Samsung Z Fold3/Flip3 – Unfold Your World

Today, Samsung has revealed their latest premium smartphones which will be part of their Fold and Flip series. They are known as the following:

  • Samsung Z Fold3
  • Samsung Z Flip3

A lot of excitement has been stirred by Samsung about these two new smartphones, but is it really something we must be excited for? Cause for every new smartphone any new brand launches, the first thing all users ask is the following:


What makes this new smartphone better compared to its previous smartphone versions?


If you are one of those users who want to know the differences then you are at the right place. As we will compare the previous Fold or Flip Samsung smartphone series with the new Fold or Flip Samsung smartphone series and see if there are any differences or improvements at all.



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Samsung Z Fold2 VS Samsung Z Fold3

The main differences between the Samsung Z Flip and the Samsung Z Flip3 are the following:

  • Chipset – The Samsung Z Flip3 will run a more the latest chipset from snapdragon compared to the Samsung Z Flip. Meaning the Samsung Z Flip3 will run a bit smoother compared to the Samsung Z Flip.
  • Storage – The Samsung Z Flip3 only has one storage memory option while the Samsung Z Flip has two storage memory options available. This means the Samsung Z Flip will most likely be cheaper in retail price compared to the Samsung Z Flip3.
  • Layout – The Samsung Z Flip3 has a different rear camera display as the Samsung Z Flip. The Samsung Z Flip3 will have two big camera lenses that are separate with each other on a black layout. While the Samsung Z Flip has a dual camera layout of two small camera lenses that are together. Both of the Samsung Z Flips rear camera layout is totally different and the display view when both Samsung Flips are closed are very different. The Samsung Z Flip has a small display image, making it hard to read or do activities with it. While with the Samsung Z Flip3 the display image has improved quite a bit and made it possible to do multiple functions while the Samsung Z Flip3 is flipped shut.

Overall – The Samsung Z Flip3 has improved quite a bit with its outside design by making the smartphone more usable when it is flipped shut. The previous Samsung Z Flip did not had such advancement and its display felt just like a notification alert light or screen most of the times. But rest of the specs of the Samsung Z Flip3, there is hardly any change compared to the Samsung Z Flip. I would have expected a bit more changes than the design layout change. The design change we do find welcoming and a good step forward going for Samsung Z Flip series, but a bit more battery life or even camera megapixels would have make the new Samsung Z Flip3 stand more out. Hopefully the new outside design will do the satisfaction for majority users.



Samsung Z Fold2 VS Samsung Z Fold3

The main differences between the Samsung Z Fold2 and the Samsung Z Fold3 are the following:

  • Weight – The Samsung Z Fold3 weighs 11g less compared to the Samsung Z Fold2. Meaning the Samsung Z Fold3 is lighter to hold or carry compared to the Samsung Z Fold2 which was a complaint by a few customers with the previous Samsung Z Fold2.
  • Chipset – The Samsung Z Fold3 has a newer and improved chipset from Snapdragon compared to the Samsung Z Fold2. Meaning the Samsung Z Fold3 runs smoother compared to the Samsung Z Fold2.
  • Front Camera – One of front camera lenses of the Samsung Z Fold3 has 6 megapixels more compared to the Samsung Z Fold2. Meaning the Samsung Z Fold3 will take better selfie photos compared to the Samsung Z Fold2.
  • Battery Capacity – The Samsung Z Fold2 battery has 100mAh more power capacity compared to the new Samsung Z Fold3. This means the Samsung Z Fold2’s battery will last a bit longer compared to the new Samsung Z Fold3 which is kinda a let down for users that want a smartphone that lasts a while before it needs to charge again.
  • Layout – The Samsung Z Fold3 has removed the bulky camera area which the Samsung Z Fold2 had before and integrated the rear camera lenses more inner the smartphone itself. This will help that the rear camera lenses will not break that easily of which they would with the previous Samsung Z Fold2.

Overall – The Samsung Z Fold3 had improved quite a bit compared to the Samsung Z Fold2. You can see the thought more about the customer not to damage its rear camera lenses by changing its layout to a more secured look. Besides the look they made the Samsung Z Fold3 lighter to carry in your hands which was a request by a few users for this smartphone series. The one thing that upset me about the new Samsung Z Fold3, is that they drop the ball by lowering its battery capacity. Even though it was not too much, but that usually a bad sign when a smartphone drops its quality in specs in their newer models. Rest the specs are all the same and hardly different besides layout, chipset, weight, front camera and battery.


Introduction videos from Samsung

Here is an introduction video from Samsung regarding the new Samsung Fold3 or Samsung Flip3’s features I might have missed:



Unboxing videos of the Samsung Z Fold3 or Samsung Z Flip3

Here is videos how each Samsung Z Fold3 or Samsung Z Flip3 will be packaged when you purchase them:




With the new Samsung Z Fold3 and the Samsung Z Flip3. I can see Samsung has listened to their customers by improving the layout design of the both smartphones. They are both more secured and protected. Plus the Samsung Z Flip3 itself is more usable when it is flipped shut. I can already see those users who love small smartphones will love the Samsung Z Flip3 more due it is usable while being shut. Plus both the Samsung Z Fold 3 and Samsung Z Flip3, are the first water resistant foldable smartphones in the current smartphone market.

The one concern I have for the new Samsung foldable and flip series are its specs itself. The specs of the new Samsung foldable and flip series has not improved so much to make both smartphones to stand out more compared to their previous versions. It may lead to users will wait for the new Samsung Z Fold3 and Samsung Z Flip3 launch just to get their previous smartphone versions at a lower cost. But maybe the layout design of the new Samsung smartphones and the water resistant capability might persuade the users to go for it.

The question though will the prices of the previous smartphone versions drop significantly as this Samsung smartphone series is very expensive on its own. These two new Samsung smartphones look like a good edition to Samsung family and something to look forward into the future as flip or fold smartphones is something that some users desire.

The question is though if it will become a trend for the future of premium smartphone designs for all smartphones to be able to turn to a big tablet and immediately back to a small smartphone. What is your opinion?

Please provide your answer in the comments below.


8 thoughts on “Samsung Z Fold3/Flip3 – Unfold Your World”

  1. Thank you for such a comprehensive, thorough, and precise article. Also, I appreciate the impartial attitude. You listed the pros and cons of the Samsung Z Fold3/Flip 3. Moreover, you expressed gratitude and disdain and thereby displayed how just because the newest device improved overall doesn’t mean there aren’t any drawbacks or limitations.

    That said, it is nice to know that the more recent device is water-resistant and lighter. But, I agree; it sucks that specs are not as up-to-par as it could be, not to mention how the battery capacity has diminished some from 2 to 3.

    Very great job!

    • Hi bethebest#128

      I appreciate the compliment. When it comes to smartphone reviews, it is best to be impartial as many users have different smartphone preferences when it comes to which smartphone is the best in their view.

      If you are curious what I am refering to, please visit my post called: Find best smartphone for me.

  2. This is something to shake the Apple tree. I love them both and I am looking to upgrade my phone in the near future. Think will pay the mobile shop a visit. 

    They have as much RAM as my laptop. Amazing! I am sure a hefty monthly price to pay. Am I right?

    • Hi Mike

      The Samsung Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 is a series that does shake Apple’s tree. Reason being Apple has not made such smartphone design yet. But may change in the near future.

      The price for these Samsung smartphones are usually high priced and actually more expensive compared to most Apple smartphones. The price of the Samsung Z Fold2 is very high due to the two screen display. Almost like two smartphone made into one. But, I would recommend to check out these smartphones in person to see if one of them is the right smartphone for you.

  3. Hello! 

    I actually like the idea of the phone going from tablet size to phone size, it would be awesome if they had keyboard adapters also so that the phone could go from laptop to tablet to phone and have a wallet and charging case as well for extended battery life and ease of access to financials. 

    That may be a little audacious but I am what I consider a utilitarian and I like having all the essentials in one place or easily accessible. 

    The comprehensiveness of this article is quite incredible and I am amazed at your depth and knowledge of each of these products. And with the way that you laid it out it easily answers questions that may arise for users or potential users interested in buying these products. 

    You truly are an assistant buyer!

    Great work!

    • Hi Savion

      The Samsung Z Fold3 can fold an make it look like a mini laptop. But, I get what you mean. Even though the Samsung Z Fold3 can fold into a mini laptop, you wouldn’t mind an keyboard accessory while the screen is fold out like a tablet or small monitor size while also being on a nice charging case to keep the smartphone charged. Basically almost like a Samsung Dex, but make the Samsung Z Fold3 the monitor as well while plugged into a Dex structure device.

      I understand how you feel as I am the same. Like to have things easier accessible to use for multiple tasks.

      Thank you for the compliment and hope all your questions for the Samsung Z Fold3 and Samsung Z Flip3 has been answered.

  4. Hi Burnheart,

    That was a great review.  I thought you were very thorough in the details.  The videos were very informative.  I really like the Z Foldable.  Very sharp-looking phones. I’m sure they come with a high price tag.

    You brought a good review that was unbiased and shared some of your concerns.  That shows your honesty and integrity and your customers will find it helpful.

    The website is nice and clean-cut.  I can’t say anything negative about it.

    Great job.


    • Hi Connie

      Thank you for the compliments and the comment!

      I feel it is my duty to ensure all smartphone users know what to expect in the new smartphones coming out to the market and mention if there are any major differences between the previous smartphone versions compare to the new smartphone releases. This will help users to make the right smartphone selection for themselves and have no regrets later with their selection.

      The Samsung Z Fold3 does look like a good smartphone to have. However, is very expensive due to the Samsung Z Fold3 is basically two smartphone screens fitted to one, but can fold into a manner that makes the smartphone look like the size of one smartphone again.


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