Xiaomi Civi – Natural Looking

Xiaomi recently released a new smartphone called the Xiaomi Civi. It is currently only available in certain countries, namely China. It is not part of a series like the other Xiaomi series smartphones. But, is it a smartphone to know about or even consider look at.

We will reveal that by answering the following main questions in this post:


How does the design of the Xiaomi Civi look like?


Which main features stand out the most for the Xiaomi Civi?


How does the Xiaomi Civi compare against the new Xiaomi 11T Pro?


What would the retail price for the Xiaomi Civi be?


Is the Xiaomi Civi a smartphone you should consider buying?


So if you are interested to know the answers, please continue reading.



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The design of the Xiaomi Civi

The Xiaomi Civi as illustrated above, has a similar design as the Vivo V21 series. Only differences between the two is that the front camera layout looks different. Plus the Xiaomi Civi’s rear camera has its top camera lens a bit bigger than the Vivo V21 series top camera lens.

The Xiaomi Civi of course has unique colors to choose from. These colors are the following:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Pink

As you can see, these are not just normal colors. They are also very sparky colors which will attract definitely some users that love sparky things.


The main features that stand out for the Xiaomi Civi

Sadly the event was done in Chinese, so could not obtain an English summary. However, I can break down the main important features the Xiaomi Civi will provide for its users.

Firstly, the Xiaomi Civi is a very light and thin smartphone to carry and hold. Similar to the Vivo V21 series and is aimed to satisfy users that love to have a big display screen smartphone that is very light to carry or hold and is not bulky to put in your pockets or bag.

Secondly, the Xiaomi Civi is known to recharge its battery with power really fast in a short amount of time. It will charge its battery to full power capacity in less than 45 minutes which is very impressive. Just remember this speed is only applicable if you make use of the original charger that is included inside its packaging.

Then finally, it has one of the latest chipsets installed into it. It is the Snapdragon 778G 5G. It provides great fast processing speed and 5G network capability which is way faster than 4G and previous networks. You will not be disappointed with its speed at all.


Xiaomi 11T Pro VS Xiaomi Civi

The main differences between the Xiaomi 11T Pro and the Xiaomi Civi are the following:

  • Weight – The Xiaomi Civi is 38 g lighter to carry and use as compare to the new Xiaomi 11T Pro.
  • Size – The Xiaomi 11T Pro is 0,12 inch bigger than the Xiaomi Civi in size. However, the Xiaomi Civi is way thinner than the Xiaomi 11T Pro. Thus, the Xiaomi Civi is classified less bulky than the Xiaomi 11T Pro.
  • Chipset – Both smartphones have very good chipsets installed to them. However, the chipset in the Xiaomi 11T Pro is the best out of the two.
  • Front Camera – If you are looking for the best selfie taking front camera, then the Xiaomi Civi is more preferred compare to the Xiaomi 11T Pro. Reason why, the front camera lens of the Xiaomi Civi is 16 megapixels more than the Xiaomi 11T Pro’s front camera.
  • Rear Camera – The Xiaomi 11T Pro wins in this category by far to have the best rear camera, Reason is very simple. It has way more megapixels as the Xiaomi Civi’s rear camera. However, the Xiaomi Civi’s rear camera is not bad at all and will also provide great photos and videos.
  • Battery Capacity – The Xiaomi 11T Pro’s battery has 500mAh more battery storage capacity as the Xiaomi Civi. Meaning the Xiaomi 11T Pro’s battery will last longer before having the need to recharge it with power as compare to the Xiaomi Civi’s battery.
  • Battery Recharge Speed – In terms of speed to charge your smartphone to full battery capacity, the Xiaomi 11T Pro wins by far compare to the Xiaomi Civi. The Xiaomi 11T Pro can charge its battery to power capacity in 17 minutes time! While the Xiaomi Civi takes 45 minutes to charge to full power battery capacity. No brainer who is the winner here.

Overall: The Xiaomi 11T Pro wins in many categories here. However, remember the Xiaomi 11T Pro falls in premium Xiaomi range, while the Xiaomi Civi falls under the mid range section. And for a mid range smartphone doing so well, you must be impressed for the Xiaomi Civi. Plus the Xiaomi Civi is lighter, thinner and takes way better selfie photos or videos as the Xiaomi 11T Pro. The Xiaomi Civi will definitely attract users based on these main factors.


The retail price for the Xiaomi Civi

The retail price for the Xiaomi Civi would most likely be the following in different currencies:

  • $ 625,99
  • 540,87 Euro
  • R 9345,69

As you can tell, the Xiaomi Civi is not cheap. But is not so expensive as other premium smartphones and competes well in the mid range price category for smartphones.



The Xiaomi Civi is a beautiful smartphone, especially in the colors it has available. Not only that, it very light to carry and use in your hands. Many users prefer smartphones that are easier to carry as compare to heavier smartphones.

The Xiaomi Civi is also very thin in dimensions which makes it easier for users to put their smartphone in their pockets or bags without having to struggle to get it out again. Plus your pants or bags will not show the smartphone much due to its thin slim design. This is a request for some users.

Besides the design of the Xiaomi Civi, it takes awesome selfie photos or videos which will attract users like TikTok and many other social platforms. Plus it also has an impressive rear camera, but does not beat premium smartphones specs like the Xiaomi 11T Pro.

The other specs of the Xiaomi Civi is also impressive. It has great RAM specs, battery capacity and enough on board storage memory available. You cannot go wrong with the Xiaomi Civi.

Thus, I leave the following question for you:


Would you consider purchasing the Xiaomi Civi?


Let me know your answers in the comment section below. If you have any questions about the Xiaomi Civi, please ask and I will respond as soon as possible. Hope you have enjoyed the review.


4 thoughts on “Xiaomi Civi – Natural Looking”

  1. Oh you really made me fall in love with Xiaomi Civi. With the specifications and overall features gave me alot of insights of how impressive it is.

    The 5G network is also an exceptional feature with no connection disappointment. The portability as you said, it is light is something worthy looking for.

    • Hi Limo

      Glad I could you give the exposure of the Xiaomi Civi. It is a beautiful smartphone to look out for especially being so light to carry and has the fastest network capabilities as well.

      If you have any questions about the Xiaomi Civi, please let me know and I will try to assist. Thank you for taking time to comment.

  2. This was a really informative article. I believe Xiaomi is a great phone for its price. As you’ve mentioned, it has a lot to offer. This phone would work well for people who care a lot about camera quality. It has good RAM and it’s light, too. I appreciate the article, kudos to you and your work.

    • Hi Al

      Thank you for the compliments and taking the time to comment!

      Xiaomi is a good smartphone brand and the Xiaomi Civi will definitely attract a lot of users based on its features.


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