Screen Protector Cutting Machine

Tired going into a smartphone company where you select your new smartphone, however they do not have a screen protector for your new smartphone

Tired being referenced to go to another store to find the right screen protector for your smartphone?

Have a old smartphone of which no store has no accessories for it?

Look no further! The answer is a Screen Protector Cutting Machine!

In today’s topic, we will discuss the following regarding screen protector cutting machine:

  • What is a screen protector cutting machine?
  • Mention the benefits of having a screen protector cutting machine.
  • Name different kinds of screen protector cutting machines out currently.
  • State the problems that may occur when a screen protector cutting machine is brought into a store.
  • Share my experience between the different screen protector cutting machines.

What is a screen protector cutting machine?

A screen protector cutting machine is basically a cutting machine that guts protection sheets for any screen device. You read it right. The cutting machine does not just cut for smartphones, but for any device that has a screen that can break due to fall or due to unforeseen circumstances.

Now of course the next question would be, but isn’t these sheets a cheap protection that only protects for minor scratches. It might look like that, however these sheets are made out of special chemical that some of the armies use in their protection gear to protect themselves from attacks. NASA also make use of this special chemical to protect their equipment and other stuff. Just shows how advance technology has evolved and now you can have such protection on your smartphone or any device that has screen that can crack.


The benefits of having a screen protector cutting machine

Here are the benefits of having a screen protector cutting machine in your store:

  • No more ordering specific tempered glass that are only made for a specific smartphone. The screen protector cutting machine can cut any shape and size screen protector for any smartphone. As it works with a software that is regularly updated for the amount of smartphones or devices it must cut for.
  • Eliminates storage levels for specific tempered glass made for a specific smartphone. This will provide any store the ability to place something else in the storage place. Example: Accessory covers, power banks, memory cards, etc.
  • Eliminate the loss of sale or customer due their no specific tempered glass available for the customer’s smartphone. The screen protector cutting machine can immediately cut a screen protector for that specific customer’s smartphone. Thus, result a happy leaving customer and a increase of profits for the store that sold it.


Different kinds of screen protector cutting machines

There are many kinds of screen protector cutting machines. There might be some that I do not even know about. The ones I am going to mention now are the ones available in my country which is South Africa.

They are the following:

Here is a trailer video for each screen protector cutting machine mentioned above:


Here is a guide of how each of these two screen protector cutting machines work:


Problems may experience when implementing one of these screen protector cutting machines:

Each one of them are quite impressive don’t you think? Plus is really easy to use. Now the question is which one of them must you choose to have in your store?

It depends based on how the staff is trained to use these machines. Because even though the staff of the smartphone company receives the training to use these machines, they experience the following problems:

  • Fear that something might go wrong.
  • Some believe tempered glass is better than the sheets, thus resisting to try the new screen protector cutting machines totally. Not even giving it a chance to try it out.

In my opinion, I believe it is causes the following loses for the smartphone company:

  • Lost of potential sale – Reason being not all smartphone specific tempered glass are available in majority smartphone stores. Thus, the customer leaves the store to look else where and the smartphone store lose a potential sale.
  • Lost of evolution and innovation – Smartphone companies focusing on just their old previous methods for sales. It does work. However, over time if companies do not evolve or become innovate to do new things to make sales, they will become obsolete and even start to lose customers that go to a competitor instead that evolved or became more innovative to make more sales.

Thus, it is important to provide refresh training to the staff that are the smartphone company to make them more confident to use the screen protector cutting machine. Another method to ensure the staff of the smartphone company make use of the screen protector cutting machine is to offer to them to try one on their smartphone. This usually convinces them 100% to sell the product as they have experience of this product by themselves.



It is fascinating how much technology and things evolve in the world. Technology never stands still and always evolves. Who would have thought that something in the army and NASA uses to protect themselves or other things will protect our smartphones.

It is truly amazing and it does not just protect your smartphone screen. You can also cut back protection sheets which comes with nice patterns. You can make a old smartphone fancy again by giving it a uplift with a beautiful back sheet cover. Not only it will change your smartphone’s look, but will also protect it when it falls onto its back. Also it can be used to protect any thing else you want to protect. Example your smartphone’s camera lens.

I would recommend this screen protector cutting machine to any customer as I also have the product on my smartphone screen. I also have a back protection sheet as well that protects my smartphone backside as well. Just to shock everyone, I have both products. Meaning my screen protector is from the Intouch Stealth Guard cutting machine and my back protection sheet is from the Protection Pro cutting machine. I am happy with both products as my smartphone feels new and protected.

Here a video how my smartphone looks like with these sheets on:


The screen protector cutting machine is a invest for any smartphone company that wants to increase their accessories sales. Either screen protector cutting machine is worth it to have and if you still unsure for which one to have in your store, if you can why not have both in store for a trial run to see which screen protector cutting machine your staff feel most comfortable to use. You can contact the suppliers of these machines through the following links if you want to arrange to have their screen protector cutting machine in your store:

I really hope you learned something new today and will consider either to try one these screen protectors these cutting machines provide for your smartphone. Or if you are a business owner, maybe consider to have one of these screen protector cutting machines in your store.


18 thoughts on “Screen Protector Cutting Machine”

  1. Good day, I’m pleased to meet you. This post about screen protector cutting machines is detailed and so helpful. I learned so much from it I noted your recommendation as well. We now use smart phones and it’s of utmost importance to protect their screens for higher durability. This information is very important, thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Kokontala

      Thank you for your comment!

      With smartphones being so important in our daily lives, it is important to protect them to avoid unnecessary expenses. Thus, screen protector is a must for any smartphone to avoid any cracks or even destruction of the entire smartphone.

      Hope you would consider to use one of the screen protectors from either machine.

  2. This was a very interesting article about screen protector cutting machines. And the fact that it is not only to cut the correct screen protector for your mobile phone, but for any mobile device. is awesome. It would be sensible for any shop that sells mobile phones or other mobile devices, to have a screen protector cutting machine to be able to serve their customers better. Where is the best place to buy one?

    • Hi LineCowley

      Thank you for your comment!

      Glad you find this article interesting. These screen protector cutting machines is a must to have in any mobile device shop, especially smartphone shops. To find this product, you will find them mostly at the smartphone service providers like MTN or Vodacom. 

  3. Wow! The screen protector cutting machine solves many problems for the ever-changing size options of phones and tablets. The video you showed of your phone is impressive. I love how the front protector is a matt finish without the glare, and the blue back design is beautiful. Is it possible to custom-make these screen protectors for people and sell them online?

    • Hi Sharon

      Thank you for your comment!

      Glad you enjoy the video taken of my smartphone. The answer for your question: It depends which screen protector cutting machine you have. Some need to be applied immediately after the cut is made and some can be placed later on the smartphone when you see fit. The one brand that can be used for later time period is the INTOUCH screen protector cutting machine.

  4. The idea sounds awesome! I’ve had plenty of cases where the screen protectors I’ve purchased didn’t fully fit my phone’s screen, and you’re left with no options but to get another one.

    Which one of the two that you recommended would advise for a more budget-friendly approach?

    Great guide as always, keep it coming!

    • Hi Julius

      Thank you for your comment!

      Both product are around the same price range for their standard screen protector sheets which go at R199 for one. The one I find quicker and easier to install onto smartphone is the INTOUCH cutting machine. Even a customer can even do it’s own cut. Just shows how easy it is.

  5. Thanks for bringing us this very useful post.

    For anyone who would like to start an online business selling screen protectors, this would be an excellent machine to invest in.  As screen protectors are always in demand, they could probably pay for the machine and start making a profit in no time.

    This is certainly on that is worth thinking about.

    • Hi Geoff

      Thank you for your comment!

      It is so true. Somebody can make a business very easily with just having a screen protector cutting machine. Not only does it do screen protector cuts it also cuts back sheets to give extra protection for your smartphone or even any other mobile device.

      Definitely something to consider.

  6. This is a very exciting article. I would love to look into just selling screen guards! Your article doesn’t have much information about the cost of the two types of screen protector cutting machines you review. How much do they cost approximately?

    I could see a kiosk at the mall or other high-traffic site just to cut the screen protectors. I also wish you had covered the “special chemical” they use for the protectors and how they are able to protect. 

    What are some other types of electronics that would need screen protectors? My mind is racing, but I bet I am missing some of the ways I could make money with this idea. 


    • Hi Lisa

      Thank you for your comment!

      It is nano technology liquid as the chemical that provides the extra protection for these sheets. 

      The sheet price differs depending the material selected for example back sheets usually go in South Africa rand R350 due to carbon fiber. A basic glossy sheet usually goes around R199 and matt or privacy sheets usually go for R299. 

      Other electronics it can cut for is laptops, tablets even watches. Plus it does not just provide for screen protector cuts, but also for the back of the laptop or tablet. Which is a good idea for extra protection or want to make a old device brand new with a different look.

      Glad you find this article interesting and you are racing for ideas around this product. If you want to know more, please click on the different products links above for more information.

  7. Thank you for pointing out this essential tool. It will be a perfect gift for my son. He is into phone, laptop repairs and sees that he can now cut different designs that will make a lot of difference to his business. On top of it, it will save the waiting time for the arrival of screen protectors for both him and his clients. I will be back here to tell of his experience with it 

    • Hi Parameter

      Thank you for your comment!

      Glad I could share information regarding the screen protector cutting machines. I hope your son will find this gift useful and have very happy customers. Please do share the experience after having one of these machines.

  8. What I like the most about the screen protector cutting machine is that it allows you to create hydrogel screen protectors for any mobile on the market. And that’s awesome. We would not have to keep stock of all these models. With a single click, we can select the model that the customer requests.

    • Hi Paolo 

      Thank you for your comment!

      It’s true. With just a click of a button and you can cut the screen protector needed for the smartphone you are looking for. It is amazing how technology evolves. Please share this article with others.

  9. Hi Burnheart. Very interesting article. Im big fan of iphones, but their screens are unfortunately not the best quality. It takes only few weeks and there are multiple scratches all over. To be fair I have not heard before about screen protector cutting machines but looking on your review its seems as a brilliant invention. I can’t imagine how much money I will save, and it can be used not only for phones but for all electronic screens. Cant wait to test it in practice!

    • Hi Cogito

      Thank you for your comment!

      Glad to share information regarding the screen protector cutting machine. Please share with others that would like to know about this exciting new way to receive a screen protector for their smartphones or other electronics.


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