Samsung A52s 5G – Awesome

Samsung has released early this year the Samsung A52 5G. However, they could not manufacture more of certain Samsung smartphones and the Samsung A52 5G is one of them. If Samsung wanted to make more Samsung A52 5G, they were forced to change some of its specs and that lead to the creation of the Samsung A52s 5G

But, now the main questions are of course the following:


Has the Samsung A52s 5G have a different smartphone design?


What new features does the Samsung A52S 5G provide?


How does the Samsung A52S 5G compare with the other Samsung A52 versions?


What is the price for the Samsung A52s 5G?


Is the Samsung A52s 5G a smartphone to consider buying?


Let us find out all the answers right now!



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The design of the Samsung A52s 5G

The Samsung A52s 5G design is exactly the same as the Samsung A52 5G design. No difference at all. However, the colors of the Samsung A52s 5G are a quite different.

The Samsung A52s 5G comes in the following colors:

  • Awesome Black
  • Awesome White
  • Awesome Purple
  • Awesome Mint


New Features the Samsung A52s 5G provide

The Samsung A52s 5G basically has the exact same features as the Samsung A52 5G. The only major change is the chipset. The Samsung A52S 5G has a stronger chipset that enables users to process data and applications smoothly and faster.

Users that love gaming on their smartphones, would love this change on the Samsung A52s 5G as the new chipset gives the user a smooth and no lagging gaming experience. Thus, as a gamer look out for the Samsung A52s 5G.

Besides that the Samsung A52S 5G has an excellent rear camera and takes good quality photos or videos. The Samsung A52s 5G consist out of four camera lenses. One camera lens ensures photos or videos can be taken in good quality at far distances as well at close distances. The other camera lens ensures you can capture everything in one photo or video without having the need to move further away.


Samsung A52 VS Samsung A52 5G VS Samsung A52s 5G

The main differences between the Samsung A52, Samsung A52 5G and the Samsung A52s 5G are the following:

  • Chipset – As mentioned before, the Samsung A52s 5G has a stronger and more powerful chipset as the previous Samsung A52 versions. Then of course the Samsung A52s 5G and the Samsung A52 5G have 5G network capability whereas the first Samsung A52 only has 4G network capability or lower.
  • RAM – Both the Samsung A52 5G and the Samsung A52s 5G only has two RAM memory size options, whereas the Samsung A52 has three RAM size options. All of them offer the highest RAM memory size option.

Overall: Samsung A52s 5G is the best version out of the group with the latest chipset. Definitely a smartphone to consider for users that want a smooth fast experience. However, in terms of price the Samsung A52 is cheapest in the group.


The price for the Samsung A52s 5G

The Samsung A52s 5G’s cash price in South Africa goes around R 8499 at most retail stores. A bit more expensive as the Samsung A52 5G and definitely more expensive that the normal Samsung A52.

But, if you not interested to buy the Samsung A52s 5G at full cash price and want to buy it through a monthly contract, then you can gladly visit at any smartphone service carrier provider in store to hear about their fantastic options. Sadly, their online deals for the Samsung A52s 5G are not reflecting at the moment, but will change shortly. But, you can view so long what is available online for curiosity’s sake.


The Samsung A52s 5G basically is a replica of the Samsung A52 5G, but with a better chipset that enables a better and faster smartphone experience. It is highly recommended for users that do not have much to spend on a smartphone what wants to experience a fast processing speed, can store a lot of things on it while also taking beautiful photos or videos with it, no matter if the photo or videos is taken by the front camera or the rear camera.

Besides that, the Samsung A52s 5G has a good battery life that will last for while before having the need to recharge it with power. Plus if you are a gamer or a hard worker on your smartphone and need a smartphone that is affordable and can process applications smoothly and quickly, then the Samsung A52s 5G is the smartphone for you. It basically gives everything what a smartphone user wants and of course has the new network capabilities of 5G.

So my only question is for you:


Does the Samsung A52s 5G satisfy all your smartphone needs in such a way that you will consider buying it?


Please let me know of your answer in the comment section below. Here is an excellent review video about the Samsung A52s 5G from one of our partner websites. Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Samsung A52s 5G – Awesome”

  1. Thanks for this in depth review! I don’t currently own a Samsung I’m more of a iPhone fan. But I must say Samsung are much more easier to use. But the design of the iPhone wins me over.

    However this Samsung A52s is looking quite good. I must say the pastel colours are cool. They are quite different to the usual phone shades. The pricing is okay and the speed does seem great for gaming! I’m going to have a look at this phone in detail.

    • Hi Sariyah 

      Everybody has different smartphone preferences and are entitled to it. The Samsung A52s 5G does come in interesting colors plus with the chipset upgrade it definitely is accepted by many users. Plus the Samsung A52s 5G is not that expensive. 

      If you have any more questions, please do not be hesitant to ask. Thank you for taking your time to comment!

  2. I have always enjoyed fast phones. And I was told that the Samsung A52s 5G would not disappoint me. So, I started researching about it. I am impressed with it’s specs and it’s way more than I expected. I also checked the price and I find it affordable. Having the latest chipset has a price but for the use I will give it, it’s worth it..

    • Hi Paolo

      The Samsung A52s 5G specs are impressive with a affordable price. Plus with the chipset change, more users will definitely consider to make select the Samsung A52s 5G as their new smartphone. 

      Paolo when you purchase the Samsung A52s 5G, please share your experience with it. Definitely with its speed. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  3. This was timely. I have a Samsung and am thinking about upgrading. I used to be an avid Apple fan, but the pricing was getting out of hand. However I was seriously thinking about going back. Do you think this phone is equal to what the iPhones are like now? The thing I do like about Samsung is the battery life, I was forever charging my iPhone. Also the speed of charging a  Samsung is a lot faster than the iPhone. Is this still the case with this phone?. Thanks for this, it has me rethinking what I may do.


    • Hi Stephen

      The Samsung A52s 5G will still be better in terms of battery capacity and speed to recharge the battery is still faster compare to the iPhone series. The new iPhone 13 series though have better camera specs compare to the Samsung A52s 5G. Plus the iPhone 13 series battery life has improved, but has not improved better compare to the Samsung A52s 5G. 

      In price, Samsung A52s 5G will also be more affordable compare to iPhone 13 series. If you want to see the comparison of these smartphones yourself, you may gladly click on device comparison tab or under menu on the site. It will lead to one of our partner sites that will give you a complete comparison of these smartphones against each other and even others.

      If you have any other questions, please do not be hesitant to ask. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  4. Oh I love Samsung products and have been the owner of a Samsung mobile phone since the very first Samsung Galaxy Note was released. I currently have a Samsung A50, and have been looking at getting a newer model, so thank you for this detailed review on the Samsung A52s 5G. 

    You mention the price of the phone in South Africa, but would it be available outside South Africa? And if so, where would be the best place to find it? Thank you.

    • Hi LineCowley

      The Samsung A52s 5G is available worldwide currently. I just reference South Africa more as I am based here. You will find it available online on Samsung personal website. Plus you will find it available at your smartphone carrier service provider that is available in your country near you. If it is not available yet, the stores will have it shortly.

      It is a pleasure to give the detailed review of the Samsung A52s for everyone. If you have anymore questions, please do not be hesitant to ask. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  5. The rounded corners and slim profile make this release look very stylish. It’s something I’d enjoy carrying around. You’ve also touched on the powerful chipset that supports flawless gaming, which is a plus. My kids love games, and of late, I’ve been noticing games with heavy graphics that some average devices might not do so well supporting. The pricing is slightly on the high end, but at least it has the specs to boot.

    • Hi Steve

      The Samsung A52s 5G is a beautiful slim smartphone. The chipset is a good improvement and kids will love that for their gaming experience. The price is not that high in terms of the specs you are getting. Thus, I believe the user will score more for the price.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.


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