and the Samsung A13 5G are the following:

  • Weight – The Samsung A13 5G is lighter to carry and use than compare to the Samsung A12.
  • Front Camera – Sadly the Samsung A13 5G’s front camera has decreased in megapixels which is quite an upset.
  • Rear Camera – The Samsung A12 has more rear camera lenses as the Samsung A13 5G. The rear camera lens that the Samsung A13 5G is short off, is the ultra wide lens. Will this have a big impact to the picture quality the Samsung A13 5G will be taking. I am sure it will.
  • RAM – The Samsung A12 wins this category as well by having the faster processing speed and biggest RAM memory size to choose from. The Samsung A13 5G RAM memory option is only one, but isn’t bad.
  • Storage – Samsung A12 also wins this category by having the biggest on board memory. It has double more memory on board as the Samsung A13 5G which is upsetting for the new smartphone.
  • Network capabilities – The Samsung A13 5G has the best network capabilities out of the two, because it has 5G network capabilities which the Samsung A12 does not have. The Samsung A12 only has 4G network capabilities and lower.

Overall: The Samsung A12 is the better smartphone when comparing to the Samsung A13 5G. It lets a user question why Samsung decreased some specifications of the new Samsung A13 5G? Is the 5G network capabilities the cause of it or something else? The only thing that makes the Samsung A13 5G better than the Samsung A12, is its network capabilities.


Retail price for the Samsung A13 5G

I am certain you are curious what the retail prices look like for the Samsung A13 5G. So we will compare its retail price against the Samsung A12’s retail price. Just remember that these retail prices are just assumptions and may be different.

As you can see in table above, the Samsung A13 5G is not an expensive 5G network smartphone. This means users with low smartphone budgets can finally experience 5G network capabilities which the Samsung A13 5G introduces to them.


When will the Samsung A13 5G be available worldwide?

Like I said in the beginning of the review, the Samsung A13 5G is only available in the US so far. The Samsung A13 5G will make its appearance around the world only sometime beginning next year. It also depends on what will the pandemic status be for all the countries as many countries experience smartphone launch delays.

For example in South Africa, the Honor 50 series is only making its appearance now when in other countries it has already launched in September 2021. Another example is the iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max series. They may have launched in many countries already. However, there no stock available due to part shortages. This leads to a backlog of users waiting to get a specific smartphone. Thus, this can happen with the Samsung A13 5G as well.



The Samsung A13 5G is a good affordable 5G smartphone to purchase. It does have a good smartphone design. However, in terms of other specifications, the Samsung A12 is still way better option to look. Even its smartphone design looks stronger.

Thus, if you are a smartphone user that has a low smartphone budget and want 5G network capabilities, then the Samsung A13 5G is the option for you. If not, then it is best to look at the Samsung A12.


What are your thoughts about the Samsung A13 5G?


Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “Samsung A13 5G – Is it worth the wait?”

  1. Hi there, I have always had a Samsung smartphone, first a Galaxy Note and now the A50, so it is always good to see what Samsung is releasing in terms of new and updated models. Although the Samsung A13 5G seems like an affordable phone and will have the capabilities for 5G, I prefer the features of the A12. 

    The RAM and storage of the A12 will be better for my needs, and I prefer the carbon fiber feeling of the A12. Once the A13 is available where I live, I will visit a store to physically compare them as well. 

    • Hi LineCowley

      I am also a Samsung fan. Never had problems with their smartphones.

      The Samsung A12 seems better in strength and features as the Samsung A13 5G. However, if I am looking for a affordable 5G network smartphone, then I will look at the Samsung A13 5G. The Samsung A12 does not have 5G network capabilities.

      I always suggest for any smartphone user to view the smartphones in person to help your final selection. Cause you will touch and feel the different smartphones. Just make sure you have done the smartphone research of the ones you prefer to have. 


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