What is the best internet connection ?

Life today constantly changes with technology, but one thing that everyone make use of, is the internet.

Internet can be accessed on so many multiple devices and requires certain components in order to function completely. But nobody likes slow internet connections. Thus, it is important to understand how each internet connection method works and how they differ among each other.

Thus, we will be going into detail of each internet connection available in the world by discussing the following:

  • How many internet connections are available worldwide?
  • Describe each available internet connection how it works.
  • Determine how fast is each internet connection available.
  • Overall view for each internet connection.


How many internet connections are available worldwide:

There are four available internet connections worldwide, namely:



A dial-up internet connection is the first and oldest connection used to connect to the internet. Most people have moved away from this method due to low speeds it provides to upload and download data through the internet.

Dial-up internet connection basically connects to through the telephone line and makes a call to connect to the internet. The annoying part of this method was, you had to dial in on your PC to connect to the internet every time. No automatically internet connection of which we all are use to know.

To make it even worst, dial-up internet connection speed on average is 56 Kbits/s not even a Mbps which will cause you want to break something when trying to download or access something over the internet. Another negative, the PC must be connected to the router physically with an cable in order to connect to the internet. Basically the dial-up internet connection does not provide a Wi-Fi connection which enables devices to operate wireless to connect to the internet.

Dial-up internet connections like to get interrupted when a phone call comes through the telephone line. Another annoyance that is unnecessary.

Thus, my overall opinion is to avoid this old internet connection to avoid frustrations and any delays.


ADSL/DSL internet connection is similar to dial-up internet connection physical setup , but totally different in terms of speed and accessibility.

Whereas in dial-up internet connection if someone called you, your internet connection disconnects, the ADSL/DSL connection does not have this problem due the service providers give a separator to split the lines between telephone and internet lines. That is also why ADSL/DSL internet connection speed is way greater than the Dial-up internet connection due it has its own separate line.

Speed of the ADSL/DSL internet connection on average goes between 1, 2, 4, 8, 10, 20 and Mbps. ADSL/DSL internet connection is usually sold at low prices due to its speed for upload and download data from the internet compare to other internet connections.

Some ADSL/DSL routers do provide Wi-Fi capabilities and some do not. Of course, it is best to obtain a ADSL/DSL router that has Wi-Fi capabilities in order for all your wireless devices be able to connect to the router and make use of the internet.

If you do not have a router with Wi-Fi capabilities, there is ways to make it Wi-Fi capable by purchasing a other device like example cable modem.




Fibre internet connection is one of the latest and best fastest internet connections to make use of out the four internet connections. It is sadly not available to use everywhere.

How fibre internet connection works, it uses optic lines that are made of many small glass fibres. It uses light to upload and download data over the internet. This light is not electricity and the fibre line is separate from the telephone line. Thus, also the reason it sends and transfers data very fast.

Sadly, fibre internet connection is very expensive and as stated earlier, it is not available everywhere around the world yet due no fibre lines are setup.

The speed the fibre internet connection provides vary from 250 – 1000 Mbps. Thus, fibre internet connection is the fastest out of all internet connection options available. Fibre routers do have Wi-Fi capabilities and can provide internet connection for all Wi-Fi capable devices.



Now Cellular internet connection is also a great option to have fast internet, but not only for that. It is the easiest internet connection to install and have the option to carry the internet connection with you wherever you go.

Cellular internet connection is basically a router or modem that makes use of a sim card from a carrier service provider in order to connect to the internet. No telephone or fibre lines are needed or used. Just a power wall socket or battery and a active sim card.

The speed of the cellular internet connection depends on the following signals, which is shown in the table below:


With a router it must be plugged into the power source to be on. With a modem, you just charge it like smartphone and can walk with it where ever you go. Thus, you can bring your Wi-Fi cellular router or modem where ever you go. The only thing that may be a problem for the Cellular internet connection, is that if the cellular tower in the area is down, you will not be able to connect to the internet. Thus, do research if your area cellular tower is functioning correctly.



Comparison between the four internet connection types



There are four internet connections available. Out of the four internet connections, I highly recommend to avoid dial-up internet connection as this connection is the slowest and most annoying internet connection. It is the old connection and first connection used to access the internet.

ADSL/DSL internet connection is fine to use, however is slowly fading away due most countries are focusing to lay the foundation for fibre internet connections and cellular. Meaning the maintenance for ADSL/DSL cable and towers are getting less attention or any attention at all.

Fibre internet connection is the best in speed especially if you love streaming and downloading big data items like games or software as examples. However, are not available everywhere in the world due the fibre lines has not been setup yet in some countries. Plus it is also an expensive internet connection.

Cellular internet connection is also a good choice depending the cellular connection area you are located. However, two features that stand out the most of cellular internet connection, is that you can access your internet while your power is offline as well carry the cellular internet connection with a portable modem. Yes, you read right. This option is my favorite due my country has too many power cuts and I cannot stand without power. Plus if I move, I just pick up my router and I move. No need to cancel my line due it is specific for the area only. Its wireless and only depends on the sim card inside the router or modem.

Now my question is to you all:



Please comment your answer below and also state why you prefer that specific internet connection method.

4 thoughts on “What is the best internet connection ?”

  1. We have certainly come a long way since the old dial-up connections we used to battle with, but we put up with it because it was new and exciting back then.

    Since changing to fiber we haven’t looked back. It is wonderful for people like us who work from home and it also allows us to get things like Netflix and Showmax and be able to watch them without having that delay.

    I also have cellular data, but I only use it when I am out. The amount I pay for this type of data is getting less and less as I use it very seldom.

    I wonder what the next type of internt connection that will come out will be if we had to fast forward a few years?

    • Hi Michel

      Internet connection has changed for the better and made life be faster. Also efficient.

      I use a cellular data line due my country likes to have power cuts. With Cellular I can still stream or work while being in the dark. The other connections are always off or the towers are down due their loadshedding schedule. Plus their backup batteries being stolen.

      Technology keeps changing so I cannot imagine what would be the next step for faster internet. 

      Thank you for your comment.

  2. The internet has made it easy for people to communicate with each other around the world. Even in countries where are limited internet connectivity now it is becoming more spread. Dial up internet was very slow and connectivity lose often compared to fibre the connection is more stable. Portable internet router with sim card is convenient for travellers.

    • Hi Mohamed

      Thank you for your comment and well said.

      Internet connections has improved greatly and is exciting how it improves.


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