Vivo Y Series – Power to You

In today’s review, we going to look at the new Vivo Y series smartphone, which is the Vivo Y20

If you not familiar with the Vivo smartphone brand, please view the following link to learn more about the Vivo smartphone brand.

In this unbox or review session the following will be discussed:

  • When the Vivo Y20 was launched?
  • How the Vivo Y20 compare with the other Vivo Y series ?
  • Overall opinion regarding the new Vivo Y20

Here is a trailer of the Vivo Y20:

When the Vivo Y20 was launched?

The Vivo Y20 smartphone launched in August 2020 in certain countries already. Overtime, slowly the Vivo Y20 emerged in other countries sales market. Reason why the Vivo Y20 has launched later in other countries, is due to the pandemic’s restrictions the world is still going through and each country restrictions is different.

In South Africa, the Vivo Y20 made its official appearance on the 12th of May 2021. Which is a big gap when the smartphone was really launched. Thus, it is also a reason many people do not know about this smartphone. Hopefully with this post, it will change that.


How the Vivo Y20 compare with the other Vivo Y series?

In the Vivo Y Series there are three other smartphones, which are the following:

Now the question everyone wants to know:

What are the major differences with the new Vivo Y20 and other Vivo Y series smartphones?

Here is a table to assist answering the above question:

The major difference the Vivo Y20 smartphone have with the other Vivo Y series is the following:

  1. Only has one option of storage memory size which is 64GB, while the others are either only 32GB or have the option for 32GB/ 64GB storage on board.
  2. The Vivo Y20 has a newer snapdragon chipset, which make the smartphone to perform better compare to the previous Vivo Y series smartphone.
  3. The Vivo Y20 layout is more elegant compare to the previous Vivo Y1s and Vivo Y12. The Vivo Y12s is close to match with the Vivo Y20 elegant look.
  4. The Vivo Y20 and Vivo Y12s are similar in display size, however are bigger than the previous Vivo Y1s and Vivo Y12.

Here is a video of the Vivo Y20 in more detail:


The Vivo Y20 is not a bad smartphone. I would say it competes more with the low – mid range smartphone market than the premium market due, to the following reasons:

  • Micro USB charge. Not using the fast type C USB charge which all premium smartphones use currently.
  • Lower camera specifications and storage memory compare to other premium smartphones.

Even though the Vivo Y20 struggles to compete with the premium smartphone market, it does do well in the low – mid range smartphone market with the following reasons:

  • It is an affordable smartphone that a customer can purchase easily. Perfect for the low budget to spend customer.
  • The Vivo Y20 has a great elegant look with awesome features that beats majority low range smartphone market. Example: Huawei Y5 lite has 16GB memory on board while the Vivo Y20 has 64GB memory on board. Plus do not forget the grand camera layout.

Thus, my overall opinion if you need a smartphone quickly, but do not have a high budget to spend on a smartphone immediately and want something elegant that looks like almost a premium smartphone. Then the Vivo Y20 is the answer for you.

I hope you enjoyed the review and would consider purchasing a Vivo Y20 for yourself. If not, share this post to someone who might be interested. If you have any questions or comments, please comment below. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Vivo Y Series – Power to You”

  1. That looks like a good phone.  I will be honest I have been using and updating my apple phone on a regular basis and have not looked at other phones.  More and more smartphones are providing all the functionality that I require. So my next step, I will widen my smartphone selection and look at other smartphones. This will save me money in the process.

    • Hi Navid

      Thank you for your comment!

      Glad you are considering to widen your smartphone selection. There is so many kinds of smartphones out there in the world to choose from. Even the cheaper ones are competitive and satisfy a lot users needs which an expensive smartphone also provides.

      If you want to know other good smartphones to choose from, check at the article.

  2. Smartphones are just what they are and that is smartphones!  

    There are so many out there in the market with their own special features. This smartphone that you mentioned, is the first that I have ever heard of, but based on what you have said it seems to be a good phone to invest in with all the right bells and whistles so to speak. 

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Hi Norman

      Thank you for your comment!

      There is so many different kinds of smartphones out there in the world. The worst part it makes it very overwhelming for a user to pick which smartphone to choose for themselves. Luckily, here we try to assist anyone to make the right selection. If you want any assistance please visit the following article.

      Hope you will consider to try out the Vivo Y20 if it meets your smartphone requirements.

  3. Im glad i stumbled upon this article as I actually need to get myself a new phone very soon. So its been good reading up a little on the subject. I usually find that by doing so, it gives me the motivation to actually go out and get one. At the moment im still using a phone thats about six years old so not at its best.

    • Hi Kwidzin

      Thank you for your comment!

      Glad you stumbled to this article and may consider to try out a Vivo Y20. 

      Some smartphones last very long and I can tell the smartphone you using currently needs a upgrade. But well done for lasting so long. Which smartphone is it if I may ask?


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