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Vivo is bringing two new smartphones to South Africa which will be called, Vivo Y21 and Vivo Y33s. These two smartphones will be new additions for the Vivo Y-Series.

However, are these two smartphones good enough to consider for your next upgrade or purchase? This main question we are going to answer now by answering also the following questions:


How will the design of the Vivo Y21 & Vivo Y33s look like?


What are the specifications for the Vivo Y21 & Vivo Y33s?


Where would I be able to purchase the Vivo Y21 & Vivo Y33s?


What will the retail price be for the Vivo Y21 & Vivo Y33s?


So let us get started and find out if these two new Vivo smartphones are smartphones you should consider buying.


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Design of the Vivo Y21 and the Vivo Y33s

A) Vivo Y21:

As you can see in the illustration above, the Vivo Y21 has a slim smartphone design. Nice for users that are looking for a smartphone that isn’t so bulky to carry or place in your pockets.

The Vivo Y21 make use of a type-C charging plug in which is the best plug in to enable fast charging. Plus the Vivo Y21 will have a jack plug in section to satisfy users that prefer using wired headphones instead of wireless.

There is also a dedicated micro memory card section where you can place an external storage memory card to expand the Vivo Y21 storage memory. The power on button of the Vivo Y21 is also a finger print sensor which is very handy to lock and unlock your smartphone quickly.

The Vivo Y21 will be available in two different colors namely:

  • Diamond Glow
  • Midnight Blue


B) Vivo Y33s:



As in the illustration above, the Vivo Y33s has a similar slim smartphone design as the Vivo Y33s. It also makes use of type-c charging plug in and comes with jack plug in as well.

Plus the Vivo Y33s also has fingerprint sensor on the power on button. So there hardly any differences in the smartphone design between the Vivo Y21 and Vivo Y33s.

The only differences the Vivo Y33s’ design have, is its rear camera layout and the colors you have to choose from. The rear camera layout of the Vivo Y33s has three camera lenses, whereas the Vivo Y21 only has two camera lenses. Meaning the Vivo Y33s is supposed to take far better photos and videos than the Vivo Y21.

The Vivo Y33s is also available in two different colors and they are the following:

  • Mirror Black
  • Midday Dream

As you can tell, the colors of the Vivo Y33s is quite different compare to the Vivo Y21’s colors.


Specifications of the Vivo Y21 & Vivo Y33s


The main differences in terms of specifications between the Vivo Y21 and the Vivo Y33s are the following:

  • Size – The Vivo Y33s is a little bigger than the Vivo Y21.
  • Front Camera – The Vivo Y33s has a far superior front camera lens compare to the Vivo Y21, because the Vivo Y33s’ front camera lens has double more megapixels than the Vivo Y21’s front camera lens.
  • Rear Camera – As mentioned in the design section, the Vivo Y33s has one more rear camera lens as the Vivo Y21. Plus the megapixels of the rear camera lenses of the Vivo Y33s is far greater than the Vivo Y21’s rear camera lenses megapixels.
  • RAM – The Vivo Y33s has double more RAM memory on board compare to the Vivo Y21. Meaning the Vivo Y33s will run applications faster and more efficient compare to the Vivo Y21.

Overall: The Vivo Y33s is far greater and better smartphone to select compare to the Vivo Y21. However, the Vivo Y21 might be more affordable in price compare to the Vivo Y33s.


Where would I be able to purchase the Vivo Y21 & Vivo Y33s?

Both smartphones will be available at the following stores:

  • MTN
  • Vodacom

And if you are looking for an online market to purchase these smartphones, they are available at the following online platforms:

  • Takealot
  • Bidorbuy



Retail Price for the Vivo Y21 & Vivo Y33s

The retail cash price for the Vivo Y21 and Vivo Y33s will be around the following values in different currencies:

Just remember, these are just price assumptions and the prices may vary in different countries and retailers.



Both of these Vivo smartphones are known mainly for its slim design. There are users that prefer smartphones that have big displayed screen, but can easily fit in theirs pockets or not feeling bulky in their hands.

The Vivo Y33s is the best in specifications overall. However, the Vivo Y21 is more affordable for all smartphone users, especially for those users that have a low smartphone budget.

Both of these smartphones are good smartphone selections to look at when it comes to you next smartphone upgrade or purchase.


Would you consider purchasing the Vivo Y21 or the Vivo Y33s?


Please let me know of your thoughts and answers in the comment section below.

4 thoughts on “Vivo Y21 & Y33s – That’s Y”

  1. I am such a phone geek. I am currently using the Huawei P20 but I am looking to get myself an iPhone, what do you think? I have always thought that vivo was not a good phone. Also, how long has it been in the market? I feel like it’s still fairly new. Would you recommend that I get myself one? 

    • Hi Daniel

      iPhone versus Vivo, iPhone would win due to its popularity and specs. Vivo smartphone brand is still new in the worldwide market. But in China, Vivo started since 2009. So it is very known at that side of the world.

      The Vivo smartphone brand is mostly known for its awesome selfie camera and it slim design. Other smartphones are quite bulky or heavy to carry. Whereas the Vivo is very light to carry and fits in your pockets in and out with no problems.

      I would recommend that we first identify your desired smartphone requirements or preferences to avoid any disappointments for you. Please visit the following post to ensure you make the right smartphone selection for yourself.

      Thank you for taking time to comment and if you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  2. I read your article with interest because I had not heard of a Vivo phone.  I found that they are available in  South Africa.  Your description made me wish that I could get one here in the US.  The storage on both phones is good, but the Y33 is more than enough.  The price is much better than the IPhone and less than some of the other phones available here.  You have given all the info. necessary for a reader to make a decision about these phones.  I hope they find there way to the US.

    • Hi Anastazja

      The Vivo smartphone brand is still branching out to other countries around the world. I am certain it will be available in the US soon.

      I hope all the questions that came into mind about Vivo has been answered. If you have anymore questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.


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