Tecno Mobile – Who are you?

In today’s “Who are you? ” series we will discuss about the smartphone brand, Tecno Mobile. It is a popular smartphone brand in the Asia and Africa markets. Thus, would be great to investigate why Tecno Mobile is so popular.

We will go into detail of Tecno Mobile by discussing the following:

  • Where and when Tecno Mobile has started to exist?
  • Mention the company’s vision and mission.
  • Name the accomplishments Tecno Mobile has achieved.
  • List current Tecno Mobile smartphones that are available to buy.
  • Overall opinion about Tecno Mobile.

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Where and when Tecno Mobile brand started?

Tecno Mobile is one of the subsidiary of Transsion Holdings. Transsion Holdings is a Chinese manufacturer in Shenzhen, China that started in the year 2006. Transsion Holdings is known for being the largest smartphone manufacturer by sales in Africa in 2017 and mobile phones in South Asia.

Has mentioned before, Tecno Mobile is one of three subsidiaries under Transsion Holdings. The other subsidiaries names are:

  • Infinix Mobile
  • Itel Mobile

Now the Tecno Mobile smartphone brand is one of their popular and successful smartphone brands out of the three subsidiaries. Tecno Mobile presence can be found in 60 countries currently in the world and are mostly based in the African and South Asian markets.


Vision and Mission of Transsion Holdings

Now the founder of Transsion Holdings, George Zhu, of course has a vision and missions he wants to achieve through all his subsidiaries which are the following:


Provide a superior smartphone experience to all our consumers.



– Provide satisfying mobile communication products and services to users.

– Provide profit solutions to customers and suppliers.

– Help them realize their value.

– Generate material and spiritual happiness for employees.

– Create value for shareholders.

– To be the most influential and favored provider of mobile communication devices and related services in emerging markets.


These are big and a few missions they want to achieve of which will be challenging, but also possible. The vision is something almost all smartphone brands want to achieve. Thus, it makes sense it is their vision.



The following is some accomplishments Tecno Mobile has achieved:

  • Known has one of the top three smartphone brands in Africa.
  • Known as the Official tablet and handset partner of Manchester City Football Club.

These are some great achievements Tecno Mobile has accomplished. Of course Transsion Holdings want to achieve more by expanding their Tecno Mobile brand to other countries namely:

  • South America
  • Southeast Asia

By doing this they believe they can achieve more success and awareness of Tecno smartphone brand worldwide.


Current smartphone series available to buy

There are five smartphone series available under Tecno Mobile which are:

  • Spark Series
  • Pouvoir Series
  • Camon Series
  • Pop Series
  • Phantom Series


Next we going to provide tables of each series. Please note not all the smartphones are listed on the tables. If you want to see the rest, please click on the tables to see the rest.


A) Spark Series:

B) Pouvoir Series:




C) Camon Series:


D) Pop Series:


E) Phantom Series:



Tecno Mobile sounds like a great smartphone brand, especially when you see how each of their smartphone series has evolved over the time since they have began.

Tecno Mobile has made great success in Africa and South Asia and I believe they can be more successful in more countries if they are given the chance and approval. Tecno mobile is already in the top three smartphone brands in Africa, so what stops them to be more popular in other countries around the world.

But, of course the question is:

How would they compete against other top smartphone brands worldwide like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, etc?

By looking at Tecno Mobile specs and layout, I cannot count them out as a contender against the top smartphone brands. Plus the accomplishments they already achieved, speaks volumes for itself. Thus, when deciding on the next smartphone you want to buy, check out Tecno Mobile as an option. Doubt you will regret it, so long you follow the right steps to find the right smartphone for yourself.

Hope you find this article regarding Tecno Mobile informative and if you have any questions, please leave under the comments.







2 thoughts on “Tecno Mobile – Who are you?”

  1. Hi there Burnheart! Great job!. In America, It’s been made to seem that If it isn’t an IPhone or Samsung, then it isn’t a Smartphone!. Funny truth? I used  Tecno & Infinix smart phone sometime ago, and I can say they are a great low budget option! The Tecno phantom is a very very good phone!

    • Hi Vanabell

      Thank you for your comment!

      It is show true that in some countries if the smartphone brand is not known worldwide, it isn’t a smartphone. Meanwhile that is not the case. Glad you have experienced the Tecno mobile brand and had a great time with it. The Tecno Phantom does look like a good smartphone.


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