Christmas Top Smartphone Selection 2021

Christmas is around the corner and almost year end for 2021. Thus, I am certain there are users that want to know which smartphone is the best to look out for themselves currently. I will personally share my views which are the best top ten smartphones to look out for during this Christmas season or … Read more

Xiaomi 11T Series – Cinemagic

Xiaomi just released their Xiaomi 11T series this week in certain countries and many users are curious about this new popular smartphone in the series. The main questions many users are asking about the Xiaomi 11T series are the following:   What are the new main features that the new Xiaomi 11T series will bring? … Read more

Xiaomi Redmi 10 – Level Up!

Xiaomi released a new smartphone in the Redmi smartphone series which is called the Xiaomi Redmi 10. The Xiaomi Redmi 10 will fall under the entry level category, meaning for smartphone users that have not much money to spend on a smartphone. The main questions are the following though:   What makes the Xiaomi Redmi … Read more

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 – Innovation on Full Display

Xiaomi just recently released one of their latest premium smartphone in the Xiaomi Mi Mix series. The new Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone is called the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. Now of course, the question that always pops up when a new smartphone is released:   What is different in the new smartphone compared to the … Read more

Q2 2021 Top Smartphone Brand Rankings

The smartphone industry keeps changing every year as technology evolves and demand for more features are requested by users more every day. These technologies and demand changes causes the smartphone market to shift from time to time. This results certain smartphone brands to be stay on top in the smartphone brand rankings worldwide or even … Read more

Xiaomi – Who are you?

In today’s “Who are you?” series, we are going to in depth of a smartphone brand that is making shock waves in the smartphone market worldwide currently. This smartphone brand is called, Xiaomi. In this post, we will discuss the following: Background of Xiaomi Vision and Mission Xiaomi have. Number of smartphone series Xiaomi has. … Read more

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