Smartphone Brands

In today’s post, we will be discussing about smartphone brands.

Here are the points we will be discussing about regarding smartphone brands:

  • The importance to know the difference between smartphone brands available.
  • Name the top 10 smartphone brands currently worldwide.
  • Mention other smartphone brands that are not ranked in the top 10, but are known in certain countries.


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Why is it important to know different smartphone brands?

There is so many kinds of smartphone brands. There is some that everyone knows worldwide and there is some that are not even known to many due they just started or made in a specific country.

The reasons why it is important to know the difference among these smartphone brands are the following:

  1. Quality
  2. Aftersales maintenance or repair support
  3. Region based locked
  4. Availability


1. Quality

All smartphone brands are made by different manufacturers. Depending on which manufacturers the smartphone brands make use of results a difference in the quality of the smartphones they produce and sell.

Usually, the premium smartphone is made by manufacturers that use very high-tech machinery. To use high-tech machinery and expensive suppliers comes with a price. Thus, the premium smartphones will go for at a very high price in order for the brand to make a profit and pay for the expensive suppliers and high-tech machinery.

But remember those smartphones had been made with high quality materials and parts that is not to expect to break easily or cause call backs.

Thus, a low price smartphone brand will most likely be made with lower quality parts and materials. Also the suppliers and machinery involved in creating those low priced smartphones will be less expensive to pay off. Thus, it is important to do research on the quality of each smartphone brand.


2. Aftersales maintenance or repair support

Now with every company there is a after sales maintenance or repair support process. Or another term reverse logistics. This is when a smartphone is faulty or not functioning what is supposed to and has to go back to a store to fix smartphone or even worse, reverse sales (lost sale).

Now I know you asking, “but all smartphone brands provide the same after sales maintenance or repair support process?” Sadly, if you think that is the case, it is not which is shocking.

Not all smartphone brand companies provide the same after sales maintenance or repair support.

Some companies provide a repair service which all customers expect, a great after sales support where they exchange the smartphone immediately or the fix it on the spot.

Then there smartphone brand companies that take almost 21 working days to come to the conclusion what will be the resolution for the faulty smartphone. That is a long wait and they do not even provide an option for the client to borrow a smartphone while their faulty smartphone is being worked on. It is ridiculous right?

Then let me surprise you even more. There are even smartphone brand companies that do not provide support at all, because they not even visible. You heard right. There are some stores that sell smartphones of which no brand support is provided.

These smartphone brand companies are usually based in countries far away. Thus, if a problem occurs, the store that sold the smartphone will most likely send the faulty smartphone to their repair facility of which they hope can be resolved there. In most cases, they will replace the smartphone with another one depending on the results of the problem.

Thus, when purchasing a smartphone, please make sure the after sales support is close by in order to solve the problem quickly.

3. Region based locked

Yes, there is some smartphone brands that are not allowed to be used in other regions in the world due they have been banned. The best one to pinpoint is the Huawei smartphone brand as they are banned to be sold in America. However, Americans are allowed to order online from another country, the Huawei smartphone might not be usable in America.

There are ways to bypass this, but may cause you to unroot your smartphone and lose its warranty support. Thus, I would not recommend it unless you do not care about those reasons.

So when selecting a smartphone from a specific brand, make sure they are available in your country and do not experience any restrictions.


4. Availability

Certain smartphone brands are not available in certain countries. This may result, you not finding the smartphone brand you desire in your own country. For example, the Hisense smartphone ranges are not available in the European or American market yet. They only available in Africa and China market. Thus, if a client in America wants to purchase a Hisense smartphone they will have to purchase it online through China or Africa market and arrange a courier to transport the smartphone to the client. This takes time, money and effort.

So if you are a client that wants to purchase a smartphone of specific brand immediately, please make sure they are available in your country. Another factor to consider, some countries take longer to receive a new smartphone range. Especially in the pandemic times. Example the iPhone 12 range was available in America since October 2020. However, in South Africa the iPhone 12 range was only available around Christmas time, December 2020. Thus, it is important to do your research of the availability of the smartphone brand in your country to ensure it is available now or if it will be available at a later date.


Top 10 smartphone brands currently worldwide:

Now of course all clientele want the best smartphone brand device. Thus, all clientele want to know which smartphone brands are the best worldwide.

Here is a summary of the top 10 smartphone brands currently:

You will note that LG has been marked no more. The reason being is that the LG company is leaving out of the smartphone industry due to pandemic and other events. Thus, a new smartphone brand or the ones below it will replace its ranking.

Other smartphone brands:

Of course the 10 smartphone brands I just mentioned aren’t just the only ones. There are many more other smartphone companies worldwide. Some are either new, known or just available in specific countries.

Here is some other smartphone brands:


Just another reason to do research about all these smartphone brands including others I might not have mentioned or know of.


After going into deep detail about the importance of different smartphone brands. We discovered there are 4 factors to consider.

They are the following:

  1. Quality
  2. Aftersales maintenance or repair support
  3. Region based locked
  4. Availability


Each one of these factors have an important role for which smartphone brand you will select as your right smartphone for you. If you do not follow these steps, you might end up with the wrong smartphone. All these steps can be researched on the internet very easily as there are product reviews on internet and even social groups or blogs talking about each smartphone brand.

We also mentioned which smartphone brands are ranked in the top 10. This will help with the selection process. Then we mentioned other smartphone brands that are also available. These smartphone brands are either new, known or only available in specific countries. So do not count these brands out. Like in Africa Tecno is marked number one in Africa. So the dynamic changes in specific countries.

I really hope you enjoyed this article and will consider doing some research on these different smartphones. If you know any other smartphone brand I have not mentioned, please comment below and share as some of us may not even know a specific smartphone brand exists. Any questions, please also comment below.

12 thoughts on “Smartphone Brands”

  1. My wife is retiring in a few weeks and losing the use of her company phone.  Your article is great because we have been looking into a smartphone for her.  We have been looking at the Iphone and Samsung.  There are lots of models and a huge price range. We are looking for something that is very user friendly.  If we were to buy one of the less expensive but well rated phones that aren’t sold in the US, would we be able to buy an independent phone plan to use with them.  With both of us on fixed income, cost is a big deal.  Your 4 points to think about have helped a lot.

    • Hi Anastazja

      Thank you for your comment!

      Glad you find this article useful. It is important to know the different smartphone brands available in your country and worldwide. As each country has a different popular smartphone brand.

      To your question regarding purchasing a smartphone brand that is not available in your country. That is possible, however you must make sure that the smartphone you purchase is compatible in you area. If it is banned in your country the smartphone will not usuable unless the smartphone is modified which may cause your warranty be void. In most cases, majority smartphone brands are usuable. Just sign up with a service provider in your country and insert the sim you will receive into your new smartphone. Then you are good to go.

      However, I do encourage you do thoroughly research before making any smartphone brand selection. If you need anymore assistance regarding smartphone selection, please check at my previous article: Find best smartphone for me. You may also subscribe by mail or follow on my social channels for further assistance.

  2. Oh wow! I was not aware that there were some smartphone brands that were not available worldwide, and of course it makes sense but it’s still a little shocking to read about it. Personally, I only have a decent amount of knowledge when it comes to the Apple smartphones. I have also read recently that the LG brand will no longer be available which is sad to see a company go down when so many people were used to use that specific brand.

    • Hi Stephanie

      Thank you for your comment!

      It is shocking how many smartphone brands are out there. Plus I only named a few, there is more even some I do not know about. It is sad what happened to LG, but to be honest that is how the smartphone industry is. Do you remember the Blackberry smartphone brand? Remember they were number 1 one time and now they completely gone. Just shows how the industry grows and changes constantly.

  3. Hello there! This is an interesting read. I currently have an Applie iPhone X and I am satisfied with that. I didn’t realize there were so many brands out there. Definitely agree with you that it’s important to own a brand that your country has. I can’t even begin to imagine the headache when seeking technical support when there aren’t even representatives of that particular brand available to help when in need. Of the 10 you listed, I only recognize 4 of them. Haven’t even heard of the other 6. Thanks for this.

    • Hi Mike

      Thank you for your comment!

      Yes, it is important to know which smartphone brands are available in your country. With this knowledge, you will ensure you select the right smartphone for yourself. I always avoid where there is zero support as that smartphone brand will usually provide the most headaches and cause you being mad to yourself for selecting them.

      It is shocking how many smartphone brands there are worldwide. Hope I may have exposed some to you, you want to do research for about. Overtime this site will cover all of them so keep an eye out for that or please follow or subscribe through my channels.

  4. I think this is the second time I am reading a post regarding smart phones. Interesting article and educative. I am ignorant to other brands that are available.

    Only know the big ones. I am currently using Samsung galaxy 6s. It’s quite old, but hey it’s doing it’s job. I have also used IPhone and HTC before, which I haven’t seen here. 

    I might explore other brands too. It’s good to know the availability. Thanks for the insights. 

    • Hi Fatoumata

      Thank you for your comment!

      Glad you find the article useful. Many clients are hesitant to go for unknown or smartphone brand they not use to as they are scared a certain feature they currently have, will not be available in the other smartphone brand.

      HTC is definitely one I forgot to mentioned. There are so many smartphone brands, that a person now and then forget about or just haven’t heard of the specific smartphone brand in a while. Might be a good smartphone brand to do research on where they are now in the world currently. Thank you so much!

  5. This is a great article. I really like the introduction where you are pointing out exactly what will be covered in the post. Very user considerate. I don’t know about other people, but I’m always overwhelmed when it’s time to pick a new phone. There are so many options out there and it’s not easy to find the differences between them.
    I am due for an upgrade in a couple of months. This article is perfect. I will use it to pick my next phone.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Anna

      Thank you for your comment!

      I always like the users to know what they will get out of the article so that I do not waste anybody’s time.

      I know the feeling when it comes to selecting a new smartphone for yourself. It is hard as there is many choices and you do not want to make the wrong smartphone selection. If you do, then you stuck with the smartphone for a while.

      Thus, I created this site to assist everyone to be prepared when it comes to selecting a smartphone for themselves. Please feel free to read my other articles before selecting your next smartphone. I really recommend to read the topic: Find best smartphone for me

  6. Hi and thanks for sharing this. I have been a bit spoiled by my employer as they have provided me with an Apple iPhone for years now. I am able to use that phone and in the vast majority of cases, I connect via wifi so I don’t have to worry about data charges. But I am retiring soon and I will have to learn the ins and outs of choosing a smartphone. So this article is very useful. Clearly, this is a very dynamic field and the top brands today may not even be on the list tomorrow. Any piece of equipment that stands a chance of needing after-sales repair means you have to be able to get that after-sales repair. Otherwise buying the equipment in the first place is a gamble. Thanks again and best regards, Andy

    • Hi Andy

      Thank you for your comment!

      You are so right in terms of the top smartphones brand today might not be the same later year or generations to come. For example, there was a time Nokia smartphone brand was number one with other smartphone brands we do not even see on this list anymore. Then we also have the Blackberry smartphone brand that died slowly overtime. Thus, it proves that the smartphone industry is constantly evolving and is important as a customer to do thoroughly research on these smartphone brands.

      The after-sales support is a very important factor for me, because if there is no support or even bad support, I avoid that smartphone brand with a passion as I know it is going to cause a lot of trouble for me in the near future.


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