Smartphone features comparison guide

In this article, we will be looking in depth the following:

  • Identify the main smartphone features
  • Explain how the main smartphone features differ in different smartphone.
  • Why each main smartphone feature is important to know

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What are the main smartphone features?

As everybody is aware of, there are many kinds of smartphones available. However, each smartphone have different smartphone features which make them different with other smartphones.

Luckily there are specific main smartphone features that helps us limit the selection of smartphones we might consider to purchase.

These main smartphone features are the following:

  • Camera
  • Storage
  • Speed
  • Size & Display
  • Battery capacity

There are many more other features, however these are the most important ones to look at when considering purchasing the right smartphone for you. Now lets got into depth with each one.


a) Camera

This one specifically is almost always the first feature any client looks at. Many clientele wants a smartphone that can take great photos and videos. That is everyone’s desire these days. However, the main question when it comes camera feature for a smartphone is “For what am I taking pictures for?”

Reason this question is asked, as there are clienteles that take pictures as a hobby or a job. Thus, they will need a smartphone that takes the best photos and videos. Then we have clienteles that only want to take good pictures or videos for their social streams. Then you also get the clienteles that are not bothered much about the camera to take photos or videos.

So my main question to you is: “Are you camera specific person or you don’t care about the camera?” Let me know in the comments.


b) Storage

The next main smartphone feature is storage memory. Some clienteles prefer to have huge storage memory for their smartphones for the following reasons:

  • They want to store a lot of documents onto one device in order for them to access these documents anytime when they need it.
  • Some like to have many applications on one smartphone. However, in order to do that they need to make sure they have a large storage on their smartphone to accommodate with all these applications.
  • Others like to store a lot of videos, songs or even videos to ensure they can be entertained when circumstance like power cuts occur and you want to watch a show or listen to a song while power is offline.

I am certain there are more reasons why clientele want large storage capacity on their smartphones. If you know any, please comment under the comment section.

The other thing regarding storage. Some clienteles like to add on storage memory to their smartphones by the use of memory cards or having online storage capacity account like iCloud. Thus, it all depends on the clients’ needs and wants in terms of storage capacity for their desired smartphones.

c) Speed

Now of course we cannot skip, the smartphone feature speed. This is a critical factor. Nobody likes slow operational smartphones. Thus, it is important to ensure you select the smartphone which meets the right speed to execute the applications and needs you desire.

Some clientele need the fastest processing speed in order for them execute applications that require a lot speed. Namely, for games or website designing, etc. Then there is clienteles that just need enough speed to execute basic activities on their smartphone, but does not make it unusable.


d) Size & Display

Now the other main smartphone feature is the size & display of the smartphone. This smartphone usually splits clientele easier to find the right smartphone for them.

Some clienteles like to have a big size & display smartphone for the following reasons:

  • Want to stream TV or Netflix.
  • Make it easier to type for clienteles that have big hands.
  • Increase sight of the smartphone display itself for clienteles that struggle to see.

Of course there would be more reasons. If you know any, please comment below.

Then of course there are clienteles that just wants a small smartphone being they want to put away the smartphone easier in their pockets or handbag of which a big size & display smartphone might struggle to do that.


e) Battery

The final main smartphone features is battery capacity. This is almost the number one important features all clientele must consider. As each smartphone come with different battery capacities.

Some smartphones can last more than two days, while other only last eight hours. Thus, it is important to view each smartphones battery capacity as clientele tend to avoid to recharge their smartphones the whole time.

They will rather have a huge smartphone battery capacity then a small one. Especially in areas where powercuts happen a lot.

If clientele select the wrong smartphone with a small battery capacity, they will be forced to charge a lot and may need to consider a powerbank to ensure their smartphone is always charged.




All five of these main smartphone features are important. Each one of these smartphone features will guide each client to different smartphones to satisfy their needs and wants.

By questioning each of these main smartphone features when looking to find the right smartphone for yourself, this will lead some smartphones will be eliminated due they do not satisfy one of these main smartphone features you personally want or need.

Example: Peter wants a big size & display smartphone. However, is not worried about the camera and video quality much. Thus, Peter will most likely pick any big size & display smartphone for him, but will not pick the one smartphone that is the best in taking photos and videos. He will just pick the one smartphone which has the perfect size & display that he wants.

Thus, it is important to question yourself these main smartphone features. It will assist you make the right smartphone selection. Of course, they are other smartphone features like audio jack plug in, Bluetooth, infrared, hotshot, etc.

If you know any other main feature I might have skipped, please provide in the comments. I really hope you enjoyed the article and will be closer to select the right smartphone for yourself.

If you have any questions, please comment below:

10 thoughts on “Smartphone features comparison guide”

  1. Thanks for the information on smart phone features.  The phones keep getting more high tech with every new release.  It is hard to keep up with the new technology these days.  But you did a great job laying out the important features we have available to us.  thanks again  What smart phone do you recommend for a 15 year old boy?  

    • Hi Wes

      Thank you for the comment!

      It is shocking how technology has evolved in smartphones and still do. To be honest, any smartphone is fine for a 15 year old boy. It depends mostly the following factors which I outlined in my previous article: https://therightsmartphoneguru…. This will help to find the right smartphone for a 15 year old boy. Cause I cannot go to one brand or the other as one of those factors will be impacted which will lead to wrong selection.

      Hope this answers your question.

  2. I never knew that there was aso much to consider when buying a phone, most of the topics that you mentioned are of no concern to me when considering a new phone, I mostly want a phone to simply make and recieve a call. Nowadays, I lookm for a phone that can help aid me with my online business. I’m sure that there a lot of individules that will find this article more useful than I did.

    • Hi John

      Thank you for the comment!

      All clients have different needs for smartphones. Some are for the features I mentioned and some just want a basic smartphone to make calls from. This just shows how much technology has evolved and even caused clients needs and wants changed when selecting a smartphone. Please do share the article around.

  3. Hey i really enjoyed this, its literally on point. i remembered back in the day when cell phones were evolving into smart phones, all we would talk about was who had the best phone with the latest greatest apps features or cameras. For me i would always look for storage space because having music on your phone was actually real convenient. second would be the camera because being able to take real sharp images made every photo stand out. Last was the size of the screen because as cell phone technology improved and Netflix became popular, cell phones made it possible to take your movies on the go and that was a pleasure when i was traveling.  i would love to know more especially where the cell phone industry is headed in 2021. 

    • Hi Ray

      Thank you for your comment!

      Glad you found this article informative. I can tell by reading your comment you can already guide yourself to make the right smartphone for yourself. Please subscribe in order for me to notify you about any new information regarding smartphones.

  4. Hi there, Most people buy and use their phones for talking and texting. To buy the best mobile phone we need to take a variety of factors into consideration.

    There are so many mobile phones available and some are definitely better than others.

    There are so many things to consider when buying a smartphone. Understanding what features you need the most in your smartphone is important.

    There are a lot of decisions involved when it comes to buying a new phone.

    I personally like big screen mobile phone feature. Which operating system is best for mobile phone?

    • Hi Bushra

      Thank you for your comment!

      It is true, there so many factors to consider when purchasing a smartphone. If you do not conduct research and necessary steps, you will most likely select the wrong smartphone for you. Please read my previous article find best smartphone for me.

      There is many operating systems and sadly every person has their own opinion. For me, I prefer a android GSM platform device as it is easier to modify on such smartphones.

  5. Thank you for the awesome post about Smartphone Features, and comparing them!  I found this to be a very helpful article because my girlfriend in the Philippines needs a new smartphone as hers is beginning to mess up.  I really feel like speed is the biggest issue with her phones, so that is something I am glad I read about in your post!  Thank you so much for this!

    • Hi Jessie

      Thank you for your comment!

      Glad you find this article useful and were able to pinpoint which feature is the problem for your girlfriend’s smartphone. If you need more help with your girlfriend selecting the right smartphone. Please look at my previous article: Find the right smartphone for me.


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