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In today’s review, we are going to review the entire Vivo V21 series. Even though this awesome series has been released already in other countries around the world this year, 2021. We going to spread awareness of this series as this series is only reaching certain countries now for sale. For example, the Vivo V21 5G will be released shortly for South Africa out of the entire Vivo V21 series. This does raise questions why Vivo is only releasing this specific Vivo V21 smartphone out of them all.

In this review we will be discussing the following:

  • The specs of all the Vivo V21 series smartphones.
  • How each Vivo V21 series smartphones differ among each other.
  • What problems we may experience with each Vivo V21 series smartphone.
  • Overall opinion about each Vivo V21 series smartphone.



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Vivo V21e & Vivo V21e 5G

Firstly, both of these smartphones are only available in certain countries currently due to pandemic and components to make these smartphones are short supplied. Thus, these smartphones are mostly available in countries where they are most popular for. For example, Vivo smartphones are extremely popular in India.



The main differences between the Vivo V21e and the Vivo V21e 5G are the following:

  • Weight – The Vivo V21e 5G is around 4g or 6g lighter compare to the Vivo V21e.
  • Chipset – The Vivo V21e has a more stable and improved chipset compare to the Vivo V21e 5G. Meaning the Vivo V21e applications will most likely crash out of the blue less compare to the Vivo V21e 5G.
  • Front Camera – The Vivo V21e 5G’s front camera megapixels are 12MP less compare to the Vivo V21e’s front camera megapixels. Meaning the Vivo V21e’s front camera will definitely take better selfies compare to the Vivo V21e 5G’s front camera. This is something selfie lovers will look at carefully.
  • Rear Camera – The Vivo V21e 5G’s rear camera has one camera lens less compare to the Vivo V21e’s rear camera. This will result that the Vivo V21e’s rear camera will take better photos compare to the Vivo V21e 5G’s rear camera. This lens usually helps to take more stable pictures when something moves or the user taking the picture shakes. Without it, it may result the Vivo V21e 5G photos may come out more blurry compare to Vivo V21e photos.
  • Colors – Both the Vivo V21e and the Vivo V21e 5G come in different colors and patterns when comparing to each other. The Vivo V21e comes in Diamond Flare and Roman Black colors. While in the Vivo V21e 5G you get them in Sunset Jazz and Dark Pearl.

Overall: Both the Vivo V21e and the Vivo V21e are very similar to each other. But my choice between the two will be the Vivo V21e. The Vivo V21e has better specs in camera and chipsets installed compare to the Vivo V21e 5G. I do not understand why a 5G version for majority smartphones decrease in specs. I assume it has to do with the components needed to install in these 5G version smartphones to enable the 5G feature takes too much space causing specs to go lower.


Vivo V21 & Vivo V21 5G



The Vivo V21 5G is one of the Vivo V21 series smartphones that is going to be released into more countries like South Africa. By just looking at the specs of them both, the Vivo V21 and the Vivo V21 5G, there is hardly any differences in specs which is excellent!

Usually the 5G versions of a smartphone series, they decrease some specs or features in order to enable the 5G feature into the smartphone. With the Vivo V21 5G that is not the case. Basically the Vivo V21 5G is an exact duplicate compare to the Vivo V21.

The only differences you would experience the Vivo V21 and the Vivo V21 5G are the following:

  • Signal – The Vivo V21 maximum signal it can reach is 4G, while the Vivo V21 5G can reach a faster and better network speed which is 5G.
  • Colors – Both the Vivo V21 and the Vivo V21 5G come in the same colors. However, the Vivo V21 5G has one extra color which the Vivo V21 will not have and that color is Arctic White. Rest both of them come in the colors Dusk Blue and Sunset Dazzle.

Overall: The Vivo V21 and the Vivo V21 5G are exactly the same. Just have small differences in network signal compatibility and colors they come into. The front camera megapixels are amazing and the RAM memory is very fast in processing data from different applications on the smartphone itself.



The Vivo V21 series may have four smartphones under its series. However, all the specs are very similar with each other. The reason why there is so many kinds of smartphones in the series and so similar with each other, is due certain components became short supplied to make one of these smartphones. This resulted, every time they changed a component in the one smartphone, a new smartphone was added to the series. Major differences appear when we look at the Vivo V21e 5G compare to the others as it feels like this one would be consider last out of the lot due to their specs are lower compared to the other three smartphones in the Vivo V21 series.

The main thing that would stand out of the whole Vivo V21 series is their excellent front camera specs. Majority smartphones brands’ front cameras do not come close to these high megapixels. Usually around 13 megapixels or 16 megapixels. With 44 megapixel front camera you will never take a bad selfie picture or video again. The Vivo V21 series front camera also comes with a spotlight selfie camera built into it. This smartphone series is definitely something to consider for users that love to take selfies for personal use or even for Tiktok videos.

Other feature the Vivo V21 series stand out for is its slim design. These days, there are users that love big screen smartphones, but do not want to struggle to take it out of their pockets or bag due to its design is so bulky. With the Vivo V21 series that problem has been resolved by making ultra slim design smartphone while making sure it still has a big screen. Making it easier for users to take their new Vivo V21 smartphone out of their pockets or bags easier and quicker.


Here is a video of some famous tiktokers in South Africa where they experience how they felt when testing out the Vivo V21 5G:


Besides the great front camera the series has, the RAM memory, storage capacity and battery life capacity is also excellent. The Vivo V21 5G smartphone is definitely a smartphone to look at if you in need of a new smartphone and want to be up to date with the latest trends in the smartphone industry.


Would you consider buying one of the Vivo V21 series smartphones?


Please provide your answer with a reason why in the comments below.

14 thoughts on “Vivo V21 Series – Delight Every Moment”

  1. Before seeing this article I was blissfully unaware about these phones at all. 

    But after seeing that they aren’t available everywhere, it makes sense. These seem like decent phones with good processing speed and a an overall decent sized phone. 

    It’s kind of weird to have 4 phones that are that close in specs. And the fact that they changed model names because they ran out of parts on the previous either shows they were unprepared and hit with a sudden shock (like the pandemic?). 

    Overall good article with great information for someone looking into this series of phones. 

    • Hi Caleb

      The Vivo brand self is also not so known too many countries. They are still expanding to other countries that it is not aware of them. However, the series they currently have are quite good and are something to consider.

      If you want to know more about the Vivo smartphone brand itself, please check out my other post about Vivo.

      Thank you for the comment!

  2. There are so many smartphones out there. It becomes difficult to select the most appropriate when your current gadget dies on you. Articles like this make this process a much more informed decision. I’m not much into large gadgets as I like carrying them in my trouser pockets. These Vivo series, however, seem light enough from the specs laid out. Being 5G though might make me overlook the dimensions.

    • Hi Steve

      That is what this website is all about. To inform users about different smartphones that are available worldwide and how are they in their performance. Plus provide comments if the smartphone is worth to buy for your needs or not.

      The Vivo V21 series is mainly focussed to make a slim design smartphone that will not be difficult to take out of your pockets. The Vivo V21 series might be something you want to consider when you want to buy a new smartphone.

      If you need any tips to make the right smartphone selection for yourself, please read one of my other articles called: Find best smartphone for me.

  3. The Vivo V21 Series is one attractive phone (I like the Diamond Flare over the Roman Black). I’m also impressed with how lightweight it is, as my phone feels quite heavy, which can, at times, be annoying. Also my current phone doesn’t have enough megapixels for both of its cameras to take nice photos with, so that’s a nice offering. Definitely considering to upgrade to the Vivo V21 5G.

    • Hi Alicia

      The Vivo V21 series key features are for its slim design to fit in pockets and handbags. Second feature is for its great front camera to take excellent selfies. This series is also lighter compare to other smartphones. The Diamond Flare does look very attractive.

      I hope you will enjoy your upgrade and will have no regrets. If you want to make sure you are making the right smartphone selection for yourself, read the following guideline to ensure you make the right smartphone selection for yourself : Find best smartphone for me.

  4. Hi, this is the very first time I am hearing of Vivo V21 series smartphones.
    Wow! It’s a very nice smartphone for sure.
    I like the ultra-slim design and the big screen of Vivo.
    How can I possibly get this phone from where I am at?
    The selfie looks clean.
    Above all, I think that if I was to choose I would choose V21e for its specs in the camera.
    What about the pricing?
    This is the first time I am hearing about this smartphone model.
    Where is it made from? Is it from South Africa?
    Man, I think I should try this smartphone somedays in the future for it looks like a great phone.
    Thanks for your review about Vivo V21 series smartphones 🙂

    • Hi Lionel

      The Vivo smartphone brand is not known to many countries yet, but is expanding currently due to its popularity where it coming from.

      The Vivo smartphone brand is based from China and has gain its popularity mostly in the Eastern region countries. Especially in India.

      You can purchase an Vivo smartphone either online through Amazon or can ask at your respective telecommunications service provider if they have the brand available on contract or cash sale.

      The Vivo V21 5G just launched this weekend in South Africa and would be available at certain retail stores for purchase.

      If you want to know more about the Vivo smartphone brand itself, please read at my previous post: Vivo – Who are you?

      Thank you for your comment!

  5. I have not heard of this brand before, but articles like yours is good so more people are aware of them. Some of us want cheaper phones than IPhones and Samsung.

    The V21e looks to the best out of them and I can imagine is cheaper now. My mum is looking for a phone and I think this model will do.

    Thanks for sharing with us. 

    • Hi Fatoumata

      The Vivo smartphone brand is still unknown for many people due it is not selling yet in their countries. The Vivo smartphone brand is cheaper compare to other popular smartphone brands and has features that can compete those rival smartphone brands.

      I hope you mother will love the Vivo V21e option and if you want to know more of the Vivo smartphone brand itself, read one of my other posts about the brand itself: Vivo – Who are you?

  6. Great review… I did not know about the Vivo smartphone brand at all. It really looks like a good smartphone.

    The smartphone has a really nice look to it as well.

    I think I would definitely buy the Vivo V21 5G for its slim design. It will easily fit in my handbag. The Vivo V21 series do look very similar compare to other known smartphone brands like Xiaomi or Oppo. The battery life, storage size and the excellent selfie camera that has its own spotlight, are definitely features that make this smartphone a must buy.

    • Hi Qmahmood

      Thank you for your comment!

      The Vivo smartphone is not known too many countries, but is gaining popularity. It has gain so much popularity that the brand itself is ranked number 5th best smartphone brand worldwide. This is a big achievement even though the smartphone brand is not known in certain countries.

      The Vivo V21 series does have excellent features, especially for its slim design to fit in pockets or handbags and of course its great front camera installed to it. This is a must have for selfie lovers or Tiktok users.

      If you want to know more of the Vivo smartphone brand itself, please read the following post: Vivo – Who are you?

  7. Thanks for sharing this interesting and informative article with us all here. I’m actually really glad I stumbled upon this because I was actually just thinking about how I need to get myself a new phone. This one I have here is the Sony Xperia E5, but it’s getting a bit outdated now. But I like the look of Vivo V21 5G. Its features is fantastic and meets my needs.

    • Hi Kwidzin

      It is a pleasure and I hope you find the right smartphone for yourself. If you need any help how to ensure you make the right smartphone selection for yourself, please check read the following post: Find best smartphone for me.


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