When is it time to purchase a new smartphone?

When is it time to purchase a new smartphone? This is a question that is circulating a lot lately. So I thought, why not write a post about it and get to the answer for this question for everyone.

Now as everyone that knows me, I like to cover everything about the topic by asking more questions that will answer the main question for everyone. Here are some questions we will be looking at:


What are the different types of people to consider when determining when to purchase a new smartphone?


Is there any advantages and disadvantages for each different types of people considering when to purchase a new smartphone?


How can I ensure I make the right time decision to purchase a new smartphone for myself?


Are there any warning signs I must look out for to determine when I must look for a new smartphone?


If you are interested to find out the answers for these questions, please continue reading.

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Different types of people to consider when to purchase a new smartphone

Now as everyone knows, there are many kinds of people around the world. Plus we all are unique and special.

Thus, it is important to understand how each persons’ view is different when it comes to when to purchase a new smartphone.

There are basically two different kinds of people to look at and each of them I will give them a name that suits their description.


1) The Standout:

The word the “Standout” says it all. This term refers to people that always want to have the latest smartphone no matter what. The Standout people will always make sure they have the best latest smartphone out of their family group and friends.

They hate to have to oldest smartphone or being surpassed by their friend or family member by their smartphone. You will regularly see the Standout people in a cellular smartphone store looking for a way to purchase or upgrade a new smartphone.


2) The Waiter:

No, I am not referring to a waiter at a restaurant. The word, Waiter, I refer to people that only consider buying a new smartphone when they really have no other choice.

Most waiters can take a very long time before even considering buying a new smartphone. We talk about five years plus! And I am not even joking!

They tend to stick with one smartphone for the long haul. They will only consider a new smartphone when either the following happens to their current smartphones:

  • Their current smartphones do not satisfy their smartphone needs anymore.
  • The current smartphones of the waiters are out-of-date and cannot be updated anymore.
  • Smartphone is broken and unusable.

Waiters do not care about having the latest smartphone and be better in this category compare to friends and families’ smartphones. They just care about their basic smartphone needs and that’s it.

So these are two different kinds of people to keep in mind when determining when is the right time to get a new smartphone. They are total different opposites from each other.


The advantages & disadvantages for the Standout & the Waiter

Now let us see the advantages and disadvantages for both the Standout and the Waiter. Here we go!


A) Standout:


B) Waiter:

As you can tell, each type person has an advantage and a disadvantage by always being up to date with the latest smartphone. Or by waiting till they really need a new smartphone.

But to be honest, the waiter sounds to be the wiser person out of the group. As they do proper research to ensure they pick a new smartphone that will last for a long time. Smartphones can last for a long time if you pick the right smartphone for yourself.


How to ensure you make the right time decision to purchase a new smartphone for yourself?

Now that you understand a bit more how people differ among each other when they believe is the right time to purchase a new smartphone. You probably ask yourself, but how do I ensure I make the right time decision to purchase a new smartphone for myself?

It might sound hard to determine the answer for this question. But, is not and here is why.

First thing you must do before even looking at a new smartphone, is to ask yourself the following questions about your current smartphone:

  • Does my current smartphone’s features still satisfy my smartphone needs and requirements?
  • Am I still satisfied with the smartphone platform my current smartphone is running on?
  • Is my current smartphone still usable and up to date with current applications I want to make use of?

If you answer all three of these questions by saying yes, then it is not the time to upgrade or buy a new smartphone for yourself. As your current smartphone still satisfy your smartphone requirements.

However, if you answer some of these questions by saying no, then you should definitely look at getting yourself a new smartphone. It is your time then.

See it is so easy to determine when you must get yourself a new smartphone by just answering these three main questions to yourself. Just remember, depending on which type of person category you fall under may also change your answers to these questions.


Warning signs to watch out for when determining when to purchase a new smartphone

There is always warning signs people have to look out for in anything in life. Thus, it is no different to be careful when determining when to purchase a new smartphone for yourself.

Watch out for the following warnings when determining when to purchase a new smartphone:

  • Never listen to one person’s opinion when you must get a new smartphone. Please be very careful by listening to one person’s opinion. Their opinion might not be for the best interest for you. Thus, always consider to have more than one opinion from someone. Ask around for more opinions to ensure you make the right decision for yourself.
  • Do not always run for the latest smartphone that appears on an ad. Many people tend to fall for this trap by going after the smartphone that is advertised on a TV, PC or even in a booklet. That smartphone might not satisfy your smartphone requirements or even worst, might be a worst in terms of specs compare to your current smartphone. Thus, ask those previous three questions I mentioned earlier.
  • Not all sales representatives have the best interest that you make the right smartphone decision. Picture a car sales man. They will do anything possible to make sure you buy a car from him or her. It is exactly in the smartphone market. A sales representative will do anything to make a sale for their company. They will also only focus on certain smartphones, because they get extra money if they sell a specific smartphone. Thus, do not approach a sales representative if you do not know your current smartphone requirements completely. Consider maybe just an upgrade for your smartphone package without a new smartphone. You will be surprised how much money you can save and how much more minutes or data you can receive from your carrier by not getting a new smartphone when it is not needed.



After reading everything, I am certain you got good terms when you are ready to get yourself a new smartphone.

Firstly, you must determine which type of person you are when it comes to when you will get a new smartphone. There are two types of people. One is called the Standout which always want the best latest smartphone. The other is called the Waiter, which only gets a new smartphone when they really have no choice anymore.

Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. So you must look which one will satisfy you more above the other. I know I am a waiter as I want to save money and only obtain a new smartphone when it is necessary.

Now of course, to determine when you must get a new smartphone, you must ask yourself three important questions, If all are yes, then it is not the time to get a new smartphone for yourself. However, if there are some nos to the questions, then you must definitely consider getting yourself a new smartphone.

Some people can take five years before considering a new smartphone, while others need a new smartphone after just one year or less. Thus, like I said, everyone is different and no specific period can be given that everyone must follow.

Just remember to keep in mind the warning signs when to consider a new smartphone. This will ensure your decision would not be persuaded and you will not be disappointed.

I really hope you enjoyed the post and would like to hear which type of person do you fall under?


Are you a “Standout” or a “Waiter”?


Please share me your answers in the comment section below!

2 thoughts on “When is it time to purchase a new smartphone?”

  1. Oh this is an interesting way to look at the type of person and therefore when they will replace their smartphone. Looking at your descriptions, I would say I am definitely a waiter. I would only replace my phone when it is essential, not just because there is a new update out. 

    And I do think as a waiter we make better decisions and weigh up the pros and cons of the choices more, before buying a new smartphone, rather than rushing in just to get the latest. 

    • Hi LineCowley

      Glad you find this article interesting. I also prefer the waiter as the waiter only gets a smartphone when its really needed. Plus waiters are more prepared as compare to standout. The standout keeps updating and always fall for the trap of experience the new smartphones hiccups and problems. The waiter never experience this and read the reviews of others experiences.


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