Uncapped WiFi Deals South Africa

Are you looking at different uncapped WiFi deals in South Africa, but do not know which uncapped WiFi package to go for? Then you are at the right place as we recently did research and en quire about this relevant question.

There are many ways to get uncapped WiFi for your home. However, some uncapped WiFi deals out there, do not satisfy every users’ need out there as each user has different uncapped WiFi needs at their personal homes. Plus usually the users’ locations does have a big impact on your final uncapped WiFi deal selection.

We will explain more how your location impacts your uncapped WiFi selection by viewing the main three uncapped WiFi deals to choose from in South Africa. There is actually five options. However, two of those options are very old uncapped WiFi options and not fast enough to satisfy many users in the current age of South Africa or in the world. Just remember, which ever option you select, the routers must be plugged in to a power source and cannot be carried around like a smartphone.

The three uncapped WiFi options we will be looking at are the following:

  • Fibre Connectivity
  • Mobile Home Connectivity
  • 5G Network Connectivity

For these three uncapped WiFi options, we will discuss the following about them:

  • How does each connectivity work?
  • What would you require for each connectivity to work correctly?
  • Is there specific factors I must look out for each connectivity?
  • Will you be able to easily move the connectivity to a different location?
  • Is each connectivity affordable?

So let the discussion and review commence for uncapped WiFi deals South Africa. You do not want to miss this.

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Fibre Connectivity

Fibre connectivity usually consist out of basic home router that connects with an optical fibre cable to connect to the internet. Fibre connectivity to internet is the fastest internet connectivity to enable you smooth streaming, connectivity and online gaming as well.

The downside for fibre connectivity, is the availability to use this option to connect to the internet. There are still countries that do not have optical fibre cables installed in their areas. Without the proper installation of the optical fibre cables, you will not be able to make use of this option at all.

Fibre connectivity is not expensive. However, there are speed constraints no matter which internet bundle you take. The higher internet speed you want for you fibre router, the higher the monthly price will be on contract for you.

Another problem with fibre connectivity, is that it cannot relocate easily. Reason being that the location you move to may not have fibre connectivity. Second, it is a big hassle to change the address at the internet service provider. Thus, you must make sure you not move a lot to avoid hassles with your fibre connectivity.

Vodacom is the best option in terms of Fibre connectivity out of all the internet service providers. Here is their current fibre connectivity offers:


Mobile Home Connectivity

Now with mobile home connectivity, they also make use of a home router. But instead of the home router using an optical fibre cable, ADSL or telephone line to connect to the internet, it make use of a mobile sim card to connect to the internet.

Mobile Home routers are the easiest routers to set up at your home. All you need to make sure is that you service provider can provide such a service to you.

With MTN, you can gladly go into any of their stores and ask their consultants to look on their systems if your location will be able to use uncapped mobile home connectivity. If you do not want to go to the store, you can gladly check on their website and type in your location to see if this bundle will work for you. Plus you can see all the mobile home connectivity bundles they have available to choose from on their website as well.

Just like fibre connectivity, mobile home connectivity differ in price in terms of the speed you are looking for. If you want the highest speed, then expect to pay a lot for that fast connectivity.

Here is some uncapped mobile home connectivity bundles that MTN offers currently for its customers:

Mobile home connectivity is really a good option to look at if your area does not have optical fibre cables or physical phone line cables that work. The only catch with mobile home connectivity is that it has a fair data use policy.

This means if you reach a certain data amount you used, the mobile home router will automatically reduce its download speed to 4Mbps. Thus, it is important that you know the amount of data you tend to used to ensure you do not experience dissatisfied data downloading or uploading speeds.

This fair data use policy may turn away some users that like to use large amounts of data and cannot afford to be limited to use slower downloading or uploading speeds on the internet. But remember, this does not mean you do not get any internet connectivity anymore. Just your download and upload speed is slower than the rate you sign up for.

Mobile Home connectivity can relocate from one location to another easily, but you must contact your internet service provider to make the necessary changes on their systems take place to ensure you have connectivity in your new location. Best is to check first if your new location has connectivity to ensure no disappointment for you. Fibre connectivity sadly does not have such option.

Mobile Home connectivity is very affordable and a good option to consider if you have a tight budget. Especially the deals offered by MTN.


5G Network Connectivity

5G Network connectivity is similar to mobile home connectivity, just faster in terms of download and upload speed. We talk about speeds ranging from 50Mbps – 200Mbps. It is faster compare to mobile home connectivity, due to mobile home connectivity make use of 4G network speeds that are slower, which is illustrated in the table.

But the setup for these 5G network connectivity, are exactly the same as mobile home connectivity. It also just requires a sim card and a 5G network compatible home router.

5G network connectivity also make use of fair data usage policies just like the mobile home connectivity. Their limits are usually big amounts so you will be able to enjoy uncapped data for a while before their limits are reached.

5G network connectivity rival greatly against the Fibre connectivity. But 5G network connectivity also have a problem similar to Fibre connectivity. In order to be able to use 5G network connectivity, there must be a 5G network tower that provides 5G connectivity in your area. Not many countries or areas have 5G network towers setup yet.

Thus, it is really important that you make sure that the area you want to used to connect to internet, has 5G network capabilities. As mentioned in mobile home connectivity, you can find out by visiting an internet service provider store and ask the consultants to see if your area has the specific network capability you are looking for. Or you can just visit at some internet service providers’ websites and check your area’s internet coverage of which uncapped internet bundle will be best suited for you.

5G Network connectivity are also very expensive and not many users can afford this option. Here is some 5G network connectivity bundles that MTN offers to its customers:

It does make sense why it so expensive, because of the fast high speed the 5G network routers provide to their customers. Plus these 5G network towers are not cheap to set up. They are very expensive.

5G Network connectivity can relocate, so long the new location has 5G network capabilities to ensure you still have connectivity to the internet. If not, then its obvious you will have no connectivity. You can follow the same procedure that mobile home connectivity follows when you are relocating your location.



All three of these uncapped WiFi deals are good options to choose from. However, a person must know what is required to ensure you have the right uncapped WiFi deal option for yourself. Or else you will either have no internet connectivity or have an internet connection that is too slow for you internet needs.

For me personally, I selected the mobile home connectivity from MTN. I made my selection based on the following factors:

  • No home line in my desired location.
  • The fibre lines in my area are offline.
  • I prefer to work with less physical stuff to make more space in my area of living.
  • More affordable for me based on my budget.
  • The mobile uncapped WiFi deal’s fair usage policy surpasses more than the amount of data I actually use, so I will never reach that limit.
  • Easy to set up and can easily relocate to another area by just informing my internet service provider my new location.

To help with your uncapped WiFi deal selection, I made a small summary what to consider between these three uncapped WiFi deals. Here is the summary of the three uncapped WiFi deal options:

I hope this summary and post will help you to make the right uncapped WiFi deal option for you in South Africa. I hate seeing people making the wrong selection. Thus, I thought this will help anyone to make the right uncapped WiFi deal selection in South Africa.

If you have any questions regarding the topic, please do not hesitate to ask and I will try my best to provide you the answers to your questions.

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  1. Hey, thank you so much for the helpful info. I have been looking for good uncapped WiFi deals in South Africa, but have been getting overwhelmed trying to do the research! I appreciate you sharing your own decision process, including the preference to have less physical stuff in your living space. This consideration is also a big factor for me and now I know what to look for in order to find the best service.

    • Hi Aly

      I am glad that I could have helped you with this post. So long you understand the different ways of having uncapped WiFi, then you will be able to find the right choice for you.

  2. I was first looking at Telkom’s prices. But there was one thing that turned me off. So, I started researching Vodacom’s prices. I have the limitation I do not have a home line. And overall, with Vodacom, we get much more bang for our buck. Thank you for helping me make up my mind with your review.


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